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Notes on my own Healer's Journey
by Norma Gentile

Dear Friends,

When I first began to study energy healing, it was through a group known as The Emissaries of Divine Light. Some of you know this group through the writings of James Twyman. Their founder, who went by the spiritual name of Uranda, referred to their practice of energy healing as Attunement. This is not to be confused with Reiki Attunement. These are two separate energy practices. In his writings, Uranda explained that the term Attunement was chosen because it reflected the potential of each human to be in alignment or attuned more fully to Spirit

As I trained in this style of energy healing, I took for granted many of its most basic principles. The writings and teachings Uranda left behind simply made sense to me. But looking back after twenty years as a practitioner, I am just now seeing how fundamentally different the practice of Attunement is from many of the healing modalities I see in the world today.

One unique aspect of Uranda's teaching was his language. In his writings, he deliberately chose certain words and phrases that were not common or didn't exactly "roll off the tongue." For example, he insisted that those who studied Attunement were practitioners or servers. Attunements were not given to someone but shared by a practitioner. Nowadays, many healers consider themselves practitioners. But to consider oneself a server puts a different spin on the healing process.

Though physical healing may be one result of receiving an Attunement, this is not the principal goal in this modality of energy work. Serving a larger spiritual picture is the goal. In one story, Uranda describes being offered a large sum of money if he would heal a man's daughter of her illness. He refused to do so, or to even try.

When I first heard this story I felt badly. "Why didn't he at least try?" I wondered. Now I understand better. It is possible to "fix" someone temporarily in a way they want to be fixed -- there are energies that will do that. But it is never possible to guarantee that their soul would have chosen that path, even if it is what the client's conscious personality wants. To assume that you or I know best what someone's soul has planned for them is ludicrous, even dangerous. I believe that the deepest form of healing is that which helps the client's personality, or "little self" learn to follow their soul's journey. Never the reverse!

The author and physician Rachel Naomi Remen articulates some subtleties in this orientation to healing in a marvelous essay titled, "In the Service of Life." She does this by outlining the differences between fixing and helping, versus serving:

"When I fix a person, I perceive them as broken, and their brokenness requires me to act. When I fix, I do not see the wholeness in the other person or trust the integrity of the life in them."

Throughout my years as a healer, I have always been keenly aware that the quality of energy available during a healing session depends a great deal on the quality of intention that both I and my client bring into focus. When someone's intention is to fix or change a particular issue, the energy available for healing is greatly limited. It often causes my spiritual vision to close down. This is an indication, to me, that the change that needs to be facilitated lies in a seemingly unrelated area of the person's life. And in order to do that, I must readjust my own inner focus to the needs of the soul, rather than focusing on what the personality is requesting.

In such situations, my job is to help the fear, anxiety and distrust of the personality, or "little self," find the support, love and connection with Spirit offered by the Higher Self. Then the underlying issues can be addressed. Sometimes this will include what was originally the target concern or issue. Other times the original issue is not directly addressed, but begins to shift a few days, weeks, or months after the energy healing.

Remen clarifies the nature of service, in comparison to the nature of "fixing" or "helping," in this way:

"Service rests on the basic premise that the nature of life is sacred, that life is a holy mystery which has an unknown purpose. When we serve, we know that we belong to life and to that purpose."

She also points out:

"Our service serves us as well as others. That which uses us strengthens us. Over time, fixing and helping are draining, depleting. Over time we burn out. Service is renewing. When we serve, our work itself will sustain us."

As I heard these words of Rachel's read aloud one day, I couldn't help feeling that service, as Remen describes it, is really another word for healing. It is how I now perceive my own role as a healer. This has brought me full circle in my path, through channeling and many other disciplines and spiritual practices, back to my roots as an Attunement Server.

I hope this helps my clients understand why, in healings, my service is to the soul's journey. And why I use a person's soul, and the guides and angels connected to their soul, as my reference points. Hopefully, the client will feel better after an energy healing session. But perhaps not! I do not know what circumstances best help a client to follow the subtle prompting of their soul. In some instances, pain or illness may serve a higher purpose. Perhaps deep discomfort will prompt the client into taking a much needed action that they are resisting. Though a part of me naturally wishes to satisfy the client's conscious desires, I know that I can be of greatest assistance when I keep my focus on healing as a service I render, not a "fix" that I perform.


A few years back I was at a new age expo. There was a world-famous healer in the booth next to me. Every day a crowd would gather for a public demonstration of his healing ability. It was impressive! I found the situation rather curious as a healer myself, to have to heal someone on demand.

Each day the healer chose someone from the assembled crowd, and in less than three minutes (because this was often being done as part of a live TV broadcast), they were able to cure some physical ailment.

I use "cure" here because as I watched, I could see no guides or angels present. Each day I looked close in as well as far away, ten feet, twenty feet, and even forty feet away from the healer and his subject. My energetic sight saw nothing. Seated where I was, I could overhear the conversation between the healer and each client. There was no discussion of what the ailment might be related to in the person's life, or how the body might be manifesting something that originated deeper within the soul.

After a few days of this, I decided to watch the smaller energy shifts within the healer's body during a healing. I returned to my spiritual sight, and looking closely, saw that the healer's third chakra was very active. I looked between the atoms, a sort of inner sight, and saw some grey energy moving through the healer out into the client. In my experience, this particular type of energy likes everything to be all tidied up, just so, in accordance with its own rules.

I did see the physical bodies of the subjects change; they were cured of their physical aliments! But internally I did not feel it. And to this day I am convinced that the particular type of energy work I witnessed was not a true service of healing. I do not mean to disrespect the healer or disregard the potential benefit to his subjects. Instantly curing people certainly does bring attention and awarenss to the role of subtle energy in maintaining health in our physical bodies. For this reason, perhaps it is useful for many to see that working with and understanding subtle energy can be an important tool in their life. But unless it honors the free will of the soul, I believe this type of energy work can also be a distraction from the growth that our soul wants to accomplish in this lifetime.

When spiritual, or soul-level healing happens, there is a wave of energy, often experienced as a deep sigh, a release, a sense of uplift or a sudden enlightenment around a personal issue. This wave passes out to all those physically present, as well as all who are psychically connected to the disease or imbalance, and outward on to all who are connected to the person who chose to follow their soul's healing path.

When a client wants me (or their guides or angels that may be present during a healing session) to heal a particular illness rather than address the casual issues of the illness, they are seeking to be fixed, in the sense that Remen describes above. Sometimes when this happens, I feel as if I can indeed fix them! But I know when that attitude comes up within me it is my own little self wanting to step into the shoes that my Higher Self alone can wear. In my heart I know that those shoes are just too big and they fall off of my little self quickly!

In her essay Remen makes a distinction between helping and service. As you read the next paragraph, try replacing the word "service" with "healing".

"Serving is different from helping. Helping is based on inequality; it is not a relationship between equals. When you help, you use your own strength to help those of lesser strength… When I help, I am very aware of my own strength…. Service is a relationship between equals."

Many healing modalities can be used to "help" and "fix." And these same modalities can be used to share sacredness, and to honor Spirit. Knowing when we are stepping into a sacred space of service or into a non-sacred space of wanting to help, fix and take away pain is the healer's own journey.

My blessings to all who join me upon this journey.


Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen's website is

The complete text of Dr. Remen's essay can be read online at:


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