NORMA GENTILE sound shaman
Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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On a  winter’s eve close to the February full moon, I offered a sound healing and meditation here in my home town in Michigan.  This is an excerpt from that evening.  The second song you hear is O Rubor Sanguinis, which I dearly love and have recorded twice.  It appears on both of CDs Mediation Chants by Hildegard of Bingen (newly re-released) and my album of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit.

1. A Spoke Invocation of Sacred Space
2.  Sancta Maria  an improvisation to invoke the Divine Feminine healing presence into the room.
3. The Spiral Path of Healing (a little talk)
4. O Rubor Sanguinis, a song which invites the listeners into stillness.
5. Chispas del Amore an improvised sound healing in Spanish
 (some of this is without text)
6. Take a step to the side - a little talk
What is coming your way from Spirit that you aren’t expecting?
7. An Unexpected Journey with Spirit (a sound healing experience) 

You may notice a bit of uneasiness at some points in this sound healing.  That is intentional.  The more sure we are of our path, the more difficult it is when Spirit and our Soul decide to create a new road for us.  Here is a little sound healing to help you experience that journey.

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