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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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The Greatest Healer is Within You
The Essence of Your Soul within the Earth
(and a new healing song)

Dear Friends,

Taking a moment for ourselves now, before entering into the Season of Many Sales, is a gift that may yield personal riches. The time of the Winter Solstice and the turning of the seasons naturally draws us into our inner world. Here, if we allow ourselves to enter, our life issues are calling to us for some reflection. I find there is a growing stillness within my own body and the Earth that allows my own insights to deepen during this time of year. I find my body wants to sink deeply into meditation, and receive the natural energetic nourishment available to it from the Earth.

Over many years of living I have found that meaningful healing and personal growth entails both releasing the old and embracing something new. The change of seasons invites us to recall this simple truth. A recent meditation that I led focused upon this very theme, and I offer a part it in this newsletter. 

This is from the audio meditation, Embrace the New by Releasing the Old. To listen to the complete meditation (which includes healing songs) click here.

The Essence of Your Soul within the Earth is Your Greatest Healer
Over the past several decades, certain Earth energies have been arising in my awareness. These Earth energies reflect the essence of the soul incarnating within each of us. Each soul present today entered into the process of creation on this planet millions and millions of years ago, when our reality began to take physical form. At that point in time, the essence of your soul said "Yes, I want to create with other souls. I want to create something that does not yet exist." And your soul continued to say "Yes", at other crossroads. "Yes, I will enter into this project now as a being that lives, moves and has consciousness within this creation. Yes, I shall walk upon the Earth as a soul among other souls, knowing both Spirit and physical form."


from Mary
What makes those incarnating upon the Earth unique is that a drop of your soul's essence lives within the Earth herself. That essence became charged and enlivened to the point where It became the basis for your physical form here on Earth. That essence of your soul, deep within the Earth, is what says 'yes' when your heavenly soul wants to incarnate. That essence of you within the Earth helps to balance your physical body, and brings your soul and physical body together in their unique embrace.

What is it that keeps the soul in the body? It is this. This drop of your own soul's essence within the Earth generates a specific frequency that binds your soul into your body. As the quality of this frequency is more tangible, then those nourishments that your soul would love for your body to experience are easily present in your life.

Who you are now, right in this moment, is reflected by how well your soul and body are meeting each other within your body. This drop of your essence, coming alive deep within the Earth, reflects your experience of life. Your soul's essence reminds your body and legally incarnating soul of their unique and perfect embrace. 

Let yourself breathe as if your inhalation begins in your hips. Even better, imagine your breath beginning at your feet. What if your breath were to enter through the feet, coming from that essence of your soul deep within the Earth? Allow that breath to arise and fill your feet, legs, hips and lower back. 
Continue this breath as you listen to the 
healing song.

Unlimiting How much Energy We Receive
Those qualities of Earth energy that truly nourish you enter through all of the cells, energy meridians and chakras of your body. Those qualities of energy reflect not just what you know you will do today, tomorrow, and this week, but also what you don't know is going to happen, and what you will be drawn to do as a result. 

Receiving those energies that your body wants to be nourished by means opening to energies that your brain doesn't know you are going to need yet. And how wonderful it is, when we allow ourselves to release into the healing nourishment that our soul, body and Spirit desire. Then, when the unexpected happens, we are ready. It's just like walking out the door and suddenly thinking to bring something more with us. You were not quite sure why in that moment, but a few hours later you run into a friend that needs that item. 

The most powerful systems of healing speak directly to the body and invite it to decide what energies it wants. In the same manner, you can give your body permission to receive all the nourishment it desires right now, not just what you think it should have. As you listen to the body, you open to Earthly nourishment from the very essence of your soul, which has been present within Creation and within the Earth for millions of years. As your body receives the nourishment it desires, old patterns that no longer serve are released. The bonds between your soul and your body strengthen. 

This allows, particularly, your navel chakra to open and engage more deeply in this lifetime, helping you to be present in each day, right here, right now. Your navel chakra synthesizes energies from the external physical world as well as the spiritual world that surrounds you - not just the spiritual world of Heaven, but also the invisible spiritual energy of Earth. Deep within the navel chakra, you access your ability to move easily and gracefully upon the Earth. Deep within the navel chakra, you access your ability to sculpt the external world as your soul intends in this lifetime. 


Want more? Listen to the complete audio meditation or read the transcript that this comes from here
My best to each of you as we embrace this new season,


For those in SE Michigan, I am pleased to announce a special MEDITATION CONCERT in CANDLELIGHT on the Full Moon just ahead of the Winter Solstice. Join me on Sunday, December 7 at 4pm for a reflective time of sacred music and chant. Atmaram Chaitanya, whom many of you know from kirtan and past concerts joins me. He will play tambura and harmonium, both instruments of India. I will have my choir of Tibetan singing bowls, schruti box and I expect some of you will add your harmonic tones. This concert features a few medieval healing chants written by Hildegard of Bingen and many spontaneous songs drawn through me from spirit to address whatever is present in the world and amongst those listening in the room. More info and advance tickets here. 


Sat Dec 7

Meditation Concert in Candlelight (Ann Arbor)


Jan 30 - Feb 1

Practitioner Workshop - 3 day Training (Ann Arbor)


Feb 20-23

Sound Healing Workshop and Private Sessions (Florida)

Sweet Chariot
Listen Here (mp3)

There are moments when we need to leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily living in order to let ourselves gaze into the eyes of Spirit. Here is a healing song from many voices, improvised spontaneously from our hearts.

The photo is cropped, but otherwise not edited. It was taken while lying on the ground and looking straight up with an iPad. It seems as if the energy sphere is moving from the overhanging tree branches up into the sky.


Journey into Grace

a channeled healing song from the Hathors
with voice and Tibetan Singing Bowl

Listen Here (mp3)

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Meditation #44 from October 19, 2014

Embracing the New by Releasing the Old
Nourishing Yourself for What is Coming


Listen to mp3 directly

& more information



In responsibly releasing energetic patterns out of our space, letting them move to wherever they need to go to now, we are also stating to all the energies interacting with us that we are ready for an update and upgrade. We are ready for something that nourishes us now - not something from ten or more years ago, but that which reflects our soul's journey now.

- Invocation of Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
- Your Role in Stewarding Energetic Patterns Homeward
- Your Awareness can affect Weather Patterns
- Your Ability (and Responsibility) to Release what no longer Serves
- Your Questions Heal Yourself and Your World
- Your Brain and Healing (don't always mix well)
- Nourishing Yourself for what is Coming
- The Essence of Your Soul within the Earth is Your Greatest Healer
- Unlimiting How much Energy We Receive
- What is Your Next Step? How will You Know It?
- Some Results of this Meditation
- Why Release Angels and Guides?

There are two sound healing songs in this meditation. More of these healing songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings and Recordings.


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As of today, I have 43 Meditations and Teachings recordings available. They cover all on different subjects, some are direct channelings from my guides, most often Archangel Michael, Mary, the Hathor Atamira, Thoth, Shesat or a group of Ascended Masters. Most of them invoke Sacred Space and then focus on an issue and provide time for your guides and angels to work with you energetically. 

Many are drawn from the live Phone Meditations that I offer a few times each year. About half contain healing songs or chants. All are offered freely as podcasts (you can subscribe directly on iTunes > Podcasts > Norma Gentile) or a few are availble as CDs. At this time donations provide the funding for the free monthly (or so) Phone Meditations, the recording and editing process, posting them online and paying the monthly fee to maintain them online for free download. As of today, more than 90,000 downloads of these meditations has occurred. And chances are you have participated. Thank you! I know it is your energy that shapes each meditation and newsletter, and helps pull the information and insights that I share through me from Spirit.

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I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $185 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997. 
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