NORMA GENTILE sound shaman
Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Connecting to the Essence from which You Came for Deep Healing and Spiritual Intimacy.
Changing our reality isn’t about thinking the change. It’s about going to the foundation of our reality, reconnecting into that point from which we have all come, and feeling our ability to now sense all the consciousness’ with whom we have incarnated.

1 The Pure Energy of Nature (what it is, how to connect with it)
Within our first dimension lies a Divine Feminine energy that creates all form and simultaneously contains the consciousness within all form, including water.

2 Co-Creating Sacred Space
Question: Why ask for other beings, such as Nature Spirits, to show us their level of love?  Shouldn’t they reflect my level of unconditional love?

Response: Recognizing that we do not want to limit other beings in their expression of unconditional love is what makes us co-creators, rather than dictators.  I invite those Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the room and land to step forward into my awareness at what they would consider to be their level of unconditional love. Freeing them up to show me something new, something different, something unique frees my own body from limiting beliefs of what unconditional love should be that I may have imposed upon it.  

3 Earth listens to Our Body
There is a resonant pattern between the water and minerals contained within our body’s cells, and the equivalent minerals and water within the planet. 
Our cells vibrate with the emotions and thoughts that we experience throughout our daily life. When we go walking in a forest we feel ourselves relax because the Earth reminds our body of its potential for greater ease. So too, the Earth senses, feels, and responds to our bodies when we experience levels of stress.

4 Reintegration after Choosing Polarity
We Chose Separation as part of our Divine Plan. Polarity is what has let us find our unique power as creators. We emerge now as one of the many – not one of unification, but one of seeing each as unique. Different Consciousness’ exist simultaneously.  Which one dominates is our choice.

5 The Foundation of Our Reality
The foundational energy of our reality exists within the First Dimension. It is within this Divine Feminine Matrix, what I refer to as The Pure Energy of Nature, that a drop of our essence resides. In fact, The Pure Energy of Nature is composed of a drop of essence from every spiritual being and everything that has physical form. All that is within our reality exists within The Pure Energy of Nature. Changing our reality isn’t about thinking the change. It’s about going to the foundation of our reality, reconnecting into that point from which we have all come, and feeling our ability to now sense all the consciousness’ with which (or with whom) we have incarnated.

6 MEDITATION on The Pure Energy of Nature
How does that Pure Energy of Nature remind each cell of your body of your own unique expression of unconditional love?

7 Sound Healing:  The Gift

8 Releasing guides that helped us stay in Polarity and inviting in new ones.
Often times, when there is a portion of ourselves that we have finally honed into the experience of polarity, there will be much resistance to receiving gentle and loving support from new guides and angels. This experience of resistance is very common at the naval chakra, for it is here that the incarnating soul initially engages into the physical body.

The game of polarity is complete. We can now release guides that helped us stay in polarity. Only as we recognize that our portion of playing the game is complete will those guides and angels that helped us remain in polarity be free to move on.  We can help by thanking them, and coming to a point of appreciating all that we have experienced, both comfortable and uncomfortable in our lives.

When we do this, who we are and our natural connection to Spirit is reinstated. Not just in this lifetime but in all lifetimes. The experiences we’ve had in all of the lifetimes of our soul are gathered into the collective consciousness of All That Is. 

9 SONG: Wandering

10 A new Level of Consciousness
We welcome those new guides and angels that help us sustain a new level of consciousness, a level of consciousness that reflects all that is, and our reunion, our reopening to experiencing ourselves as both us and them, the continuum that unites one end of polarity with the other end of polarity. 
The complete and full expression of who you are is the fulfillment of your contract in this lifetime.

11 SONG  Omnia Harmony

12 Making Decisions Easily
To Make a Decision, think the thought in your body, not in your head. There is a space behind your navel that has allows you to know what is true for you without consulting anyone else.


14 Remembering and Releasing Sacred Space
This is simply a remembrance of where you came from, of how your soul accurately engages your physical male or female body. It’s nothing new. It’s nothing unusual. It’s simply a remembering.


15 inquiry vs Judgment
Labeling something as bad or wrong simply steps us back into the old way of being. Asking something if it’s truly ours now, in this present moment,  steps us forward. Inquiry is one of the great hallmarks of the new level of consciousness into which we are moving. So rather than place a statement upon something, ask a question of it. Is it truly yours? Does it truly reflect your male or female body? Is the experience you’re having, the emotion you’re feeling, the thoughts you’re thinking truly reflect you, right here, right now? Inquiry lets things be released, lets patterns change, lets beings of all sorts evolve, and allows your experience to change and evolve.

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