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 It wasn’t just an Earthquake.  Nor was it just a tsunami.  Nor is it even the ongoing nuclear meltdowns. The electromagnetic field of the planet shifted.  It happened in the hours just before the Earthquake and for several hours after the Earthquake.  And because of that, our brains and the way we think have changed too.


What does that mean?

Simply put; you can’t think the same thoughts this week that you thought last week. The physical shift of the Earth made more concrete within our own bodies whatever change was necessary so that our thought patterns will not regress.  That is a gift to all of humanity from those now enduring hardship and loss in Japan. 

And not coincidentally, I'm on my way to Portland Oregon for a meditation concert and workshop this weekend. The concert will be recorded, and so the energies of this evening will go out worldwide and be available as an mp3 or CD. The focus of Friday evening's concert is creating music to remind us that in the midst of chaos, we can find the power of stillness, and the sacredness of our own deep inner power. I now understand why my guides and angels suggested doing this on this date, amidst the chaos of earth changes, so that the recording can incorporate both the ongoing chaos and fear as well as the expansive Divine Feminine energies of the Full Moon and the steady balancing qualities of the Spring Equinox.
Please let friends know about the Portland Oregon Concert!

There are thoughts that are very hard for us to entertain now, after the quake.  These same thoughts were ones we considered normal to have before the quake. There is a deeper quality of compassion and less judgment.  A deeper reflection and stillness that we either yearn for or are taking steps to find and cultivate now.  Our brain’s function has shifted.  We have lost some of our memory.  The kind of memory that tells our computer where we were the last time we opened a web browser.  We can no longer access it.  There is no going back.  We are not who we were. 

The electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth is both generated by the Earth as well as all the living beings who are present upon and within the Earth.   As my definition of living beings I’m including plants, animals, minerals and all that humanity has created. Including nuclear power plants.  These power plants emit electromagnetic fields.  To a lesser extent the electrical lines in my backyard that bring electricity into my house, along with my phone lines and even cable TV lines, also generate small electromagnetic fields.  As a result, the larger EM field of the planet is impacted by these smaller EM fields. 

My guides were suggesting I think of this like acupuncture.  If the planet is the body of the patient, then the planetary electromagnetic field is the energetic body of the patient. The nuclear reactors are needles being inserted into the patient’s body; in this case the Earth.  If someone randomly inserts needles into someone’s body, chances are they won’t hit any major acupuncture points, or hit enough minor points that relate to each other in a way to disturb the flow of energy in any given meridian.  Any disruption in the meridians or chi of the patient that does occur due to needles being inserted randomly the patient’s own body will restore within a few hours or days, once the needles are removed.

In the case of our planet, the nuclear reactors and similarly large producers of electromagnetic fields have been plunked down upon the planet.  But they are not spread out evenly.  They are clustered into certain regions and in lines up and down the coasts of Japan and the east coast of the US.   Where the reactors exist in these lines, it is possible that they are forming secondary energy meridians, with each reactor functioning as a potent nodal point.  These secondary energy meridians exist alongside the natural energy meridians of the Earth.  Where they are clustered, they are creating secondary nodal points.

My wondering goes perhaps a bit differently here than what you might expect.  I wonder if Earth’s energies and Gaia’s consciousness feels these secondary meridians and might be incorporating them to catapult the change in human consciousness?  That is to say, what humanity has built is not wrong.  It is being used in a manner we didn’t anticipate to help us spring more quickly into a new way of viewing and interacting with our Earth. And we may not find this comfortable.  Perhaps this discomfort will motivate us to seek within ourselves that still center point.  Or plant a garden.  Or call a dear friend.



from Mary,

     Tension and Release

Tension and release are the acts by which you as humans move forward or backward – as to which direction, that is your choice.

You may choose to see disaster as a step backward for humanity.  Or as an opportunity to receive new learning tools.

Your heart opens, and what pours forth nourishes your world.


A Note from Norma:

At about the some moment the Earth shrugged her shoulder under the island of Japan, my own body sighed deeply.  Months of a tension which had slowly built up inside of my core released as I turned from my computer screen to reach some papers behind me. It was an emotional energy and a sigh and a question mark, all pulsing up and out and into the space around me.

It was also a surprise.  Before I gathered my thoughts, the energy had gone from the room.  And the uneasiness I had been feeling inside of my body was gone. Completely.  It was not mine.  It had grown so slowly that I had not even thought to ask the tension if it was mine.  Like most of us who feel things going on inside of us, I assumed that the sensation was mine.  But it wasn’t. It was the Earth’s.

Our bodies are resonant to the physical Earth.  Although we may have blocked it, we have the ability to be telepathic with the Earth.  Many people find it easier to be telepathic in their emotions.  They know they are resonant with the grief, fear and pain they see on the television.  Others are now resonant with the Earth, as she builds up tension and then releases it.  Just as we are on a journey, so is Gaia, whose body is the physical Earth.

This is what I am exploring now in workshops and concerts.  If you feel drawn, please come and join me on this exploration.  Events are listed on the Calendar page.  Individual sessions are available no matter where you live. (look under Private Sessions)  And there are nearly 30 meditations available as free podcasts or at cost CDs. (under Meditation CDs and Podcasts) Just start wherever you want….afterall, you can’t go back, so you may as well go forward!

 My blessing to all who read this,

 -Norma Gentile

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Not Me!
How We Play the Blame Game

Dear Friends,

I'm on my way to
Portland Oregon, where we (meaning myself and you who come to the concert) will be part of a NEW ALBUM of Healing Songs & Chants. Incorporating the energies of the Full Moon and Spring Equinox, there will be microphones amidst the many wonderful candles of the Old Church on Friday, March 18, and I hope you will join me there.

The focus of this concert is creating music to remind us of the power of stillness, and the sacredness of deep power. Please join me, and share this notice with others. Doors open at 7:30pm for seating. Tickets $15 are available at the door, online, and New Renaissance (where I'll share a workshop on newly emerging aspects of sound and healing). Bring meditation pillows if you want. More information on the
Calendar page.

Please let friends know that they can find me in these different events and cities


March 11-14 Pittsburgh PARE-SCHEDULED to April 29-May 1
March 18-21 Portland OregonConcert, Workshop, Private Sessions
April 1 Indianapolis Indiana, Private Healing Sessions (to compliment Braco's Gazing)
April 17
Embodying Healing Sounds Workshop Ann Arbor
April 22 (Good Friday Eve)
Candlelight Meditation Concert Ann Arbor
May 13-14
Richmond, VA Private Sessions, maybe more TBA
June 11-12
Sound Healing Training Weekend (private lake home near Ann Arbor)
June 24-26
Faery Congress (Carlton WA, western Cascades)
June 27
SeattleWA Healing Sessions

LISTEN NOW - March Sound Healing: Soothing Waters
a sound healing lullaby from my Hathor guide, Atamira for piano and voice

Not Me! How we play the Blame Game

Blame is a child's game. We learned to play it at the youngest of ages, when we pointed to our sibling, our pet dog, cat or goldfish when asked by a parent "WHO DID THAT?" This was a natural response we developed to protect ourselves from the emotional arrow of anger behind the question being hurled at us. What we learned, unfortunately, was to perpetuate this scenario over and over again in our lives.

When we were children, the emotions of adults rained down upon us, becoming so overwhelming that we may have even experienced these energies of highly charged adult emotions as actual physical pain. And we need not have been in the same room as the adult emitting the emotional energy. How often has a crying child interrupted a whispered argument between parents? Or an uneasy child, unable to fall soundly asleep, kept parents who have unexpressed anger between them awake night after night?

My point is this: emotions are energies. They are just as real as radio waves and just as easily picked up by infants, children, psychics and most anyone who has been born into a human body. We just don't always allow ourselves to listen to this level of energy in our lives.

Back to blame. This is a particularly common energetic frequency. If you could hear emotions as musical notes, I would say blame is a
tri-tone. These two notes are locked into each other, grinding against each other, and they want desperately to resolve into what in musical parlance is called a perfect 5th. The noteworthy (pun intended) aspect of this motion is that the tri-tone (made up of literally 3 whole steps) changes into a perfect 5th when either of the notes moves away from the other note.

Just like in the blame game, either partner (or note) can move the situation into consonance by stepping back. And that step need be only ? of a step. It takes far more concentration for two musicians to sustain the relationship of a tri-tone than a perfect 5th. When I ask groups to sing opposing notes to each other, a tri-tone in veritably turns into a perfect 5th. Sustaining the emotional and sonic tension of a tri-tone for any length of time is just too hard! Just like the interval of a tri-tone does not want to remain static, the emotion of blame is not a static emotion meant to be expressed in an ongoing manner.

Blame is an emotion created by the mind to help us acknowledge tension in our life and at the same time strongly desire to resolve it. Blame allows us to step back from a situation and take the energetic focus off of ourselves for a moment and place it on another person or a government or a system or our pet goldfish.

As we deepen spiritually, blame is no longer a tool we need to hold onto. Bit by bit we come to understand that (for the most part) we choose to step into an uncomfortable situation, and it is up to us to step out of that same situation. The emotion we feel is part of our body and soul telling our mind that the situation is not healthy and that we must do something about it. In the past we have used blame to dilute the intensity of our experience of emotions. [As we mature, the actual emotions we feel change. And so our need to use blame to release overly intense emotions lessens.

For the past three weeks I have noticed when I overheard the word "blame", or when I was tempted to use it myself. And I've begun to wonder what would happen to American society if blame didn't exist. For starters, reality television would disappear. In particular, Donald Trump would be out of a job! And most of the plot lines in other television shows and movies would also cease to exist. Our society has woven the constant thread of blame into its daily expression and way of being. But I believe that blame is not meant to be an ongoing adult expression. It is meant to be learning tool.

Let's relate this to some current political and social changes. The cultures in North Africa and the Middle East are turning themselves inside out. The energy of blame is part of this too. If blame is the only emotion behind a revolution then no new and improved forms of governance will emerge. Blame makes us look backward at what caused us to be in a state of discomfort. But it will not help us see with our spiritual eyes where it is that our soul's journey will take us in the future. Only emotions of forgiveness, charity, and compassion can do that. The same is true for those protesting in the US or anywhere else.

So many members of our human family are in the throes of uncomfortable and challenging changes. Their emotions of fear and anger are suspended within the shared unconsciousness of all of Humanity. This is bringing these emotions front and center for all of us with human bodies.

When we as humans are dealing with world-wide situations that involve ongoing, long-term issues, it is very easy for our physical bodies to also feel the emotional patterns that are suspended within the shared consciousness of Humanity. And that means any and every physical body can potentially play a role in resolving our shared emotional patterns.

Here and now, there is an underlying tension within our bodies relating to uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the global financial reconstruction. Maybe there is a personal situation that has been on your mind as you have read this. Know that the tension of the situation can resolve from its current state of the blaming tri-tone into balance.

Expressing ongoing blame to someone or something outside of oneself gives your emotional energy away. This behavior keeps you from using this same emotional energy to move into resolution, and into the next expression of your soul's journey. We can each choose to live in the energy of blame. Or we can recognize it as an indicator of needful spiritual growth.

-Norma Gentile


There have been many people inquiring about lodging possibilities, especially camping options. The lake home we are meeting in adjoins the Island Lake State Park. I have found a rustic cabin in the park within a short walk from where we are meeting that can accomodate everyone. There are no frills bunk beds with mattresses. I can arrange to supply towels and bed linens, blankets etc for those who are flying in. There is water from a pump, but no electricity or showers. You are welcome to charge your phones etc during the workshop hours at the lake house and swim there and at the state park. If you prefer hotels, there are several in town at about $100/day and they require a car or tramsportation arrangements. For those of you who want to search on your own, the house is located on Briggs Lake in Brighton, Michigan, zip code 48116. Please let me know if you want the cabin option. It will be about $50/person for 3 nights - Fri, Sat and Sun or less, depending on the number of nights and people. There may be some other options, such as staying with others who are also attending the workshop. If you live localy and would be able to host someone from out of town, please let me know.

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*includes the sound healing "O Creation of God" (O factura Dei, available on the CDs Songs of Spirit and Healing Chants of Hildegard) composed and sung by Norma to the poetry of Hildegard of Bingen.

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1 Micromanaging God: How we Pray Matters
2 Invoking (and Explaining) Sacred Energies
3 Meditation: What in Your Life is ready to be
4 Finding more Ease in Your Life
*5 Meditation Chant: O Creation of God / O factura Dei
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7 Meditation: Weaving Your Soul into your Body, Mind and Heart
8 Meditation: Cleansing Body and Aura (4 feet around you)
9 Creating the New You
10 Releasing Sacred Space
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Total Time: 1 hour, 15 mins

Do the forms you are currently manifesting serve you? Does your life now reflect what your soul desires to manifest? What is the quality of ease that your soul wants your body to have in your life?

Manifestation is an energetic process within our throat or 5th chakra working in tandem with our navel chakra and knee chakras. The quality at which our skin rubs against our physical reality is largely determined by our soul.

Most of us have accidentally created much more friction in our lives than what our soul means for us to experience. With this meditation we help you find the quality of ease that your soul means for your body to have in your life now.

Sometimes it is our expectation that it will be difficult to release something that actually makes it difficult. Most of the time, the old is really uncomfortable, and we have simply grown used to the discomfort. The more we let go, the more ease we have in our lives.

Spiritual energetic waves are always coming towards us. But the new can't arrive until we have let go of the old. In the ocean of life, you can't surf two waves at once!

What if we were to shift healing and prayer away from the idea of needing help and giving help? What if we saw healing as being a situation where a person's soul and body are recognizing a potential for strengthening their connection? Together the soul and body have identified a weak link that they are ready to change. It is only the personality that is holding us back from moving easily along that path of change.

A Note on Phone Meditations and CDs of Meditations and Teachings:

As of today, I have 28 Meditations and Teachings recordings available. They cover all on different subjects, some are direct channelings from my guides, most often Archangel Michael, Mary, the Hathor Atamira, Thoth, Shesat or a group of Ascended Masters. Most of them invoke Sacred Space and then focus on an issue and provide time for your guides and angels to work with you energetically.

Many are drawn from the live Phone Meditations that I offer each month. About half contain healing songs or chants. All are offered freely as podcasts (you can subscribe directly on iTunes > Podcasts > Norma Gentile) or at cost CDs. At this time donations provide the funding for the free monthly (or so) Phone Meditations, the recording and editing process, posting them online and paying the monthly fee to maintain them online for free download. As of today, more than 40,000 downloads of these meditations has occurred. And chances are you have participated. Thank you! I know it is your energy that shapes each meditation and newsletter, and helps pull the information and insights that I share through me from Spirit.

I look forward to many more meditations, and many more downloads! And yes, please share these newsletters, podcasts and phone meditations with your friends, your email circle and others.

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March 18 Candlelight Meditation Concert (The Old Church)
March 19 Sacred Sound / Sacred Healing workshop (New Renaissance)
March 20-21
Private Healing Sessions (SE Portland)

Fri, April 1 Private Healing Sessions

April 17 from 2-5pm - Embodying Healing Sounds - experiential workshop
April 22 (Good Friday) Candlelight Concert of Healing Chants

April 29 Meditation Concert
April 30 Sacred Sound / Sacred Healing workshop
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May 13-14 Private Sessions, maybe workshop or more TBA

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June 24-2611th Annual Fairy & Human Relations CongressEarly Discount until March 15

June 27 Private Healing Sessions

Private Healing Sessions
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I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $185 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997.
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