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This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Time and Creation
Norma Gentile


Below is an article inspired by Mary and Archangel Michael. I can’t say I totally understand it myself, but I feel my mind being ‘re-wired’ and my body come alive in a new way each time that I have read it.  And so I share it with you. 


I did not know as I was channeling this essay that we are entering in to a phase described by the Mayans as "The Time of No Time”. This, according to astrologer and author Cal Garrison, is a period where future, past and present times collapse into each other. I experience this as a brief moment that feels like a timeless eternity opening inside of my own body. And it is happening in the oddest of places and seemingly random moments - a parking lot, standing in line in a store, on hold during a phone call, waiting for my computer to update a file or just sitting in the sunshine.  Time stands still while gazing into the face of eternity. 


I sat down to write and asked what one message would be most useful to share.  I had asked this after inviting Archangel Michael into the room.  To my surprise it was Mary Magdalene who identified herself to me and who then began to help me form thoughts.  Below is a transcript of what was shared.

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What if time were not just linear or non-linear, but capable of existing in different forms within each dimension? Time is not unique to your third dimension, but its expression within your dimension is unique.  What if time were an expression of the consciousness of each Being?


You have been told that Time is an illusion. Some of you have had the experience of stepping beyond humanity’s agreed upon definition of time as linear.  If you consider that time may bend itself, much as you can turn your face to one side and allow your body to remain stationary, facing forward, so too can time be at once both linear and non-linear. 

Your hearts are not linear.  Your soul is not linear. Your bodies are not made to function solely within a linear timeline.  Only one of many types of thought processes within your minds can conceive of things in a linear manner.  To use a metaphor from your current computerized lifestyle:  the linear timeline that you refer to is a result of one program among a multitude of software programs that your brains agreed to have installed within it.


Why is this important?


Because at this point in time your ability to utilize many other ways of reasoning that include other aspects of who you are (your heart, your soul, your spiritual network of helpers and your physical body) are being called upon.  They are being called by the changes of the cosmic winds to step into your awareness and offer their own unique counsel.


You are not alone. But for thousands of years you have let your brain function as if it were all alone. You have believed that your very consciousness resided in that lovely round globe which rests upon the upper portion of your torso.  But what of the remainder of your body?  If indeed it were only your brain that held your consciousness, then there would be no need to animate your body.  However, it is the loving presence of your consciousness that brings life-force into your entire body.


The bucket is empty without water. So too your body is a vessel waiting to be filled by you.  Thinking merely identifies that the bucket exists.  Actively engaging in your body fills it with water.


Let us address the issue of linear and non-linear time.


Consider this metaphor: Time is the action of moving the bucket to fill it with water.  In order to fill a bucket with water one usually must turn the bucket to dip it into water. Turning the bucket on its side and filling it with water means allowing the bucket to enter the water.  Here the water is linear time, and the bucket represents your ability to bend time and let the bending of time enter into and pass through linear time. 


This metaphor represents how linear and non-linear time interpenetrate each other and co-exist within your reality.  In this moment those of us who are Spiritual Teachers place a great importance upon your understanding of time as a result of where your thoughts originate from.  Not just the thoughts of your head, but the reasoning process and resulting thoughts that travel through your entire physical body create your experience of time.


Thinking with aspects of yourself that include your body, your soul, your spiritual support network and your heart allow you to access the multitude of software programs within you that create non-linear time.  Thinking as you have been taught to think, with your head, limits you to experiencing time only in its linear form.


When you exist in linear time you are limited to creating within linear time and in a linear fashion.  When you think using all of who you are, you access the possibilities of creating outside of linear creation.  This means engaging the thought process with your heart, your soul, your spiritual network of helpers and your physical body.


And it is not we of the Spiritual Realms who hold the key to how you experience time.  You alone are the guardians of your own time.  When you choose to follow the principles of time in its linear form, you continue to think within the limitations of the physical brain.  The bucket is defined but empty of water.


As you explore your entire body, and how thought moves through your body as well as your soul and those Beings of Consciousness who comprise your spiritual support team, you open yourself to experiencing the other manners in which time expresses itself in your dimension.


For now, notice when time seems to stand still.  And when it passes quickly.  Notice how your body feels and how you experience yourself in relationship to your Spiritual support team and your soul.  All these give subtle clues about what you are doing and what you are not doing


Why is learning to experience non-linear time important? 

When you experience non-linear time you are in a position to create your reality in a non-linear fashion.  Have you ever wondered why your world has seemingly developed so much maturity (in some ways) in the past 500 years?  It is because various humans have, for a moment here and there, stumbled into experiencing themselves as comprising wholly their soul, heart, body and spiritual team members.


And these moments of non-linear time and creation, like the bucket, have been dipped into the water of your ongoing linear creation.  Those things which were created in a non-linear fashion were brought into your linear reality and filled with your linear reality.  Much like the bucket was filled with water.


We said at the start that your thought identifies the bucket.  And your active engagement in the world fills it with water. Now we would add that the quality of your thought is now able to  change the water in the bucket from reflecting linear creation principles to reflecting non-linear creation possibilities. You are now a participant in the generation of non-linear reality and hence creation.  


-Mary and Michael

through Norma Gentile


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