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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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A Meditation for Renewal

Four new songs

Thoughts on the Healing Process
Opening Your Energy Body to Deeper Healing
Cycles of Creation
Our Lower Chakras Follow Larger Creative Cycles
Clearing Your Pelvis

Releasing Tension by Clearing Other People’s Guides (Top of Neck – Inside Head – Third Eye)
Updating Your Life Plans (and the guides / angels to help you)

Grounding into Your Own Energies within the Earth
Illusionary goals vs Achievable Goals
Resetting Third Eye for Clear Psychic Vision


Within each cycles of creation there is a period of Renewal.  During this time we acknowledge all the cycles initiated in the past, and know that we carry with us all that is coming from our past. In this meditation you have the opportunity to identify and release what you do not need from the past to carry into the future.

Nothing is stagnant; not even things or ideas that appear to us as being permanent.  Our consciousness is changing rapidly, and the forms around us in the world must also adapt and change each day. We can no longer find stability in the sameness of things.  We can only find stability inside of ourselves.
-Norma Gentile, sound shaman

for more information and music see


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From sound shaman Norma Gentile and her guides Archangel Michael, Mary and the Hathors, an hour long meditation to assist you with chaotic energies. Singing Bowls, voice and piano interspersed with ideas to help cope with energetic currents in this time of transition.

more at:


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As I psychic, I am aware that the low chakras of our bodies are just as sensitive and empathic as our head and heart chakras. But we don’t recognize when information is coming into our bodies through these low chakras. Especially into our first, second and navel chakra.

Because of this, we end up trying to process energies from the world. We pick up energies from places we have walked through (like a shopping mall) and people we email with, talk about, and have been around. Unlike energies that interact with our upper chakras, these energies come into our low body and lower chakras in a way that we can’t really make sense of them. 

As our brain receives neurological input from our low body and lower chakras that ‘something’ is happening, it has no context to process the information. Nothing is actually happening to you in the physical world.  So the mind draws from our past. We are reminded of similar experiences we have gone through, and beliefs related to those experiences.

The emotional and mental energies around our own experiences envelope the energies entering into our low body and low chakras. When we feel into our low body, we believe that this newly acquired energy must be our own energy (and experience) because it is encased within our own energies.  In order to fully take it into ourselves, we append it to a story we have written about ourselves. 

     ‘Because I was never seen as valuable’
     ‘Because I was never pretty enough’
     ‘Because I always piss people off in a certain way when I am who I am’

In this way we take into our bodies energies that don’t belong to us, we wrap our own energies around them, and then we feel responsible to somehow heal or fix them.

Here is a meditation to clear energies, especially from your low body and lower chakras, that you have taken on.  As they leave, the issues that are truly yours to address and heal will be revealed.

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Dear Friends,
I am convinced that as part of our spiritual journey, our Soul offers us a certain amount of difficulty in life… but most of us create difficulty at a level that is far beyond what our Soul really wants our body to exp
erience. Especially when we are in situations where old patterns arise, what is emerging from within us can feel less potent and powerful than what it truly is.

Here is a healing song and short meditation to remind yourself and your body of the quality of energy that your Soul truly wants you to experience and interact with now in Life.

As you watch this, keep in mind that a group of people moving in sync can impact the energy of a room and of a space. Not by inflicting this quality of energy upon others, but by making it more visible. A group of people moving in sync can demonstrate a means by which humanity can begin to make choices where we flow together.

There is a wonderfully nourishing quality of energy that we forget when we are interacting with the mundane world and not taking time for ourselves. I believe this quality of energy may not only nourish our bodies, but may also provide a sort of connective energetic fabric between all beings.

What if this thick, rich smooth energy actually reflected the shared unconscious of all those (not just humanity) in form? What if it were shared by all Beings of conscious and all things in form? How does your body want to remember that this energy is already within you?

Watch the short video
Tapping Into Your Wellspring of Life. or listen now to the Healing Song: Resolved to help you remember and tap into this rich energy within you.

Please feel free to let me know what you notice happening as you watch or listen to the video or healing song. You can listen to the full audio meditation the song and video come from,
Your Wellspring of Being.

If you are in the Ann Arbor area, please join me for my
Solstice Meditation Concert on Saturday, December 21. Candlelight, chanting, singing bowls, and lots of wonderful warm healing energies. Please let folks living in the area know about it!

My blessings to each of you,

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Enjoy an extended clearing that you can repeat on your own, followed by a nourishing healing that is both spoken and sung.

During this meditation each person’s body is encouraged to tap into it’s own innate Wellspring of Life within each chakra, cell and atom. 

Best enjoyed with your eyes closed, resting deeply.  Great to help induce a good night's sleep!

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Bringing Wholeness to Your Body
Meeting Adversity with Compassion

 from sound shaman Norma Gentile

I am considering the need to meet violent adversity in our outer world not with more adversity, but rather with a sense of warm heartedness. 


Not the kind of warm heartedness that allows us to be stabbed by the violent adversity, but rather a warm heartedness that allows us to see beyond the violence, see beyond the adversity, and come to a point of compassion in understanding the pain that another might be feeling.


I find this is really only possible when I feel whole and content within myself.   The less balanced I feel, the more I am apt to meet someone else’s adversity and violent temper with a pushback energetically of my own.


As we move into summer the longer time of daylight is reminding me of how outbound our culture tends to be.  As long as there is light and sun, US culture has a sense of go-go-go-go-go throughout the day.


And that to me is a big piece of why we are having so much violence in our society. I am speaking here as a US citizen.  There is such a great amount of short temperedness because we simply have lost the ability to nourish ourselves in a way that helps us find our own center.


Here is a meditation, with a healing song, to do just that.

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Balance: A soothing meditation focusing on healing energies so your body can feel safe, whole and ground more easily.  Archangel Michael and Thoth join me, sharing energies and insights, and of course there is a gentle spontaneous healing song that came through me as well.  This meditation is offered freely. If you enjoy it, please consider supporting what I do by purchasing my music on iTunes or amazon, or enrolling in one of my online courses where I share more insights, music and meditations.  All of this is at 

And now, as we begin the meditation, find a quiet place where you can lie down or sit and meditate. Plan to be undisturbed for an hour, and give yourself another 10 minutes or so afterwards to gently return and integrate all the changes that have occurred.


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This is one of several extended meditations within Norma's online course, Resetting Your Financial Guides, learning to hear and follow the guides working with you around finances, ease and life-issues.

This meditation includes insights and energy healing around financial disempowerment; focusing on releasing energies that cause us to feel over-whelmed and to over-work. It includes a healing song, as well as a spoken channeling from Mary (You are Enough)

One of the most interesting sections looks at how we use our personal energy to 'tune' our possessions. This allows us to define our 'stuff', but may also limit what we allow ourselves to receive in life.

You can watch other videos and enroll in the course at:

Resetting Your Financial Guides
an online course by Norma Gentile

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1 introduction: Communication and Resonance

2 Invoking Sacred Space (Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael)

3 Balance is Our Natural State of Being

4 What is your Legally Incarnating Soul?

5 MEDITATION: The Embrace of Soul, Body and Earth

6 Money, Ease and Comfort - How what you own may be costing you your life-force

7 How a Narcissist Blinds Your Own Intuition, Keeping You from Knowing Your Own Truth

8 MEDITATIVE SONG: Creating Comfort
What quality of ease, flow and comfort do your body and Soul want you to experience right now?

9 Releasing and Clearing Upper Body

10 Releasing Sacred Space (Archangel Michael and Nature)

11 Conclusion

Norma Gentile, sound shaman
similar music available at

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You are probably noticing an increasingly uncomfortable underlying tension...this coming Sunday's Full Supermoon is drawing past issues out of our psychological closet and into our visible world. Whatever you notice happening this next 7-10 days is part of the shared collective consciousness of humanity looking at itself and asking 'Is this pattern/belief/emotional reaction serving us all now?' Which leads to individuals reflecting and asking 'Is what I am concerned about in my life really where my attention is needful?' 'Is this really MINE to do now?'

Which all leads to the big question: What Am I Here to do Now?



A sound meditation to locate, open and clear your built-in Spiritual compass. 


We are all gradually developing new chakras. The High Heart chakra, related to our thymus gland, (just above the Traditional Heart chakra), helps guide us upon the path that our Soul desires for us to choose in this lifetime. Here, at the High Heart, is where we hear the impulses of "stop" or "proceed" or sometimes even "no". Here is our built-in compass, available to us anytime we choose to use it!

This sound meditation helps you locate, open and clear your newly emerging High Heart chakra. This works with both the easily sensed front of the body as well as the aspect of the chakra where your guides and angels connect behind your back. This assists you to reset the chakra (between your shoulder blades/upper back) and invite in your most potent guides and angels who support you.

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Nathan Correll
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In these healing sessions the spiritual foundation of who you are (the portion of your soul incarnating right now) engages with your body in a new way. This allows what does not reflect your Soul and body to be revealed, understood, and released. Simply put, the real world version of you catches up with the spiritual foundation of who you truly are. After the healing session your Soul, body and life will reflect each other more accurately.

How Your Healing is Supported
I do not intend or focus healing so that your body looks perfect, or that your aura looks like it does in a book. My guides consult and follow your guides, asking at each organ, each chakra, each issue in your life; what is it that your body and Soul choose? What is your next step? And in this process, allowing whatever no longer serves your Soul's journey to be released.

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $215 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997.
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video this song only
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what has not (yet) come to pass
a healing song from Norma's Hathor guide, Atamira
(read full text here)

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(this particular meditation is available as video above or streaming audio below)


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Meditation #54 from August 4, 2017


- Sacred Space Invocation
of Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
- The Earth has only loaned you its atoms
in order for you to create your body
- Clearing Our Newly Emerging Chakras in Heart and Solar Plexius from past beliefs, guides and intensities.
- Why and How to Release Beliefs and Behaviors (and old guides and angels)
- Brain Chatter Release
(clearing 6th and 7th chakras)
- Connecting the two Heart Chakras(knowing what is yours to do


& more information



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January 1, 2018
Norma Gentile, sound shaman

1. Introduction

2 Invoking Sacred Space

3 The Process of Recognizing What We Are Ready to Release

4 MEDITATIONS to Empower Yourself
Releasing other people’s energies, including their guides/angels, especially from behind your navel chakra, and from your lower back. This can help tremendously to relieve chronic pain and kidney issues.

5 SONG: Revealing Your Innate Grounding

6 MEDITATION: Recognizing and Clearing Psychic Energies from Your Parents/Family/Spouse
Projection isn’t just a psychological term. It is an accurate description of what happens when someone sends energy pictures, along with low-level guides to insist you believe their pictures, into your third eye, throat and low back space telling you to be who they ‘think’ you are.


These energy pictures typically accumulate in the front side of the 5th (throat) and 6th (third eye or forehead) chakras. The low-level guides tend to create congestion in the back of the head, throat and lower back. Guides from people who are telling you what to do and how to live your life tend to push into the back side of your navel chakra, often causing sensations of heaviness or immobility, along with discomfort in the low back. This part of the meditation helps you recognize guides and energy pictures you have received from others and release both the guides and pictures, and begin to generate the quality of energies around your throat, head and low back that your soul and body desire to have now.


When we are full of our own energies, it is very difficult for other energies to re-enter, and for other energies, that aren’t us, to find a home within us.


7 SONG The Bearer of the Star

8 Releasing Sacred Space

Norma can be reached through her website


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Break entrainment or enthrallment to the louder mundane world; especially as it relates to power, strength and authority. Here are a series of short meditations and songs to do just that.

1 Introduction
2 Sacred Space Invocation of Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
3 SONG: Om Namo Shivaya (Atmaram Chaitanya voice/harmonium)
4 SONG: Invocation (Norma voice)
5 The Quiet Within
6 SONG: Mourning what has not come to pass (Norma voice and Tibetan bowl)
7 A New Way of Grounding
8 Clearing Our Newly Emerging Chakras in Heart and Solar Plexius from past beliefs, guides and intensities.
9 SONG: Healing Breath (Norma, voice and Atmaram, tambura)
10   Why and How to Release Beliefs and Behaviors (and old guides and angels)
11 MEDITATION: Brain Chatter Release (clearing 6th and 7th chakras)
12 SONG: Healing Home   (Norma, voice and Tibetan bowl)
13 SONG: For Inner Reflection (Norma, voice and Atmaram, harmonium)
14 Release of Sacred Space
15 Final Blessing

Norma Gentile, sound shaman
with musical guest Atmaran Chaitanya 

Direct download: WhenStarsComeOut.mp3
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(Includes 2 healing songs) What are you ready to see within yourself? What, that is now hidden, is ready to be revealed about our external world?


1 Introduction

2 Invoking Sacred Space: Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael

3 Truth lies within Stillness
What is it within each person, within this quiet place of stillness, that wants to be revealed now?

4 SONG: Ubi Caritas
Where there is charity, compassion and love, God abides.

5 Distractions of the outer world

6 Chatting with Cats
(and listening to their stories)

7 Psychic Energy: Is it Communication or Overwhelm?
Narcissists know how to overwhelm our 6th chakra/3rd eye and create ‘alternate truths’ that are difficult to ignore.

8 Psychic Energy Exchanges during Live Performances, Political Rallies, Movies and TV shows. (what is happening right now)

9 Identifying Energy Pictures given to us as Babies

10 Meditation: Releasing psychic pictures received as babies from parents. (your needs are wrong, you are not good enough…your hunger makes me angry)

11 Insights and Meditation: New Ways of Grounding to avoid letting another’s psychic pictures overwhelm you.

12 SONG: Blessing and Nourishing Your Body (solo voice)

13 What does your soul want to share with you now? Receive an insight from your own soul or guide.

14 Releasing Sacred Space
15 For more information

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FEELING SAFE in a Turbulent World

Our lower chakras are underdeveloped and so not able to convey to us the psychic information that our body naturally receives. We have lost our ability to correctly interpret what our body is actually experiencing. In order to feel safe, we fall into habits that limit our expression out into our world. Fear, distrust, and not being able to make decisions are some ways that this manifests. This meditation offers you an opportunity to clear and reset your lower chakras, allowing your body to more easily connect into the nourishing energies and loving experiences that are possible in your life.

This meditation is about letting go of our brain’s need to control, and learning to trust that what is around us supports us. Even when it feels uncomfortable to us, whatever engages with us in some way serves the journey of our body and soul. Our personality’s insistence that something is wrong (or right) and must (or must not) happen is what moves us into polarity.


When we are functioning in this polarized state, it is very difficult to see options besides doing something, or doing its opposite.


There is an intelligence deep within our lower body’s chakras that does not function in a polarized manner. I see it as a unique quality of psychic perception lying primarily in the navel, 2nd chakra, and enteric nervous system.


When we are able to engage with it, information received by this psychic (or Spiritual) intelligence is able to move out of our lower body and reach our heart and mind. We oftentimes have clarity about deep seated issues when the information that has been received by our lower chakras is able to be transmitted to our heart and mind. For example, we can see options that were hidden from us when our only view was through the polarized lens of our overly busy brain. And because we perceive more options in a situation, we are able to address life issues in a very different manner.

The song included here is AVE GENEROSA, composed in the 12th century by St. Hildegard of Bingen. It is from Norma's album of sacred chants UNFURLING LOVE"S CREATION  

Direct download: FeelingSafe.mp3
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THE GIFT OF HEALING; How and Why we use Polarity in our Lives. As long as we have physical bodies here on Earth, we are creating within polarity. Our bodies are perfect examples of this polarity; organs that exist on both left and right sides, a brain with two hemispheres, and of course our upper and lower 8th chakras. We are designed to grow in our understanding of polarity while incarnate. Only by entering fully into polarity can we encounter our next step. When we resist this process, we may become disenchanted with our life, feeling sluggish and uninvolved; or we may spiral out of our bodies, feeling euphoric but disconnected from what surrounds us.

This meditation will assist you in becoming aware of the issues that you may be avoiding, and provide you with a nurturing safe environment in which to consider them. Here your guides and angels are present. Notice insights and ideas that may occur to you. These will be how you address your life issues. This is a time for you to choose how you desire to move forward.

This meditation includes two songs, improvised during healing events. For more of Norma's music see or her website Recordings page.

Direct download: HEALINGwithinPOLARITY.mp3
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1 Invoking Sacred Space
Co-creating a Nature Sphere around the room with the Nature Spirits, the Intelligence of Nature and the Pure Energy of Nature. All vibrating at their level of unconditional love. Then welcoming a magnified conscious connection to Archangel Michael.

2 Clearing and Releasing energies from your body, chakras and larger aura.

3 SONG: Recharing your body and energy field

4 Releasing Sacred Space

Excerpted from the Practitioner Training Workshop 2016.

This meditation includes a channeled healing song. More of Norma's healing songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings and Recordings. Her albums are available on iTunes and at Amazon or Norma's website,

Direct download: QuickTimelyHealing.mp3
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1 Intro
2 How to know when to leave a relationship
be it a marriage, job or yoga class
3 Straddling the Past and Future while in Present Time
4 Meditation Quieting the Mind by connecting the brain to the body
5 Sacred Space Invocation
6 Our roles as co creators…Listen, then Speak
7 Our soul’s desire resides in our High Heart Chakra
8 Archangel Michael / Michaela – Angels are neutral in gender.
9 Meditation to clear the 2 heart chakras and invite those guides and angels working with you now to be present.
10 SONG: O eterne Deus (O eternal God)
11 Completing the Healing
12 Releasing Sacred Space

Music at iTunes and Amazon and CDBaby

A meditation to connect you to all the aspects of who you are and bring you to that point of stillness where you can truly comprehend what your next step might be in a decision making process.  The song you hear in the midst of the meditation, O eterne Deus (O eternal God) was composed by St. Hildegard of Bingen, and I sang it on my album Unfurling Love’s Creation, available on amazon, iTunes and my website.

Direct download: FIRST_BE_STILL.mp3
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Deepening Your Trust in Spirit and Revealing Your Natural Intuition. 

Relaxing and truly opening to spirit, whether it be Heavenly spirit or Earthly spirit, requires trust. This is not a quality that we have learned much about in our daily lives. Trust requires knowing ourselves first. Trust requires knowing who we are first. Trust requires knowing our bodies, the vibration of our bodies, and our emotions. When we trust in our own competence to know ourselves, it becomes easy to feel and to know that what surrounds us can either be in tune with us or not in tune with us. 

1 Introduction
2. Invoking the Nature Sphere to feel how Nature supports you.
  An explanation of The Pure Energy of Nature.
  Connecting to the Energies within the Earth from which Your Body Came.

3  Invoking the Angels: Welcoming Archangel Michael
  Updating your connection to your guides and angels
  Angels reflect Polarity and Unity simultaneously by containing both Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine vibrations.

  How do you allow yourself to be nourished by Spirit?
  Cultivate Trust in yourself and in Spirit
  Let Your Soul Lead You to the Next Step
  Finding Your YES!
  How does your soul direct your body and say yes, that’s it?
5 Releasing what is no longer ours to do
  Releasing old to-do lists is vital to being able to follow our soul’s journey.
6 Healing Tones
7 MEDITATION: Releasing Old Guides Related to Old Life Tasks
8 Balance, Stillness and Healing
  Balance and stillness go together. These qualities are what allow us to access our own innate knowing of Spirit.

9 Releasing Sacred Space
  Releasing our conscious magnified connections to the Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael.

Direct download: RevealingSpirit.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:00pm EDT


Inviting the energies of our shared human consciousness, along with the presence of Archangel Michael and Nature, we open a portal in this meditation for transmuting painful issues into learning experiences.  The moment we recognize the gift of wisdom that an issue has brought us, we stand in a place of compassionate honoring of the people, beings and energies that helped us create the issue. This honoring, along with gratitude, allows us to truly release ourselves from continuing to recreate the same painful lessons over and over again in our life.

I included an improvised song of mine, Transition, from my Hathor guide Atamira, who also provides a portion of spoken meditation after the song.  For more information on my music, as well as what else I offer, please see the Sound Healings or Recordings pages of my website   


Direct download: YourChoicePoint.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:14am EDT

Nourishing Yourself for what is Coming Next. 






In responsibly releasing patterns out of our space, letting them move to wherever they need to go to now, we are also stating to all the energies interacting with us that we are ready for an update and upgrade. We are ready for something that nourishes us now—not something from ten or more years ago, but that which reflects our soul’s journey now.


- Your Role in Stewarding Energetic Patterns Homeward
- Your Awareness can affect Weather Patterns
- Your Ability (and Responsibility) to Release what no longer Serves
- Invocation of Sacred Space
- Your Questions Heal Yourself and Your World
- Your Brain and Healing (don’t always mix well)
- Nourishing Yourself for what is Coming
- The Essence of Your Soul within the Earth is Your Greatest Healer


- Unlimiting How much Energy We Receive
- What is Your Next Step?  How will You Know It?
- Some Results of this Meditation
- Releasing from Sacred Space

- Why Release Angels and Guides?

From a telephone meditation offered on Oct 19, 2014 by Norma Gentile. For more information, including the written transcript, see

Direct download: EmbraceNewReleaseOld.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:01pm EDT

Find your new relationship with your body, your soul and the Earth

1 Introduction
2 Essay: Earthquakes, Emotional Intensity, EM Fields & Gaia
3 Invoking the Nature Spirit Sphere
4 Exploring the 2nd dimensional self
5 Gaia is releasing ancient energies from deep within the core of the Earth to the Consciousness Grids surrounding the planet
6 Step out of the way and allow the Creative process to take over
7 Tuning into the lower dimensions of your soul
8 Innocence - a Sound Healing from Spirit
9 Releasing the magnified connection to your soul in the lower dimensions, as well as to the Nature Spirit Sphere
10 Q & A: Stability and Shifting within the Earth
11 For more Information

Direct download: HealingOurselvesEarth.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:59pm EDT


(audio meditation) Using your body’s innate spiritual wiring to naturally release and redirect potentially destructive energies

Life issues, physical pain or discomfort are simply reflections of the fact that who you are and who you aren’t cannot take up the same energetic space inside of you. 

How do we maintain our own inner peace when the world around us is spinning more and more into a state of ongoing, seemingly non-stop chaos?. Each of us has our own tools and we are developing new ways to reach and maintain that quiet space within ourselves. This is essential, especially when surrounded by turbulent events.  Here is one of those new ways; utilize the stability of your soul’s unique and ongoing communion with Earth and the Pure Energy of Nature to awaken from deep within your body it’s own remembrance of stability and your innate inner peace.  



 - Maintaining inner Peace amidst Chaos

 - Nature and Archangel Michael

 - Our ability to sense the unconditional quality of love that we associate with divine beings has to do largely with the state of our own energy field or aura.

 - Our bodies have come from Earth and been potentized by Spirit.

 - All Energies evolve, change and move according to their own innate consciousness

 - Revealing the preexisting condition of grounding within each of our bodies. Clearing deep trauma from your root chakra and pelvis

 - Navel Chakra; Your Pranic Sphere of Brilliant Clear light

 - Reconnecting Your Heart into Your Own Energies within the Earth

 - A newly emerging chakra – the lower 5th chakra

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1. Introduction: Maintaining inner Peace amidst Chaos

How do we maintain our own inner peace when the world around us is spinning more and more into a state of ongoing, seemingly non-stop chaos?. Each of us has our own tools and we are developing new ways to reach and maintain that quiet space within ourselves. This is essential, especially when surrounded by turbulent events.  Here is one of those new ways; utilize the stability of your soul’s unique and ongoing communion with Earth and the Pure Energy of Nature to awaken from deep within your body it’s own remembrance of stability and your innate inner peace.  


2 Sacred Space Invocation: Nature and Archangel Michael

The energies of Nature have been part of the planet for a very long time, much longer than humanity. Responding to the desire of the soul we know as Gaia, the Pure Energy of Nature and the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences assisted in forming the planet Earth herself. They can reflect to us their level of unconditional love. Our physical form, of course, resonates to them, as each cell of our human body is created out of the Earth’s physical elements. And in this resonance, we remember the stability that we know is also within our own physical bodies. Here is one way to find stability in chaos.


When this truth is understood many people recognize their body’s resonance to Nature and Earth deep within their naval. Other people experience an expansion within their heart. Some people feel an awakening throughout their whole body.


The second part of this invocation asks those in Spirit to help us magnify our awareness of Archangel Michael’s presence in all dimensions.

Because Archangel Michael and all the Archangels exist not just within our 3rd dimension but in all dimensions, they exist both inside our polarized reality as well as outside of it.  For this reason Michael’s elevator shaft anchors in the dimension just beyond our dualistic reality.  Central Sun is often the point that I refer to.  This is thought to be a point of Sacred Masculine energy, existing on the other side of the black hole which lies in the center of our galaxy. The alignment of this Central Sun, through the center of our galaxy with our sun on December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of the new Aquarian Age.  I use Central Sun as a symbol both for the point into which the upper aspect of Archangel Michael’s elevator shaft anchors as well as the place from which our newly emerging energies related to the Sacred Masculine emerge.  


3 Song: Tranquility (after the Storm)
4 Our ability to sense the unconditional quality of love that we associate with divine beings has to do largely with the state of our own energy field or aura.


Each person, no matter what gender body, has a unique aspect of the Divine Feminine expressing through them. The Divine Feminine has an unique ability to cope with chaos. The Divine, not the day-to-day feminine, but the Divine Feminine has an ability to create space, and that space, often spoken of as a grail or chalice, can both receive chaos, as well as form a serene sense of safety in the midst of chaos.


Our ability to sense the unconditional quality of love that we associate with divine beings has to do largely with our own ability to expand or contract our energy field, or aura. It is this expansion that allows us to feel, more fully, the divine. It is this expansion that allows us to feel safe to enter into meditation, and thus more fully, more deeply into every cell of our bodies.


Our bodies have come from Earth and been potentized by Spirit.


There are many chakras along the bottom of our feet. The nourishment that our physical form desires from the Earth aspect of ourselves passes through these many chakras of our feet into our body. How can we, after all, be the hands, the heart, and the reflection of Spirit on Earth without this wonderful physical form? Does it not make sense that this form, in its initial creation, contained connections into both Earth and Heaven? Ideally our body continues to utilize these connections throughout our lifetime.


We were designed by that magnificence of Spirit to be the intermediaries between Earth and Heaven, to commune and communicate with both.


By posing the questions, ‘Is it really in tune with me now?’, ‘Is it really in tune with my body now?’, you actually give an energetic pattern permission to look and see if it is indeed in tune with your body. And, you give that energy permission to move onto wherever else it might need to go. Seldom do we consider that energies we experience as physical pain or blockages, reoccurring thoughts, or overwhelming emotions…that all these might actually be the result in current time of an energy that at some point in the past was actually working with us and in tune with us. In fact, we might have called this energy in to help us with something. In this new Aquarian age of co-creation with Spirit, we have the responsibility to release all that we have invited in,  whether we did it in a conscious invocation or whether it was a thought or emotional urge we had for a brief moment.


All Energies evolve, change and move according to their own innate consciousness

All energies are constantly learning and growing, even energies that we deem as bad or difficult or painful. These energies are merely in transition, just as we are in transition. If they are not a good dance partner for us, then it is okay for them to continue on their own soul’s journey or their own evolution of consciousness, just as we continue on our own soul’s journey, our own journey of consciousness.


Through the Divine Feminine comes our ability to heal by assisting each being or energetic pattern that has come into contact with us to continue on their own journey. We desire for them to move from our bodies and auras, so that they are not stuck within a place where they cannot continue to grow and change. Simply by asking our emotions, repetitive thoughts and physical sensations, ‘Is this really in tune with my body?’, ‘Are you in tune now with my soul?’, you give energies permission to go to wherever they need to go to now.

6 Clearing deep trauma from your root chakra and pelvis;
Revealing the preexisting condition of grounding within each of our bodies.


If you are alive in a physical body, you are already somewhat grounded. In this particular meditation, we are pointing out and allowing your physical body and soul to re-access and reestablish the connection into the Earth energies that you already have. At birth our body has its full grounding into our soul’s energies within the Earth. We see that as the brightness in a child’s eye. It’s not just Heavenly spirit; it’s Earthly spirit that nourishes that brilliance and unconditional love within our eyes. While within the womb, each of us creates some amount of energetic tether into Earth, and that is what draws our heavenly spirit into our gestating body.


I’ve spoken before about the Earthly soul. That is simply a way of saying, if we exist in the upper dimensions and in third dimension, we are not just a drop dripping downward from Heaven. We are also a geyser, a fountain, moving up from the Earth. And, in that moment of conception, our Heavenly soul and Earthly soul have met. Does it not make sense then that throughout life, our journey is to continue to access our Heavenly soul, as well as Earthly soul? Both of these flows of energies meet, equally, within our physical form, and both of these flows of energies nourish who we are now.


The more at ease we are, the less likely we are to have, literally, a knee-jerk reaction to something. Within the energetic matrix of both knee joints are qualities of ease and gentleness. I feel it as a slippery, easy flow of energy around the knee itself. This quality of ease is what your soul wants your body to experience in this lifetime. We are not usually, according to our soul, supposed to have an experience of life as being like pushing through a too narrow hallway that’s wallpapered with sandpaper. We’re not meant to have to scrape and squeeze through life.


And my having said that probably just tagged and brought up all those patterns within your knees and body that believe life is difficult, that you have to work very hard, and that every day has to be like rolling that proverbial boulder up the mountain. So now, just ask all the tension you’re feeling if it’s really in tune with you. Is it really in tune with your soul? Is it really in tune with your body? Is it really in tune with your body, right now?  Notice the response.  You might sigh as patterns of tension release. You may feel more spaciousness around your body. The space around you could feel larger, more expansive, and yet quieter all around you.


How, right in this moment, can your body receive the quantities of ease and gentleness, compassion and support that your soul wants to offer your body? How can your body receive all that compassion and ease and support from that Earth aspect of who you are? The connection that you have always had in your feet (and your entire body) to your Earth Soul can be re-awakened and alivened by your consideration of this connection. 


Honoring how your soul wants your body’s innate connection to Earth to be available to your body creates a sense of stability. And when you are aware of this sense of stability, you can find that quality of patience that lets you take that extra breath when you need to, before you respond to something. Here is that sense of stability and inner support that allows you to know your own spiritual being is never in danger from the chaos of the outside world. Here is that sense within your body that your soul’s journey is doing just fine. Here is that sense within your body that all truly is well within your soul’s journey. With each choice you can now feel what expands your heart and body. You know that with each choice, if there isn’t a sense of expansion, ease and comfort, then it is time to choose again.


Often, particularly in the low body, we have stored experiences of trauma. Trauma, particularly as a young child, can be as simple as our parents or care-givers having an argument. The energy of that to us as infants can create a traumatic experience, and that traumatic experience is then stored in the muscles of our bodies. Throughout life, we learn that if we can’t control the chaos external to ourselves, then we must internalize it. We must put it away some place. And only as mature adults do we recognize that the chaos external to ourselves is actually external to ourselves, and it impacts us only to the degree that we have a similar trauma stashed inside our bodies already. This is the law of resonance.

Watching the newscasts and seeing the chaos of the outer world will tend to tag or stimulate the equivalent trauma that we have within our bodies. When we see or hear about external chaos, we are more apt to be upset by it because there is a resonant remembrance to a chaotic moment we experienced when we were much younger that we put inside of our body. That memory has been saved in the tissues of our body. Within the womb, as infants and then as young children, we don’t have the ability to speak clearly about what our emotional experience might be. We see things that don’t make sense to us. For example, we might observe our parents saying one thing and doing another. As children, particularly before we begin to have language, when we experience our parents lying or fighting, or when we experience loud, sudden sounds, our body’s way of processing all of this is extremely limited.


In order to continue to have space within our aura to receive new information, we’ll take the energetic patterns of drama and chaos we experience and move them from the mental or the emotional levels of our aura and bring them into the etheric level and then into the physical body itself. In this way, we create what later can be released as somatic memories, especially from the pelvis and solar plexus.

Too often we have believed that feeling uncomfortable feelings always indicated that something was wrong. This is, of course, not always true.  Similarly, we assume that if we don’t feel something that is uncomfortable, then the situation we are in is just fine, perhaps even a sacred one.  Especially in New Age settings there is a very clear rule that ‘everything is good’.  Discord that arises must therefore be bad.  Living, or attempting to live in a world where there is no chaos external to oneself, merely allows our internal chaos to slumber.  Left too long, it can fester into physical disease.


 External chaos gives our internal patterns an opportunity to awaken, as they resonate and begin to move within us. As they resonate, we become aware of images, emotions and memories from previous occasions in our lives when we felt overwhelmed and overcome by similar situations. This is usually quite uncomfortable!  And in this moment we most often choose to suppress the unpleasant sensations, by turning our attention away from what we are experiencing, or stopping ourselves from being exposed to the external chaos.

Sadly, and again particularly in New Age and religious settings, we have been trained that chaos is bad and ‘getting along’ is good. When emotional discomfort arises, especially in groups of people, during times of external chaos, the external chaos is usually shut down in order to avoid feeling inner tumult. Conformity reigns.  ‘It’s all good’ is the rule to be obeyed. This is part of what I call the ‘pink fairy syndrome’. Drawing to ourselves a certain amount of external chaos helps us awaken similar patterns that are asleep deep within our bodies.  In this way chaos can serve to clarify and process our soul’s journey of exploring this human experience.


By asking whatever body sensations you’re noticing as not quite as engaged or moving or warm or comfortable in your body, ‘is it really in tune with my body now?’ you give it permission to go to wherever it needs to go to. It can move through Archangel Michael to continue to grow, learn, and unfold. In many cases by addressing what you are noticing, you tag a small piece of a fundamental belief or behavioral pattern your soul is ready to change. All the other times that pattern has occurred in your life now are free to also change and evolve. As this happens, you are apt to have memories, emotional surges, perhaps even a reoccurrence of whatever this was in your life arise. This occurs briefly, as it is moving out of your body and aura. Let this memory just remind you that this is no longer you. The pattern of behavior around this issue is no longer in tune with your soul’s journey. Your body does not need to tense or contract in any way. You and the energies that are truly in tune with you can remain in that expanded space that is truly natural for you to be contained within.


7    Navel Chakra Pranic Sphere of Brilliant Clear light


Who you are is the result of many energies that meet each other in the naval chakra. It is convenient, looking at the adult human adult body, to say that Heavenly soul and Earthly soul must meet in the naval, and they do. But the flow of your soul’s energetic presence within the lower dimensions and Earth continues to flow all the way up and meets your Heavenly soul in heaven, or the upper dimensions. Likewise, your Heavenly soul comes all the way down, past your navel, and meets your Earthly soul within Earth and the lower dimensions.


Within the naval chakra and the pranic sphere that sits just underneath it, there is a point of deep engagement between both Earthly and Heavenly aspects of your soul and your physical body. When this engagement is clear and clean, our experience of living in a physical body shifts from squeezing through a narrow hallway lined with sandpaper to slipping out into an expansive ballroom. Our soul’s journey opens up into an easier flow of energies, which feels like an expansion of how much our soul enters into and expresses through our body.


This expanded state of the soul and body embracing each other allows the aura to maintain itself in an expansive manner. This allows the decisions that are made to lead to those things that the soul truly wants to investigate in this lifetime, rather than an imposed decision made by our personality.



Reconnecting Your Heart into Your Own Energies within the Earth

We have spent so much time in the last few decades looking at the heart as a spiritual vessel. Especially within the New Age, it seems that this spirit is a Heavenly spirit. For just a moment, what would it feel like to let your heart receive the love and compassion of your own Earthly soul? This aspect your soul is spiritually present within Earth. How is this aspect of who you are within the Earth present itself around your heart?  How does your traditional heart chakra want to be supported and nourished by all those energies within the Earth that are truly supporting and nourishing your body?


As your heart chakra allows and welcomes those energies that are truly your own Earthly soul to step forward and support it, you may notice a deep sense of relaxation. Your heart no longer has to function solely through the support of the upper dimensions. It can function now through an equal amount of support from the lower dimensions within the Earth.


The heart chakras (traditional and thymus gland chakras) and physical heart reflect both our Heavenly soul and our Earthly soul. Doesn’t it make sense in meditation to allow that Earthly soul some time to connect into the heart, and for the heart to receive the connection that it most desires from that Earthly soul and all of its potential energies?

Any time we bring a new quality of who we are into our body, we are very apt to awaken energies that have been long asleep. They can manifest as blocks, heaviness, heat, cold, or something just feeling off or odd. By asking anything that you’re noticing if it is truly in tune right now with your body you give it permission to release and continue on its own evolutionary path.


Allowing your Earth soul to continue to reconnect through the thymus gland, seat of the upper heart chakra, brings the tasks your soul has planned for you now at this time into focus.


 A newly emerging chakra – the lower 5th chakra

In the front side of our upper chest, where the neck meets our shoulders, there’s a little soft space. It feels like a notch in the top of our breastbone. This is the sternal notch, and it is the front side of a chakra that is just now developing. This chakra allows you to connect into the Pure Energy of Nature. As you are able to discern the overall quality of the Pure Energy of Nature, this chakra will bring your body into balance with that essence, that drop of who you are that exists within the Pure Energy of Nature. 


From the very beginning of Creation, your essence has existed within this very foundation, the first dimension of our reality. This chakra lying between (approximately T3) the third rib down from your neck in back and the sternal notch in front, at the base of the neck, is merely the smallest version of itself in this moment. It is just beginning to bloom.


I touch on that to let you know something’s starting to move in this part of your body, and something is starting to move because more and more people are recognizing there is an inherent connection between our physical bodies and the physical body of Earth. Even in the upper body, we each have an inherent grounding into that foundation of who we are  within the Pure Energy of Nature.


if there are issues, pain or discomfort, it is simply a reflection of the fact that who you are and who you aren’t cannot take up the same energetic space. Allowing thyroid (throat chakra), pituitary(third eye or sixth chakra) and pineal(crown chakra) to reflect you now, releasing what no longer serves you. Then allowing those energies from the Earthly soul to support pineal gland within the center of the head however the pineal gland wants to be supported now. 


Let’s not leave the meditation without returning into the physical form that allows us to express who we are and who Spirit is here upon the Earth.


   Releasing Sacred Space

Each time these energies are invoked, it’s up to us to release them, so please give the same attention to the release that you gave to the invocation. When we ask or pray for guidance we have the responsibility to release that guidance through the same manner of prayer or feeling gratitude in our heart. The guides and angels need to feel something from us so they know that we are bringing the process to completion.  Only then will they depart. 



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Consider how you are asking for guides, angels and energies to assist you. The back side of each chakra draws to you guides and angels that support you, according the quality of the chakra itself. Ideally the back side of each chakra perfectly reflects your soul’s journey now. But like all of our energies, the webbing of the chakra’s vortices can be out of tune or not fully and accurately reflect our soul’s journey. Here is a meditation to help you re-weave the chakras, and call to yourself guides and angels that more fully support you in your life, here and now.


1. Opening Thoughts on Healing
2. Create Sacred Space
3 Multitasking leads to doing what is not yours to do
4 Thymus (High Heart Chakra) keeps us on our soul’s journey. 
5 Releasing Past Heart-based Guides/Angels
6. Discerning what are truly Healing Energies for you
7. Resetting Pituitary Pineal Glands
8. Reignite Soul-Earth Connection (healing songs)
9. Releasing Sacred Space
10. For more information

2. Creating Sacred Space
There are many emotions and energies within the land that Nature holds on behalf of humanity. For right now, we’re going to leave those asleep. Welcome those Nature Spirits and Intelligences to step forward at what they would consider to be their level of unconditional love. Let them show you something new.

Welcome The Pure Energy of Nature, an aspect of creation that we all belong to. The Pure Energy of Nature is made up of a drop of each of our essences. All that is in physical form has a drop of its essence within this pure energy of nature. It feels like a warm, usually somewhat thick, watery quality. Sensation. 

All of these together create a sphere around the space that you are in. We ask that the sphere reflect what Nature considers to be unconditional love. In this way, they demonstrate to us as humans something new. The sphere may tune beyond our limited human understanding and experience of unconditional love. This supports us even further in our own exploration of what unconditional love might be while we are here in human form.

We also welcome that aspect of Archangel Michael that sits with each to be present. Michael is known to many people in many cultures by other names. It is an energy that helps other energies go home. For this reason, I invoke Archangel Michael. You probably already know this energy.

You can even ask the Nature Spirits and Intelligences of the room and land beneath that are holding the sphere to cleanse and clear the room and land beneath. Let all those energetic patterns and beings not related to your meditation step outside the sphere for a moment. Anybody that needs to return to continue to work with you will do so. For now, thank everyone who is helping you make your grocery list or your to-do list, and just let them sit outside the sphere for a moment so you have quiet space to welcome in that guide or angel that is truly in tune with you for this moment of time, for what you’re about to do now.

3 Multitasking leads to doing what is not yours to do 
Throughout our daily lives we are multi-tasking. There almost seems to be something wrong with us if we can’t focus on three things simultaneously. And yet, the more things that demand our attention, the less of our attention any single one of them will receive.

Isn’t it interesting that our culture has come to value doing things at a very superficial level? I should say, doing multiple things at superficial levels. When our mental attention is so divided, so is our psychic and spiritual attention divided. The ability to create and hold focus on a single task means that we are also becoming resonant to that task. As our body, our psyche, even our psychic powers come into resonance with a task, we can feel whether or not it’s appropriate for us. We can feel whether or not we truly want to do it. If we are only superficially engaged with a task, then we will not feel as strongly whether or not it is truly ours to do.  I wonder how many things we end up doing because of this?

Too often in our culture I hear praises about someone who ‘pushed through’ pushing or exhortations to ‘just do it’.  From the Spiritual energetic perspective ‘pushing through’ something merely means that you are injecting your energy where it probably doesn’t need to be or want to be. Being in resonance to a task, to an idea, to any sort of project you might be considering, means feeling into the quality of energies that pertain to that particular task.   How does this feel to my body? How does this feel to my heart?

Sometimes things can be challenging or difficult to complete and still be in resonance to you. Often you get a sense that this task is actually a long-term project and is going to take a while to complete.  You may even ‘hear’ or have an inner understanding that this task is going to include times of intensity.

So what is a tangible difference between a challenging task that is yours to do and something you are doing but is not yours to do? A task that is yours to do is resonant with your soul. When you clear away the other tasks you are multi-tasking and let yourself consider just one task, an engagement and desire to dive into the task arises from within you. 

We have all had the experience of sitting down to do something and then suddenly looking up at the clock 2 hours later and realizing it felt like 10 minutes. That is engagement. That is when we are resonating to a task. It may be a phenomenally spiritual task like meditating or chanting or it could simply be doing some sort of programming at the computer. It could be considering something and beginning to write it out. Anything at all can draw passion through us. At this point in our reality it is incredibly important to begin to distinguish what we are doing, simply because it’s in front of us and we can do it in a superficial manner, and what we are doing because our soul’s journey is to do it.

4 Thymus (High Heart Chakra) keeps us on our soul’s journey. 
Consider how you are asking for guides, angels and energies to assist you. The back side of each chakra draws to you guides and angels that support you, according the quality of the chakra itself. The back side of the Thymus Gland Chakra draws to you guides and angels that are perfectly in tune with your soul’s journey now. Just like all chakras, the webbing of the chakra’s vortices can be out of tune or not fully and accurately reflect your soul’s journey.

5 Releasing Past Heart-based Guides/Angels
A meditation to clear the vortex and webbing of both Heart Chakras of any energies or patterns that simply don’t reflect you now.  Then welcome spiritual helpers that are naturally drawn by your Heart Chakras to support you in your soul’s journey now.

By starting any healing with releasing guides and angels, you give permission for all the guides and angels that have helped you thus far to determine for themselves where they need to be in relation to you now.  And you allow those who have completed their task with you to be about their other tasks. There is never anything wrong. It is simply that when their task has come to completion with you it is appropriate to thank and release them.

As always, it is the emotion of gratitude that sends the message to the guides and angels that you are releasing them. Thankfulness for their service to you allows them to feel whether or not their task is completed. As you experience stillness, they are able to leave gracefully, or update to your current soul’s journey.

We have moved from kindergarten to first grade in our Earth-based spiritual elementary school. Now we have more responsibility for how we communicate with the guides and angels that support us. Our role, as increasingly more adept students, is to recognize that when we consciously call upon any Beings or energies, we must also consciously thank and release them. Even if we unconsciously (ie habitually) call guides or angels in, we are still responsible to consciously release them. In doing so, we also allow the spaces they inhabit around us, especially behind us, to reflect the journey of our soul right now.

Guides and angels that have been with us for a very, very long time, for example since childhood, may not even feel like what we would think of as a guide or angel. It’s simply because they are so out of tune with who we are now. We have changed so much that they are no longer easily vibrating along with our soul’s journey.  We experience them as not being at east with our body. For this reason I suggest releasing that which might feel heavy or stuck or awkward or odd to you. With the recognition that it is not evil or bad.  Rather, it must have been in tune with some part of you and it’s simply no longer in tune with you.

Just like you have to continually tune a lute or a violin or a guitar in order to keep the strings vibrating accurately with each other, it’s important to take time now to consciously tune ourselves. We do that by letting ourselves feel physical sensations, experience emotions, and notice thoughts that no longer fit. By releasing, we create space for the guides and angels that work now with each one of us to be present.

When you identify and release energies that are no longer in tune with your body or soul, you complete a promise that you made to the energies when they came into your life. That promise was to help them get home. It was to help them move onto their own evolutionary path.

We think so often that guides and angels are here to support us and the reality is that it goes both ways. As the guide, the angel, the energetic being completes its task with us, we release it on to its next evolutionary step. Even guides and angels are learning and growing. Even guides and angels have places to be and things to do.

Isn’t it odd that the more in tune with us an energy is, the less we notice it? Clear water, when you add more clear water simply looks like clear water. As we become more accurate in welcoming a guide, angel or energy to sit with us, it simply feels like a little bit more of ourselves is present. With practice, the distinction between that which is and is not in tune with us becomes easy to feel.

6. Discerning what are truly Healing Energies for You
How can we develop our ability to distinguish an energy that is in tune with us from an energy that we simply can feel? In a very common metaphor we talk about using a sledge hammer instead of a feather to accomplish something. In energy work and in healing, I have often heard people way ‘I can really feel that energy. It must be strong. It must be good for me because I can feel it.’   After decades of offering energy healings, my response is this; maybe you can feel it because it’s not appropriate and  not really in tune with you or your body.

Perhaps those energies that you do not feel as strongly are so in tune with you that your psychic ability doesn’t pick them up nearly as quickly as what is not in tune with you.  One sign of being in the presence of energies that are healing for you is that your body relaxes deeply, and you find yourself more aware of your body (i.e. you know where your toes are).

If an energy is truly in tune with us, it helps our aura expand. It helps our sense of self become stronger. It helps us feel our entire body as a unit. We feel our feet as well as the top of our heads. Energies that are truly in tune with us support our soul’s journey to integrate into our physical form more deeply. You can discern what supports the journey of your soul by noticing what helps your body relax, your mind become quiet, and your heart gently open.

In an ideal world, every healing modality holds space so that your soul and your body can connect and integrate with each other. That integration leads to a sense of wholeness, as well as, sometimes, a recognition that there are deeper issues within your life that need to be addressed.

Too often, we turn to healing modalities that reflect our desire to continue to function as we have been functioning, but without reaping the detrimental results of how we are functioning.  I call these functional modalities of healing. The symptom is relieved but the underlying cause is not addressed. This mode of healing, and I say this in a joking manner, is like using healing sessions as if they were coffee: after each healing session we are full of temporary energy that allows us to push through our life. As long as we continue to receive functional modality healings, we can continue to behave in whatever manner got us into needing the healing.

These sorts of functional healing modalities don’t help us feel the true need of the body or soul. They simply help us continue to do whatever got us into the situation in the first place.  Oftentimes we choose to remain doing what we are doing in order to make our own personality as well as the personalities of people around us happy. But this keeps us doing what we really don’t need to be doing, and it pulls us off the trajectory of our true soul’s journey.

I emphasize the back side of chakras because so many of us don’t have an awareness behind us, and the space behind each chakra is where we draw to ourselves guides and angels that support us. For example, the guides and angels in the space behind the naval chakra influence how much of our life-force energy we give to each choice in life

Think of it as the dealer in a poker game. The dealer is the naval chakra and how the cards go is determined by the space behind the naval chakra, each card being, say, a unit of our life force. So owning our naval, having it in tune with us, means that all of our energy goes towards things that our soul wants to explore in this lifetime.

7 Resetting your Pituitary and Pineal Glands
In our Western culture we’ve been taught to sit in the middle of our head and think.  However, our head is often the last part of us that comprehends an idea from Spirit! Spirit usually speaks to us first in our lower body as our gut instinct. That impulse moves from the naval to the heart to the head, and only at that point does that little light bulb go off.


We thank, with great gratitude, all of those guides and angels that have supported us. We recognize that as we change and evolve guides and angels become less in tune with us. We may feel an increasing heaviness when we call upon them directly. This heaviness is a way to remind us to thank and release them. And as we do so, they may continue their journey to wherever they need to be now.

8 Reingnite Body’s Connection to Soul Essence within Earth
Each physical form has the ability to reignite the connection that it had in the womb and at birth with its own soul’s essence within 1st dimension. Therefore, we thank and release the guides and angels that have tethered us into the Earth, in favor of our natural connection to the very essence of who we are, our soul, and how our soul’s energies naturally nourish our body through our feet, our legs, our lower chakra.
A Healing Song: Blessing

9 Releasing Guides, Angels and Sacred Space
We thank each guide and angel that has been present, working and supporting you through this meditation. We release the conscious magnified connection to this guide or angel that was invited in, in the beginning of the meditation. Letting your guide or angel step back and relate to you in whatever way is appropriate in your waking or dream state.

I honor that as humans we live in an imperfect world.  We came here as Spiritual Beings to engage with this imperfection. We came here in order to have issues to work on so that we could each have ingredients with which our soul could create something unique and special. Without ingredients, you can’t bake a cake. Our souls have each decided to create something here within our shared Earth and each of us is baking our own cake. Whatever our ingredients need to be, they are. I honor that the soul’s journey of creation continues with each one of us to reflect who we are now. And proceeds in the manner that our soul incarnating into our body best desires.

For additional music, essays and events see Norma's website: 




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Connecting to the Essence from which You Came for Deep Healing and Spiritual Intimacy.
Changing our reality isn’t about thinking the change. It’s about going to the foundation of our reality, reconnecting into that point from which we have all come, and feeling our ability to now sense all the consciousness’ with whom we have incarnated.

1 The Pure Energy of Nature (what it is, how to connect with it)
Within our first dimension lies a Divine Feminine energy that creates all form and simultaneously contains the consciousness within all form, including water.

2 Co-Creating Sacred Space
Question: Why ask for other beings, such as Nature Spirits, to show us their level of love?  Shouldn’t they reflect my level of unconditional love?

Response: Recognizing that we do not want to limit other beings in their expression of unconditional love is what makes us co-creators, rather than dictators.  I invite those Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the room and land to step forward into my awareness at what they would consider to be their level of unconditional love. Freeing them up to show me something new, something different, something unique frees my own body from limiting beliefs of what unconditional love should be that I may have imposed upon it.  

3 Earth listens to Our Body
There is a resonant pattern between the water and minerals contained within our body’s cells, and the equivalent minerals and water within the planet. 
Our cells vibrate with the emotions and thoughts that we experience throughout our daily life. When we go walking in a forest we feel ourselves relax because the Earth reminds our body of its potential for greater ease. So too, the Earth senses, feels, and responds to our bodies when we experience levels of stress.

4 Reintegration after Choosing Polarity
We Chose Separation as part of our Divine Plan. Polarity is what has let us find our unique power as creators. We emerge now as one of the many – not one of unification, but one of seeing each as unique. Different Consciousness’ exist simultaneously.  Which one dominates is our choice.

5 The Foundation of Our Reality
The foundational energy of our reality exists within the First Dimension. It is within this Divine Feminine Matrix, what I refer to as The Pure Energy of Nature, that a drop of our essence resides. In fact, The Pure Energy of Nature is composed of a drop of essence from every spiritual being and everything that has physical form. All that is within our reality exists within The Pure Energy of Nature. Changing our reality isn’t about thinking the change. It’s about going to the foundation of our reality, reconnecting into that point from which we have all come, and feeling our ability to now sense all the consciousness’ with which (or with whom) we have incarnated.

6 MEDITATION on The Pure Energy of Nature
How does that Pure Energy of Nature remind each cell of your body of your own unique expression of unconditional love?

7 Sound Healing:  The Gift

8 Releasing guides that helped us stay in Polarity and inviting in new ones.
Often times, when there is a portion of ourselves that we have finally honed into the experience of polarity, there will be much resistance to receiving gentle and loving support from new guides and angels. This experience of resistance is very common at the naval chakra, for it is here that the incarnating soul initially engages into the physical body.

The game of polarity is complete. We can now release guides that helped us stay in polarity. Only as we recognize that our portion of playing the game is complete will those guides and angels that helped us remain in polarity be free to move on.  We can help by thanking them, and coming to a point of appreciating all that we have experienced, both comfortable and uncomfortable in our lives.

When we do this, who we are and our natural connection to Spirit is reinstated. Not just in this lifetime but in all lifetimes. The experiences we’ve had in all of the lifetimes of our soul are gathered into the collective consciousness of All That Is. 

9 SONG: Wandering

10 A new Level of Consciousness
We welcome those new guides and angels that help us sustain a new level of consciousness, a level of consciousness that reflects all that is, and our reunion, our reopening to experiencing ourselves as both us and them, the continuum that unites one end of polarity with the other end of polarity. 
The complete and full expression of who you are is the fulfillment of your contract in this lifetime.

11 SONG  Omnia Harmony

12 Making Decisions Easily
To Make a Decision, think the thought in your body, not in your head. There is a space behind your navel that has allows you to know what is true for you without consulting anyone else.


14 Remembering and Releasing Sacred Space
This is simply a remembrance of where you came from, of how your soul accurately engages your physical male or female body. It’s nothing new. It’s nothing unusual. It’s simply a remembering.


15 inquiry vs Judgment
Labeling something as bad or wrong simply steps us back into the old way of being. Asking something if it’s truly ours now, in this present moment,  steps us forward. Inquiry is one of the great hallmarks of the new level of consciousness into which we are moving. So rather than place a statement upon something, ask a question of it. Is it truly yours? Does it truly reflect your male or female body? Is the experience you’re having, the emotion you’re feeling, the thoughts you’re thinking truly reflect you, right here, right now? Inquiry lets things be released, lets patterns change, lets beings of all sorts evolve, and allows your experience to change and evolve.

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Your full potential is a promise made by your soul to All of Creation. According to this promise, your only task is to bring the unique vibration resulting from the union of your body and soul into the Earth now.  As your soul embraces through the body, not just the mind and heart, those qualities of energies that you agreed to create for all of us are more palpable, more available, and more generously offered to All of Creation.

When your soul is fully engaged into your body, there is a palpable frequency of energy that is generated. Your soul emanating through your body and generating this energy is what you agreed to bring to this lifetime. It is your soul’s  promise to Spirit. Each one of us has this responsibility.

Fulfilling this promise usually begins with a longing to simply be still.  Here are a series of mediations and songs to help you do that now.


1. Intro
2. We can only hear Spirit when we are listening.
3 Meditation: Cultivate Stillness Within
4 Invoking Sacred Space
5 Just DON’T do it
6  Meditation: Body and Earth
7 Song: Blessing for the Earth
8 We are each Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine
9 Song: O Creation of God
10 Your promise to All of Creation
11 Song: Joy (a healing song from Nature)
12 Remembrance
13 Releasing Sacred Space, Guides and Angels


Just as our guides and angels inspire us and bring to us moments of clarity, warmth and joy, this only happens when our inner being is available to listen to and see the signs that Spirit sends to us.  It is often we who must remember to make available the resources within us that desire to respond to Spirit.


Beginning any meditation with just a simple tuning into the quality of your breathing is an easy way to begin to cultivate an inner state of quiet.  As you combine the thought of awareness (of any area of your body) and the physicality of breathing, you generate more energy within your body, tuned to your body and soul. You do this effortlessly because it’s simply you opening those spiritual connections that are already available to your body.  Your mind simply needs to move out of the way!


Welcoming Nature to create a sphere around you that reflects what Nature perceives as unconditional love.  Inviting that aspect of Archangel Michael that is uniquely connected to you now.

So often in life we’ve been exhorted to ‘just do it’ and ‘get on with it’ and’ get up and get moving’. More and more, I’m recognizing that our ability to choose what change fits us and implement it in a lasting manner has so much more to do with not getting up and getting out and just doing it. Transformative change starts with sitting very still and very quietly, reaching a point a point in meditation where there is no motion and no breath. Here is where your soul and Spirit commune with your body.  And if you listen, you might also hear their conversation.

As we enter into meditation, we feel the journey that our soul has in mind for us now. The resistance that our personalities and egos bring to the process drops away more and more as we let ourselves be carried into the stillness of Spirit.


When I talk about the Divine Feminine matrix and 1st dimension, the masculine aspect of that is us. It is our consciousness that brings the equivalent of the Sacred Masculine to the Divine Feminine.

9 SONG  O CREATION OF GOD Improvisation

Your full potential is a promise made by your soul to All of Creation. According to this promise, your only task is to bring the unique vibration resulting from the full union of your body and soul into the Earth now.

11 SONG: JOY (a healing song from Nature)

There is a sense of deep joy and satisfaction that comes from the remembrance of the connection that always has existed and always will exist between your physical body and that aspect of your soul within The Pure Energy of Nature. This is a remembrance of who you truly are. Slowly, we are returning to this state of knowing ourselves both as spirit and as beings rooted within the Earth.  

Releasing any connection that is no longer serving the journey of your soul now. Letting whatever connections remain reflect the new you, the new journey and this new day. Releasing both elements of Nature and Archangel Michael, so that you can move easily out of meditation and back into the world of form. 

 Norma's website:






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How to connect with those guides and Angels within the Earth and lower dimensions that support you.

A flow of spoken insights and healing songs from Spirit. Archangel Michael and the Hathors worked through me to create this experience of healing in words and songs. It includes many healing songs, improvised through me from Spirit.

1 As Above, So Below
   What if all of the Angels existed not just in heaven but also within the Earth below us?

2 Three Healing Songs from Spirit

3 A new consideration of Grounding

  What if we could connect into our Earthly Soul, just like we connect into our Heavenly Soul?  How would this feel in our body?
4 Healing Song with two Tibetan singing bowls
  (thanks to Amy Koch for playing with me)

5 Where is that aspect of Archangel Michael from within the Earth that is already connected to you? 

    An open Q&A brought some new insights on:

6 The Pure Energy of Nature and the First Dimension
An explanation of the terms and a demonstration meditation of their energies and uses in our capacity as Creator Beings

7 Notes on the arrival of the Sacred Masculine

8 Healing with Sound and Spiritual Energies

9 Closing Healing Song
What one thing does your Angel or Higher Self wish to communicate to you now?  Then thanking and releasing the conscious magnified connection to them.

10 Release out of Sacred Space

 - Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences is a term and awareness from the work of Michaelle Wright.
- Recorded on July 21, 2013 at Corinthians Spiritual Center

All Meditations
All Music

Please do share and let friends know about these easy links for those who are not into technology:

can be purchased as CDs

All of my 100 or so Healing Songs can be played on a computer with a simple click (or mobile device)

The nearly 40 meditations are available to download and listen to free on your iPod, iPhone, or computer at iTunes.  This link opens to the full list.  Most computers can play the meditations right from this link.







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Finding the Power of Who You Are

Between the atoms of our bodies and the seconds of each minute lies the stillness of Creation.  What we most desire is to follow our soul’s journey.  Here is a meditation to take you on that journey. 


After linking the physical body to your support staff of spiritual beings we begin by recognizing that the quality of ease your soul plans for you to experience in this lifetime.  The amount of ease is almost always much greater than the quality of ease we are actually experiencing.  Stepping away from the mind and our insistence on using what our ego (or personality) wants to do as the basis for the goals in our life is the first step in relaxing into the quality of ease that our soul truly wants for us to feel in our bodies and in our lives.

As we become aware of a greater depth of stillness, especially in and around our Navel Chakra, we can begin to experience Time, and Creation, combining into a space within our being. Neither is an external linear action.  Inexplicable but tangible, a sensation of fullness arises from within our body that is satisfying and powerfully expansive.  Entering into this stillness we are able to also enter into Time itself.

As we consciously recognize our soul within the lower dimensions we build bridges between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions.  Our body, especially at the Navel Chakra, brings us information from these other dimensions.  What is it that your soul wants to create in your life? 

1. Introduction
2. Invoking Sacred Space
3. Creation happens within the moments of Time
4. How Dimensions Create Together
5. Finding Your Unique Vibration and the Power of Who You Are
6. Creating New Possibilities in life
7. Opening the Psychic Potential of Your Body
8. Healing Song: Quantas Sabedes Amar (Those who know Love)
9. Conclusion
10. Releasing Sacred Space

You may want to read the related essay on Norma's website, Opening the Psychic Potential of Your Body (

More of Norma's music can be found on iTunes



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Breathing Stillness / Generating Peace

A series of Meditations to naturally generate Power and Ease by Connecting your Physical Body to your Soul’s Journey


1 Introduction

2 Creating Sacred Space

3 Balancing Body, Soul and Spiritual Helpers

4 Good Brain!    

5 Releasing Emotional Tumult in the Heart

Completion A Sound Healing to release High Heart tumult
  with Gordon Johnston, harp and Jeremy Sills, singing bowls
6 Rededicating your personal High Heart; Sound Healing Ode to Day 

7 Solar Plexus, Kidneys and Adrenals: Your True Power 

8 Breathing Stillness  / Generating Peace
9 Ovaries, Testicles and 2nd chakra; Deep Patience and Ease: 

  How much ease does your soul want your body to experience now? 

10 Summary
11 Releasing Sacred Space


From our heart down to our pelvis lie energy centers that are seldom spoken about, let alone cleared and consciously utilized by those of us in modern Western society.  Here is a meditation that may assist in addressing issues commonly associated with mistunings of these lower energy centers, such as unfulfilling sleep, workaholic tendencies and the inability to breath deeply.  


Your soul embraces your body in both the upper and lower chakras. The 2nd chakra, just below your physical navel, reflects the natural ease that your soul desires for your body to have in this physical world. When tuned accurately, this allows the depth of stillness that you naturally tap into to be available to you through your first chakra. With each breath you generate prana within your Navel Chakra which nourishes all of your chakras and brings this natural tuning of inner peace from you first or root chakra into all of your physical body.


Two songs, recorded during mediation concerts are included.  For more information on the music or this meditation please see the podcast page of my website,  

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The New Age: Welcoming the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine


This meditation, given on the eve of the Great Shift of the Ages, is applicable for the many years to come in which humanity will be incorporating a new understanding of sacredness in the polarity of male and female. At one point you will hear my vocal quality and vocabulary change a bit – this is where Thoth, an Ascended Master, leaned in and shared his insights through me about our kundalini changing now, and it’s role in transmuting the physical body into a Pillar of Light. 

This recorded version also includes a Song from Spirit, Claritas Inspiravit (Clarity Inspires) sung by Norma accompanied by harpist Gordon Johnston from a live Meditation Concert. This was improvised in the moment, and seems to fit perfectly within the context of this meditation.

After invoking a Sacred Space using Nature, we invoke your unique aspect of the Sacred Masculine from your soul’s essence within the Earth.  Uniting this with the already present Divine Feminine, a meditation then supports you to embody these within you, and emboldens you to act upon your soul’s journey.

We aren’t the only ones changing consciousness.  In fact, of all those beings of consciousness upon the Earth and with whom we share our reality, we lag far behind! Many of us are standing at the doorway with our arms flung wide, grasping onto past wounds or beliefs, and we cannot pass through the narrow door into the new age with these still by our side. Here is a chance to feel the depth of who you are now, and what you truly are here to do.



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The soul that we know as Gaia clothed herself long ago as the Earth. Those beings helping to weave her clothing, Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences, and the principle tailor, Pan, are portions of the many souls journeying with us now. Gaia's journey is our journey.

As we become more fluent to listening to the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of our space and the land beneath our homes, we also become available to steward and give permission for the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the Earth to release what they need to release now.

1 Introduction
2 Co-creating Sacredness
3 Practicing (and Proving) your ability to clear Yourself and Your Home
4 We get Stuck in Healing (because we are trying to do too much)
5 Grids of Nature's Consciousness
6 Meditation: Releasing Emotional Energies from Your Home and Land
7 Pan
8 Releasing Co-Creative Connections
9 Your New Clarity
10 Conclusion

You may notice a few seconds of missing sound happening a few times in the middle section of the meditation. Be assured the meditation picks up again within a few moments. An essay based on this meditation can be found as theDecember 2012 newsletter, and may help you more fully understand the concepts and meditations offered here. 

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost*
*from his poem “The Road Not Taken”

Uniting the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine essences of your soul within your Body: 
Ovaries, Testicles and Root Chakra.

Our soul’s essence resides within our root or first chakra. Just as foundational energies of our reality present themselves as polarized (good/bad or dark/light), our own souls divided themselves into male and female in order to incarnate.  Here is a meditation to help you access both aspects of your own soul: Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Regardless of the gender of your physical body both essences are 2123qnow available and both actively support your body.  In this meditation the focus is upon your root or first chakra. This is the foundation of your body, and how you engage with this physical world.

1. Introduction
2. Invocation of Nature’s Unconditional Love
3. Archangel Michael: Invoking the Sacred Masculine
4. The Heart of the Sacred Masculine
5. Meditation:  How do You relate to the Heart of the Sacred Masculine?
6. Souls, Gender, Polarity and your Sacred Masculine
7. Turning down an unexpected Street! Coping with a New Unexpected Reality
8a Meditation on the Divine Feminine for Men
8b Meditation on the Divine Feminine for Women
9 Uniting Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine in Your Body
10  Understanding Your Soul’s Choices Now
11 Releasing Spiritual Helpers, the Nature Sphere, and Archangel Michael
12 Final Thoughts and Spiritual Homework   

A Note on Language:
The First Dimension is where The Pure Energy of Nature resides. The Pure Energy of Nature is also known as the Divine Feminine matrix, and it forms the chalice into which the Sacred Masculine is received and safeguarded.  In this manner both the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies of our world reside within the First Dimension and the foundation of our reality. 


1. Introduction
We do happen to live in a dualistic world, a world that has its foundation in polarity. We still speak in terms of male and female, inside or outside, good or bad.  During this meditation we are looking at how we nourish ourselves in order to creatively engage with our external world.  That which we naturally receive allows us an equivalent quality of creating out into our world.

2. Invocation of Nature’s Unconditional Love
This invocation is a way of honoring that the physical forms around us are just as spiritual as we are.  We don’t think of a table, a bookcase, the floor or the walls around us as being particularly spiritual.  But they have the capacity to vibrate at their own levels of unconditional love.  And this serves to remind our own bodies of the potential we have to receive and offer love unconditionally.

I honor that everything in our third dimension, whether we think of it as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, emanates from the world of Spirit.  This world of Spirit exists both above us in the heavenly or upper dimensions, as well as below us, in the lower or supportive dimensions.

For healing purposes, I always ask the room and its contents to show me what their level of unconditional love is.  In the moment that I feel myself able to perceive this energy as they show it to me, my body feels uplifted and supported. In my psychic sight, the energetic chaos that permeates space, even healing spaces, becomes organized. 

Another advantage of taking time to setup Sacred Space is that it is much easier to move into a gentle trance state.  A state where your personality can step back, allowing your body, heart and soul to decide what will happen.  Your brain becomes the great observer, rather than the great decider of it all.

3. Archangel Michael: Invoking the Sacred Masculine
The Pure Energy of Nature contains a drop of the essence of each and everything in form.  Those spiritual beings that support us and work with us have the ability to touch form because they work with and through us.  They exist in all the dimensions.  Including the lower dimensions.  There is, within the first dimensional vibration, which I call The Pure Energy of Nature, a drop of Archangel Michael’s essence that relates to you.  As you acknowledge these lower aspects of our reality, the first and second dimensions, you can engage more fully into the higher dimensions.

Central Sun (aligning with our solar sun) is that point at which that which created our reality becomes accessible to us.

Each and every one of us has a unique way of experiencing energies.  Our brains are wired differently. Don’t force yourself to feel, see or sense what another is experiencing.  Notice what your body is feeling, or what memories or thoughts are coming up for you.

 4. The Heart of the Sacred Masculine
Most of us grew up in a world where the masculine qualities that we experienced were not Sacred. Our planet’s spiritual development has now reached the point where there is enough of the Divine Feminine to create and maintain a chalice to receive Sacred Masculine energies into our world.  Each year starting at the end of July and proceeding until the middle of September our world aligns itself with Sirius in a way that allows us to receive strong Sacred Masculine energies.

As we receive these energies our Divine Feminine chalice becomes so full that it begins to overflow.  When the chalice, built by the consciousness of humanity, is no longer able to contain the incoming Sacred Masculine energies from Sirius, they spill over, exposing violence and anger within humanity.  They expose all those things that non-sacred masculine energies have built in our world.

Ideally each of us is building our own Divine Feminine chalice so that in upcoming years there will be a safe space into which all of the Sacred Masculine energies entering our solar system may come to rest. This allows humanity to quietly hold the Sacred Masculine energies within a safe space, and utilize them when appropriate.

5. Meditation:  How do you relate to the Heart of the Sacred Masculine?
The lower area of our torso is the most common region in which we experience a battle between the Sacred and the habitual.  Our endocrine system expresses itself here as ovaries or testicles. These are always the foundation of our physical body.  Even if we no longer have them within our physical form, their expression still lies in the etheric and other subtle energy bodies that surround and interpenetrate our physical body.

6. Souls, Gender, Polarity and your Sacred Masculine
Each of our souls is created outside of polarity. But we are beings incarnating into a dualistic reality. Therefore our soul has divided itself into Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine qualities of energy.  We can access both the feminine and masculine aspects of our sacredness no matter what gender body was chosen for this lifetime.  Over the years to come we will slowly weave these polarities of gender together.  For now, we each have a unique expression of gender that moves from our soul, through our body and out into the world. How does the Sacred Masculine move through your body, male or female, out into the world?

7. Turning down an unexpected Street! Coping with a New Unexpected Reality
Our planet has entered a cosmic round-about. Suddenly we turned onto a street.  But it is not the one we all had agreed upon exploring. As we are traveling this new area we ourselves are becoming different from whom we thought ourselves to be.  All the choices that we have made need to be remade.  What tools do we need now for this new journey our souls have chosen?

8a Meditation for Men: Divine Feminine
8b Meditation for Women: Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine provides a surround for the Sacred Masculine energetically in the testicles, while embracing the ovaries of women.  This is an opportunity to release your old stories into the past, and let the male and female qualities of energies express through the male and female bodies in a new, sacred manner.

After a lifetime of non-sacred feminine energies imposing themselves upon men and women, there are many patterns that our bodies are ready to release.  This is the starting point for the Divine Feminine to support both men and women’s bodies in a fitting manner.

9 Uniting Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine in Your Body
Your unique drop of Divine Feminine essence exists within The Pure Energy of Nature.  So too your unique Sacred Masculine essence exists within The Pure Energy of Nature.  And your physical body wants to be nourished by both essences. When the ovaries and testicles reflect both your Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine they inform your root chakra of your new tuning.  And this new tuning moves through every cell of your physical body.

10  Understanding Your Soul’s Choices Now
New aspects of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies are available to us. What does that mean?  How do we each want to bring our masculine and feminine aspects out into the world in a sacred manner?  What is it that your soul can do now, in this new reality, that it could not do before?  What possibility does your soul see now for the expression of your body into your life here on Earth?
Allow yourself to lay the image, symbol or word you sense into the rich warm energies of the Divine Feminine presence of The Pure Energy of Nature.  You have just consciously used your ability to create in a sacred manner. 

11 Releasing Spiritual Helpers, the Nature Sphere, and Archangel Michael
With gratitude we release the conscious magnified awareness to our Spiritual helpers.  In this way we also release the energetic cords, built by our own subtle energies, to them.  Leaving these cords in place brings fatigue to our physical body.  We have a natural connection to all of our Spiritual helpers and to Nature.  We are only releasing that consciousness connection that our energy has been magnifying for us during meditation.

Unconditional love can be expressed by all things in form. After this meditation you will never again look at a chair and think ‘it is only a chair’. 

12 Final Thoughts and Spiritual Homework  
Changes have been seeded within you. Now, take your body for a walk out into the world! Trust your perception and intuition.  None of us see the same thing in the same way.  Bring your unique view of the situation to others.

You may also want to read Norma's essay "The New Road Taken" from her October Newsletter based on this podcast meditation.
You can check out Norma's free sound healings, sacred songs and YouTube videos on her website,
Donations are always welcome, and can be made to













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1 Using Sacred Space
2 Entering into Sacred Space
3 Your Two Heart Chakras (and what they do)
4   Meditation on Your High Heart
5 Updating Your Spiritual Support Staff
6 Sound Healing: How does Your Body want to be supported by Your Soul now? (Mother of Eternity)
7 Sound Healing: What are you meant to do now?
8 Let your Soul Lead You
9 Re-Claiming Your Right to Say “No”
10 Your Traditional Heart Chakra
11 Experience Your Unique Quality of Unconditional Love
12 Exiting from Sacred Space

Podcast Meditation #33 from Norma Gentile,

1 Using Sacred Space

The invocation and benediction are ways of bookending Sacred Space.  What happens within Sacred Space is very understandable, as long as you are within Sacred Space and the quality of consciousness that your mind has access to during this time. When we share something that has happened to us inside of Sacred Space during a time of being in normal space, outside of the vibration of Sacred Space, it often sounds ludicrous or fantastical and ungrounded to those listening. For this reason it is important to share sacred experiences within sacredness
whether it is a time created by invoking sacred energies, or a time defined by intimate heart connections to others

2 Entering into Sacred Space 
Welcoming Nature Spirits at THEIR level of Unconditional Love and your innate connection to Archangel Michael.

3 The Two Heart Chakras (and what they do)
We try to engage where we do not need to engage.  The High Heart chakra tells us where to engage, who to engage with, even how to engage with those meant to be in our life now.  The Traditional or Lower Heart Chakra supplies the power of unconditional love to do this.

4  Meditation on Your High Heart
Learn to physically locate the High Heart / Thymus Gland Chakra

Release guides and angels that no longer serve your journey

Make space for guides and angels that support you right now

Sometimes when we are uncertain and feel unable to make a decision, it is because those guides and angels that are working with us are no longer in tune with us.  This is particularly true when those guides and angels attached to us through the backside of our High Heart
chakra are older and dont reflect changes that have happened in the world around us or choices we have made ourselves.

5 Updating Your Spiritual Support Staff  
The support staff of Spirit, your guides and angels, usually appear to stand behind you.  From this point they support you and connect into your energy field from the backside of your chakras.  You can usually feel them in the space a few inches or up to a foot behind you.

I am always amazed at how quickly we are all shifting, and how many energies we seem to be either releasing or updating on a daily basis.  The guides and angels you woke up with this morning are probably not the same ones you are going to go to sleep with tonight.

6 Sound Meditation: How does your body want to be supported by your soul now? (Mother of Eternity)

7 Sound Healing: Create Your Life

8 Let your Soul Lead You 

What is it that you want to attain?  Is it possible that just your brain or personality wants to attain it?  Perhaps it is only the experience of walking towards that goal that your soul desires.  And as you walk through the experiences of life that take you towards the goal, the goal itself may change.

9  Re-Claiming Your Right to Say
As that space behind the thymus gland is clarified, it frees up the webbing within the backside of the chakra to be more in tune with how your body and soul want to journey together now.  As the backside of the High Heart chakra (or any chakra) is perfectly tuned to you, it will draw to you those guides and angels that are in tune with you.

Naturally those guides and angels that work with all of us are drawn to us by the principle of resonance. So when something isn
t quite in tune within our chakra system, we draw to ourselves guides and angels that are not quite in tune with us. The most common symptom of this phenomenon is our inability to discern what is ours to do.  We end up saying yes when our soul means no. Here is an easy way to release those guides and angels that no longer serve us, and welcome in those that do. 

10  Your Traditional Heart Chakra

When the High heart chakra is not fully functioning in its capacity as gatekeeper, then the Traditional Heart Chakra must play that role in addition to its normal function.  For this reason the traditional heart chakra turns itself down, or even off at some points, in order to protect us from being engaged with those people or circumstances that our soul knows we are not meant to engage with in this lifetime.

In order to heighten the experience of unconditional love that wants to pour through the Traditional Heart Chakra, we must open the High Heart chakra, and allow it to be the place where our unconditional love can be transmuted into love for our soul
s journey right here and now.

11 What is your unique quality of unconditional love?

Our brains constantly want to make judgments and tell us something is better than something else.  Unconditional love has a multitude of expressions.  None are better than another.  They are just different.  There are many qualities of healing energy in this universe.  Which will remind you of who you truly are, right now?

12 Exiting from Sacred Space

It is important to let our bodies vibrate at our human, physical level for our own wellbeing.  As wonderful as it feels to be consciously connected to our guides and angels, their vibration is too high for our physical bodies to sustain for long periods of time.  It is appropriate to let them go so that we can engage our own consciousness fully into our body.



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How Your Soul and Body create your Life's Journey

Invocation of Sacred Space – Why I do this
My goal is that my guides and your guides work together.  When I take the time to invoke the Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael, it is much more likely that your own guides will share with you an additional story and complimentary ideas as I speak. If the words I’m using aren’t quit what you need to hear, your guides can give you a memory, an image, a symbol or an idea that is more suitable for your life and what is going on with you right now.


Inviting that aspect of Archangel Michael that is always and already supporting you in your journey and the elements of Nature to create Sacred Space will magnify your healing process. 


Why we Resist Releasing Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors  

Sometimes we resist releasing energies that surround us, largely out of habit.  We have become accustomed to feeling the equivalent of pillows all around us, or many winter overcoats layered upon us.  It can feel scary to let go of the Angels, guides or energies that have been with us for so long.  And yet as we release them we are able to stand up straighter, and are more apt to hear the guides and Angels that are truly a part of our life’s journey right now.


Defining Your Soul, here and now

That portion of your soul incarnating into your body now has a different vibration than the portion of your soul that looked down and decided to incarnate within your mother’s womb. Who you were when you were born is not who we are now.  Everything is changing, even the planet.  Would your soul not want to take advantage of these new opportunities?


Meditation: Releasing energies no longer active in your life. 

When a portion of our soul completes a task, or decides that the task cannot be completed in this lifetime, that portion of our soul leaves.


Here is a meditation to allow the guides and angels whose tasks have come to completion with us to ease out of our space.  This applies to any being or energy who has helped us in the past.  We need to especially consider those time in our lives when the cycle did not have the outcome we wanted, or if the situation seems to have not quite completed itself.  In these instances we are most apt to override the natural flow, and try to hold onto those guides and angels who supported us during this time.  We do this believing that the situation needs to resolve differently.


By releasing from all around our body those guides and angels that supported us through difficult situations, we are also releasing our mental constructs that say “this is wrong” or “the outcome was wrong”.


As long as we label something as “wrong”, we also keep the energies related to it such as ourselves, our guides and our angels from continuing their own cycles of evolution.



Why some Energies look Dark to us

When we see something on a psychic or energy level as being the color brown or black or simply dark, it is a way that most of us have of knowing that an energy is not in tune with our body and is not healthy for us to engage with.  As it leaves, it need not change color, because it is still not good for you.  We perceive it as a dark color only because our own instincts know that it is not healthy for us.  Allow it then to be whatever color that it is. You do not need to change it.  Let it be on its own evolutionary journey.  Let it choose any changes for itself.

And that frees you up even more, because those energies all around you that aren’t in tune with you anymore recognize that they don’t have to change before they can leave.  And you recognize that you don’t have to change them before they can leave.  It is not up to you to do anything with them except recognize what is no longer in tune with you and release it onto its own journey.


You are a Radio Station (and a transmitting tower)

Each of us has a unique vibration.  As our consciousness shifts, the vibration that our body holds shifts as well.  The quality of consciousness that we hold is like a little radio tower emitting our frequency. And, we can hear the frequencies broadcast by others as well. Spiritual Emotions of love, gratitude or compassion move into the collective consciousness of humanity and become available to each person incarnating now. We can also learn to “tune away” from some frequencies that broadcast other emotions.


Even if we do not interact with our external physical world, by meditation and feeling compassion, stillness, and gratitude within our bodies, we generate these same qualities.  And they become more available, louder, within our shared consciousness of humanity.


Meditation – Your Unique Frequency of Compassion 

As you allow your body to vibrate with your unique frequency of compassion this vibration moves out into the space physically around you, and then out into that shared collective consciousness.  Now it becomes available for others to listen to, in those moments when they may have forgotten that they too have the ability to express compassion.  Your frequency of compassion is close enough to their own that their body begins to tingle and resonate a reminder from inside.  Or perhaps you may forget, and it is someone else, sitting in meditation, who helps you remember your own unique frequency of compassion. 


Caritas Abundat in Omnia
(Loving Tenderness Abounds for All)
 excerpted from the album HEALING CHANTS vol.1

available at iTunes, or Norma's website
(and continued Compassion Meditation)



10 Final Clearing and Release of Your Angels and Sacred Space
Thanking and releasing your conscious magnified connection with Nature and your personal support system of guides and angels.  


When we release guides and angels from the past we free up the space around us for those guides and angels that are working with us right now.  They have more elbowroom for themselves and don’t have to yell at us from several rows back.  


Oftentimes when we feel like we have lost connection it is because we have too many guides and angels around us that we have called in.  Our current time guides and angels are at the back of the pack, waving and yelling at us, trying to get our attention over the heads and voices of years and years of old guides and angels, most of whom have completed their tasks with us already.




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 (Full and New Moons, Solstice, Equinox, Eclipses and 12.21.2012)


On days which are considered to be sacred it is useful to take a moment to feel the old cycle which is fading away.  Letting ourselves feel the grief and sorrow over old patterns departing lets there truly be space to receive the new patterns.


This meditation includes 

 - releasing cords to processes that no longer serve your body
 - a sound healing “Caught by Spirit”

and spoken meditations releasing energies corresponding to:

 - cycles that you have already completed

 - tasks that you have already done

 - lessons that you have already learned


All of these energetic connections can be released out of your body. Your release of these connections will be reflected in the collective consciousness of humanity.  This one way we take advantage of the heightened energies present during Full and New Moons, eclipses, Solstice, Equinox and other notable days.




1 Introduction

2  Invoking Sacred Space 

Archangel Michael, the Pure Energy of Nature, Nature Spirits and Intelligences join us.


3 Inviting Your Angel/Guide into Your Awareness
Most of us have a sphere or portal of energy into our hearts that lies behind our physical bodies.  This is where our Guardian Angel, Higher Self and connections to other healing energies most often occurs.  Here is a meditation to open this portal, cleanse it, and then invite in the Angel or Guide most suitable to support you now.  


4 Understanding what you are already sensing in your body

Besides picking up on other people’s physical body issues, the telepathic ability of our lower chakras can also pick up disturbances and changes in the electro-magnetic field of the planet. These are the sorts of changes that many people anticipate will be happening over the next few years.  For this reason it is particularly useful to be able to distinguish when the signals your body is sending to you relates to your own body, someone else’s body or the planet.


5 Spiritually Significant Days

Many people are already directing their attention, and so therefore their energy, into the date of December 21, 2011.  I wonder if the various days preceding this that have interesting numerical combinations serve as practice days for us.  How do we energize days that are defined by someone as spiritually significant? How well do we create sacredness afterward the hoopla of a spiritually significant day has passed?  Especially when we are receiving the energetic results of what was done?  These practice days give us the opportunity to work with the larger energetic patterns that arise in ceremony and return to humanity when many people focus on one thing.


6 Collective Consciousness and Polarity

Outside of our reality there is no polarity.  When the energies that we are creating in ceremony move out to the other realms or dimensions, the other realms perceive the energies in their entirety.  They do not perceive someone wanting good.  They simply perceive someone as wanting. It is we who divide an energy into its good and bad aspects. The other realms do not perceive just the good, the calming or the joyful aspects of our ceremonies.  They perceive the entire consciousness within ourselves, which includes those unconscious elements of fear, shame and all that we may not yet be aware of within our own selves.  For this reason we often feel “out of sorts” in the days following a sacred ceremony.


7 Meditation:  What is the will of your Soul?

Our soul has its journey upon the earth within our physical form.  It comes through our entire body, not just our head.  In fact, our soul wants to embrace our entire physical body, every cell and every atom, from our toes through our navel and into our hearts.  Here is a meditation to do just this.


8 Sound Healing: Caught by Spirit

Norma sings a Song from Spirit accompanying herself with a schruti box. 


9 Cycles of Change

The connection explored in this meditation between your soul and body simply helps you understand that no matter what happens external to yourself that there is always a still quiet center.  There is always a place where Spirit and form meet within you. This place can never be changed, altered, or taken away from you.


10 Meditation: Releasing cords, processes, tasks and old lessons

Your release of these connections can be reflected in the collective consciousness of humanity.  As you release, this serves as the slightest reminder to others that they too can release. As you change, the message of change expands out to everyone in your life. It is up to their soul and their body to determine what, if any, of this change they may want to consider.  You need not wait for them.  You can make changes now.


11 Releasing Sacred Space


Caroline Casey:

Constance Demby:

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How your body receives grounding within the changing electromagnetic field of Earth

As we have changed in consciousness, so too Gaia’s consciousness and therefore the Earth has changed.  The electromagnetic field of the Earth is constantly shifting and changing.  More so now.  This meditation is one way of helping our own electromagnetic field (our aura) listen and respond to the changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field and the consciousness of Gaia.

Here is a meditation inviting your body to remember its innate connection to your soul. Deeply relaxing, this meditation includes segments of releasing energies within your body and your aura. By inviting those energies that match your soul from within the lower dimensions to reestablish their natural connection to you, a fluid and ongoing energetic dialogue is created between your soul, your body, and the Earth. This is a new style of grounding which serves us well as we move into a new era of consciousness.

Our Western culture has cultivated such a dependence on our heads and our ability to think that it has also cultivated a disconnection with our bodies.  We have ended up with lovely bodies that walk our heads around.  Fear has become an intrinsic way of life. It has become our daily companion.  This is because we as humans can not access our own body’s knowing and telepathic experience of the world which lies within our navel chakra and within our enteric nervous system.

As we recover this lost skill, we will get better at feeling what is and isn’t actually a danger to our body.  As this happens, our level of fear decreases.

My guides during this meditation included Thoth, Shesat, Mary and Archangel Michael.

Includes a sound healing with Native American Flute player Lenore Wiand and myself singing.  Lenore’s album Ancient Spirits is available at iTunes or  Lenore uses the recording name of Aluna on this album.


1 Introduction
2 Confusion and Fear signal lack of grounding into body

3 Invoking Sacred Space
4 Polarity: we are both sides of the same coin
We are both Individuals existing within the skin of our body, as well as Beings capable of connecting into All That Is.

5 Meditation: What our energies feel like to us
What other energies feel like to us
6 How do your ovaries / testicles want to relate to your soul and the Earth?
7 Sound Healing: Gentle Remembrance
with Lenore Wiand, Native American Flute
8 Navel Chakra Empowerment

9 Releasing Sacred Space

10  Gaia and Earth and Us
We are all changing, and so we must remember to listen to each other in order to dance together easily

11 For more information

This meditation is offered free of charge, but donations are always welcome.
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Meditations exploring where “home” is within your body, how to get there and how to remain there.

1. Introduction
2 Invocation of Sacred Space

3 How Energies that are not ours show themselves to us
Creating clearer and stronger communication with your Guides and Angels.   The quality of connection we have with our guides depends largely on our ability to understand when energetic consciousnesses, such as guides and angles, are telling us to let them go, or let them change and update their connection to us.

4. Home is in your Navel
As we learn that there is a quiet still-point which already resides within us, the quality of spirit which imbues this silence moves out to our external world. 

5.  Meditation for Ease in 2nd Chakra
It isn’t just about sex.  Our 2nd chakra helps to determine the quality of our life.  The ease we have interacting with the world might be simple and uneventful, or each day might feel like we are bracing ourselves against the torments of daily life.  In most cases our soul wants our body to have an easy and joyous experience of daily living. 

The polarities of this reality are more deeply held in the lower chakras then in the upper chakras. Early non-verbal cues that often teach us racism and sexism lie in the 2nd chakra.  So too the belief that we are not ‘good enough’ or that we don’t have the right to exist, or permission to be happy have their roots within the 2nd chakra.

Early non-verbal cues that often teach us racism and sexism lie in the 2nd chakra.  So too the belief that we are not ‘good enough’ or that we don’t have the right to exist, or permission to be happy have their roots within the 2nd chakra.

6 Meditation for Soul/Body Gender Expression in 2nd Chakra
Beginning to explore how your soul expresses both its male and female gender through your physical body.

7 Revealing the Grounding that is Natural for Your Body
Through your feet, your 1st chakra and every cell of your body there are innate connections to those energies that your body knows how to use to nourish itself. Judging our body keeps our body from grounding itself because it keeps us contracted away from these nourishing energies.

8 Replenish – from Norma’s album “Songs of Spirit”

9  Deeply Resting into Home
Home is the expression of the soul through the body in an unfettered manner.

10 Releasing Sacred Space
11 Questions / Responses from Phone Meditation
  Total Time: 1:18

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Norma's Meditation Music

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An hour of experiential healing meditations from Archangel Michael and Mary through Norma Gentile based on her essay Micromanaging God: How We Pray Matters

*includes the sound healing "O Creation of God" (O factura Dei, available on the CDs Songs of Spirit and Healing Chants of Hildegard) composed and sung by Norma to the poetry of Hildegard of Bingen.

1 Micromanaging God: How we Pray Matters
2 Invoking (and Explaining) Sacred Energies
3 Meditation: What in Your Life is ready to be released?
4 Finding more Ease in Your Life
*5 Meditation Chant: O Creation of God / O factura Dei
6 Strengthening the Bond between Soul and Body
7 Meditation: Weaving Your Soul into your Body, Mind and Heart
8 Meditation: Cleansing Body and Aura (4 feet around you)
9 Creating the New You
10 Releasing Sacred Space
11 For more information
Total Time: 1 hour, 15 mins

Do the forms you are currently manifesting serve you? Does your life now reflect what your soul desires to manifest? What is the quality of ease that your soul wants your body to have in your life?

Manifestation is an energetic process within our throat or 5th chakra working in tandem with our navel chakra and knee chakras. The quality at which our skin rubs against our physical reality is largely determined by our soul.

Most of us have accidentally created much more friction in our lives than what our soul means for us to experience. With this meditation we help you find the quality of ease that your soul means for your body to have in your life now.

Sometimes it is our expectation that it will be difficult to release something that actually makes it difficult. Most of the time, the old is really uncomfortable, and we have simply grown used to the discomfort. The more we let go, the more ease we have in our lives.

Spiritual energetic waves are always coming towards us. But the new can't arrive until we have let go of the old. In the ocean of life, you can't surf two waves at once!

What if we were to shift healing and prayer away from the idea of needing help and giving help? What if we saw healing as being a situation where a person's soul and body are recognizing a potential for strengthening their connection? Together the soul and body have identified a weak link that they are ready to change. It is only the personality that is holding us back from moving easily along that path of change.

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Songs and Meditation from Mary to help you grow into Yourself

1 Introduction
*2 A Song from Mary (channeled live)
3 Invocation of Sacred Space and Your Creativity
*4 Remembrance - a song from Mary (channeled live)
5 Your Aspect of the Divine Feminine (meditation from Mary)
*6 Mystery - a song from Spirit (from a live concert - I am joined by Gordon Johnston of Ottawa Canada on harp)
7 Validating Your Healing
8 Releasing Sacred Space
9 A little more Information

*Includes 3 new sound healings.

Where are the qualities of the Divine Feminine that are yours to bring forth? Where are those qualities of creativity, or of exuberant dance? Where in your life is there opportunity now to find the co-creative stance that you, as a human, are meant to bring forth?

Spirit dances with us from all the dimensions. When we feel, see or sense the foundation of our reality, the Pure Energy of Nature in the First Dimension, we then gain access to all the upper dimensions as well.

The Divine Feminine that is innate within you longs to arise and meet the Divine Feminine that surrounds you.

Portions of this meditation were transcribed and appear in the January 2011 Newsletter

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A Series of Meditations from Norma Gentile and her guides

1. Introduction to the Chakras in the New Aquarian Age
2. Two ways of Creating
3. Creating Sacred Space
4. Healing in the Aquarian Age
5. Meditation on the New Heart
6. Creating in the 5th dimension / Empowering the throat chakra 
7. Pituitary and Pineal Meditation to reflect how your soul embraces your body
8. Navel Chakra and Power Meditation
9. Our Two 3rd Chakras
10. The 2nd Chakra
11 Ancient Fears Arise in our 1st Chakra
12 Releasing Sacred Space, Guides and Helpers

We will cleanse, clear and recharge each of the chakras, including two newly emerging chakras, your panic tube and your navel chakra.  It is your navel chakra that supplies the basic prana for all of the other chakras in your body.   Your chakras empower your physical body. Completing this meditation allows you to have the energetic potential to engage with those energies coming into our planet in the next few years.

This is the energetic right brain portion to a series of written essays (fall 2010 – winter 2011 newsletters, available at the website). Part of what the essays review is how, at this point in time, we are being called not to blame or point fingers externally, but to step forward using the upper heart chakra to know what it is that we need to do, to have the power to do it with the navel, and then to do it in commune with others using our collective connections in our 5th chakras. The guides wanted to create a meditation that places into the energy field of those interested the potential to do this.  It is not just the mental theory of the written essays, but rather the energetic that now lies within you

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Prejudice -- Charity
Judgment -- Self Forgiveness
Vanity -- Compassion for Self

  1 Introduction
I believe that prejudice, judgment and vanity are very visible at this time because they are on their way out of our reality.  And so we see them departing. 
But because we still have a bit more to learn about these behaviors, they may not be departing as swiftly as they might.  We still have some understandings to gain around how these behaviors have served us in the past and alternative ways of behaving in our newly emerging reality.

2 Sacred Space Invocation
Invoking what Nature knows as unconditional love to surround and support us.  Inviting your own  connection to Archangel Michael to step forward into your awareness. Magnifying this connection throughout all the dimensions.

3 Energizing your Body with Prana
When you breath as if you are filling your body from your lower back and hips upward, you open your navel chakra to take in more pranic energy which stimulates and charges the body with your life force.

To the extent that your soul engages with your body, what your soul has come to do in your lifetime will be possible to do.  The quality of the soul’s engagement at the navel chakra determines the quality of prana available to energize your chakra system. A mis-tuned navel chakra means all of the incoming prana will also be mistuned.  Clearing and resetting your navel chakra to the quality of vibration of your soul allows you to take in pranic energy that suits you now.  When your navel chakra is tuned to your soul and body, you move from feeling that you are the victim or captive of life’s circumstances to knowing yourself as the center and captain of your life.

4 Meditation: Clearing and Charging the Primary Connection of Your Soul with Your Body
As the navel chakra clears and reflects more accurately the vibration of the legally incarnating soul we become more aware of the remaining energy blocks. Our role is to simply notice and release when the cycle with an energy has come to completion. 

What is in tune with us is like the air that surrounds us.  It is clear and invisible to us.  It vibrates at the same rate as our body.  When an energy is ready to leave us, its vibration shifts out of alignment with our vibration.  Its proximity to us creates dissonance with our vibration.  This dissonance can manifest in many ways.  The most common way is as physical sensations like tingles, heaviness, static, foggy mind, incessant looping thoughts or sleepiness.

5 Why we don’t release Energies that aren’t Ours
The process of judgment is one of the primary reasons why we don’t let go of energies that are no longer in tune with our body or soul. Who they have helped us to be or what in our life they have helped us to do “isn’t good enough” according to us.  We still feel inadequate and imperfect.  Many times these energies are actually out-of-time guides and angels.  We may also fear that no other Guide or Angel will come to us to take their place.

When you make a decision and find energies from that decision ricocheting back at you and all sorts of things in your life fall apart, look at what opinions you were basing that decision on.  What beliefs (preconceptions) are the foundation of your decision?  Those are probably ready to shift and change.

6 Meditation: Healing what won’t Heal
Finding Compassion and Forgiveness for ourselves
I was scratching my head when my guides said “Prejudice, judgment and vanity are all words in polarity.  They are all the negative pole of something that has a positive pole.”  And as we explore both ends of any polarity, we can find the center pole.  “Using the qualities of these energies from their neutral center can stabilize our lives.”

7 Guides, Angels and Humans share all Dimensions
Our guides and angels offer pulses of energies to us.  These energetic pulses are reinterpreted by us as they pass through our body, heart and brain.  They become ideas, emotions or images, based upon our already existing beliefs.  It is important to note that all Spiritual messages are always reinterpreted by the human receiving them.  Even me! 

As we notice and release prejudices and judgments, our ability to hear, to understand and to experience what our guides and angels are saying to us increases substantially.  The clarity of information we receive is based upon our ability to stand in that center pole of neutrality. 

8 Releasing what your Life no longer needs to Reflect to Your Soul’s  Journey
Just as we are becoming more and more aligned with who we are and how our soul has intended for our physical form to be, so too external forms of our world are releasing, recreating themselves to reflect more and more clearly what they are in the other dimensions.

As we slowly let go of the extremes of polarity, form begins to reflect what is at the center.  What it is without having to display a polarity one way or the other.  No doubt this will mean beyond just humans becoming more centered, that all that we have created will become more centered as well.

9 Releasing Sacred Space and Energies
Know that if there is unfinished work, some aspect of AA Michael will remain to work with you in both normal awakened state as well as dream state.

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In our western culture we think of manifestation as being a linear process.  I think of something, I visualize it, I meditate on it and it appears.  We don’t often think of the creative process as being cyclical, in that it re-occurs regularly, and has various stages.  There are quiet portions to the Creative Cycle that occur before anything comes into form. These quiet portions are seldom noticed.  But it is while the energies of Spirit and Nature are gestating that we as humans can often nourish or accidentally trample upon something potentially manifesting in our lives.

Here is a meditation supported by the energetic presence of Archangel Michael, Mary and Thoth to help you notice and attend to projects that Spirit is already working on bringing into in your life.

1 Introduction to the Manifestation portion of the Creative Cycle  
2 Creating Sacred Space: Why include Nature Spirits in Your Sacred Space  
3 The Quiet Motion of Spirit   
4 Meditation – Allowing Spirit to Support You (even more)  
5 Prioritizing What We Nourish in Our Lives  
6 Meditation -  Letting Spirit Bless You  
*7 Blessing Song  
8 Tend your Garden, and Yourself  0
9 Our Shared World of Form and Global Environment
10 Releasing Sacred Space  
11 Closing – the meditation will continue  
  Total Time  62 mins

Blessing Song (#7) is excerpted from a live concert of spontaneous improvised songs given by myself and David Darling.  You can hear him playing cello underneath my singing. His music is available at iTunes, and also check him out on youtube and on his website,

If you are in a position to do so, and wish to support these podcasts, donations to offset the cost of producing, editing and keeping them available online are most welcome. or on the website,


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Healing Meditations for Ancient Consciousness from Nature and new insights from Thoth


Through a series of meditations and insights, Thoth and others point out to humanity a doorway through which an ancient consciousness of the First Creative Cycle, long asleep within the Earth as oil, might now pass onto its own healing journey.  As this happens, humanity’s relationship with oil and other “inanimate” beings changes.  This is our next step.  Here are some ideas how we might begin it. Moving into a new relationship with all of the consciousnesses with whom we share our planet means letting go of our belief that anyone of us knows how another should act, should be, or even should heal.


1. Introduction  1.:28

2. Essay: Ancient Energies Arise  10:12

3. Creating Sacred Space  9:39

4. Using Unconditional Love in Healing  5:26

5. Portals of Consciousness     8:51

6. A Meditation of Gratitude  2:30

7. Water  5:18

*8. Song: Aguas Sagradas / Sacred Waters  2:02

9. Meditation: Releasing Ancient Consciousness of Oil  10:49

10. Emotions and Consciousness (from Thoth)  6:16

11. Clearing and Releasing Sacred Space  9:15

12. How we act as Stewards for Ancient Energies  2:48

                Total Time: 77 minutes


*8 is a song excerpted from a live concert of spontaneous improvised songs given by myself and David Darling.  You can hear him playing cello underneath my singing. His music is available at iTunes, and also check him out on youtube and on his website,


*8 is a song excerpted from a live concert of spontaneous improvised songs given by myself and David Darling.  You can hear him playing cello underneath my singing. His music is available at iTunes, and also check him out on youtube and on his website,


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A Meditation for the Gulf Oil Spill - Connecting Consciousness

The meditation was given through me by Shesat, who is the female companion of Thoth.  He was also present, and shared some important observations.  One was that because of the attention humanity is now giving to the water, fish and environment in the Gulf, a connecting doorway has opened between our consciousness  and the consciousness of these other beings. Thoth weaves his information in between the meditations that Shesat gives. This lasts for about 50 minutes, and then there is a time of Q & A which draws out some additional information.


Some of this may be time-sensitive, so I did not edit the meditation. 


Below is the original channeling from Thoth seemingly predicting the Gulf Oil Spill. It comes from my Phone Meditation/podcast "Easing, not Heaving into Transition",Oct 14, 2008. The transcription was published by Sedona Journal of Emergence December 2008. ...a crisis around energy and land is apt to move onto the world's stage.  The energy of this episode is likely to take the form of a major natural disaster involving oil drilling in the ocean.  It will be in a location and of a size that significantly impacts the food supply for millions of people.

“This episode will force you to examine how you extract oil from within the Earth.  It will also force into the general media and into your awareness already known facts about the damage your current style of oil drilling has done to the planet.  It might be so devastating that oil drilling is banned by most countries. 

“This information is not shared as a way to create fear.  Rather, it is shared to remind you that change is constant, and what doesn't change easily, bit by bit, will ultimately change dramatically.”It is my hope that this meditation and the others that are available as mp3s and CDs are of use to you in your life.  As always, donations help to offset the cost of maintaining the mp3 download site, sound editing, and such. 

My blessings to each of you,

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Consolidating what works, Releasing what doesn’t fit anymore

by Norma Gentile


A series of Healing Meditations with Gaia, Nature and Archangel Michael to anchor the portion of your soul that is choosing to incarnate at this point in time into your body and your life. 

    How much of what you believe is yours to heal is actually yours to heal?


 That which is not ours to heal we cannot heal.  That which is not ours to change we cannot change.  We merely hold those people, energies or situations back from their own developmental process of learning and evolutionary change when we hold onto them and insist that they heal according to our plan for them.  This is true even when we hold onto an energy or emotion in order to make someone feel safe or happy.


1 Introduction to Finding Balance

2 Creating Sacred Space with the Lower Dimensions

3 Archangel Michael Invocation

4 Meditation: Inhaling Your Soul into Your Body

5 Meditation: Connecting with Your Essence in the Lower Dimensions 6 Sound Healing: Tranquility

7 Meditation: Clearing Out to Let Your Soul In

8 Releasing What is not Yours to Heal

9 Releasing Sacred Space

10 Healing Yourself as a Service to Others

Total Time: 54 mins



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Re-Making a Life Decision without Fear or Shame

1 Introduction   1:50

2. Invocation of Sacred Space  5:25
As we feel, sense, or see the energy of Archangel Michael existing within the Pure Energy of Nature of the 1st dimension, we automatically open our consciousness, and have access to Michael’s energy in all the dimensions of our reality. 

3. A Quiet Song of Welcome    3:45
Tibetan Singing Bowl and Norma’s voice

4. The Fork in Your Path 6:10

One of the greatest aspects of disconnection from Spirit is fear.  When any of us is in fear, we are not as connected to our own inner sense or inner world as we might be.  As a result we turn to the external world both for validation as well as for direction in what we should do. This includes how we should react or act, what we should value, what we should embrace and what we ought to find disdainful.

As a result, the majority of humans incarnating on the planet tend to look to the external world for their motivation, rather than to their soul and their inner world to hear what it is that their soul truly desires for them, and what the journey of their soul might be.

 5 How does your Soul want to embrace the Core of Your Body?
One way to reengage your own sense of communion, not just with your quiet inner voice, but also with the greater world and the dimensions beyond, is to begin to feel how the journey that your soul has chosen is appreciated by others, looked upon and supported by beings in all dimensions, and ultimately how much your soul is loved by those beyond the stars. 

6 A Sound Meditation – Clearing Fear   21:03
Here is a sound meditation to locate and engage your soul into the very core of your physical body. Begin by breathing and feeling your navel move.  Sound any tone from the core of your navel chakra, with the intention of uniting your soul and body.  Let the tone be the audible vibration of their shared agreement to create into form.
Your body receives nourishment through the 1st chakra because it is a reflection of Gaia’s body, which we know as the Earth. Let your voice drop down, sighing, into the Earth.  Explore how your body is already perfectly connected to the body of Gaia. Continue sounding and let the tones move through your body.

7 How the Earth Receives Your Body    3:15

Feel how your body is connected to Earth, and received by Earth. When we are held in such a deep embrace with the Earth, fear does not exist.  A question that need not be answered, but can be pondered might be: how does your body now want to receive the energies of the Earth, and of the lower dimensions, in order to manifest the journey that your soul desires?

8  A chant with Tibetan bowl and group    3:46
Notice what feels different.  Feel the space around you, extending a few feet away from you all directions.  Feel the quality of internal space as well.  Perhaps the mind is a little quieter or the feet a little less restless upon the floor.

 No Perfect Answers  3:54
My guides keep reminding me that the experience of living on Earth isn’t meant to have finite answers.  It is meant to have answers that satisfy us for awhile, but just like a meal we have to have another one fairly soon. There is no final enlightenment moment.   Especially now, there is an unfolding and unfurling of understanding around what the physical world is about and how we are meant to be in relationship to it. Greater and greater numbers of people are interested in gleaning information about connecting into Source, and tapping into those dimensions that are less visible to them.

Thanking and Releasing, followed by a Blessing for Your Path  11:19
Let your Higher Self offer you an insight about the next step of your soul’s journey. Then we thank and release the sacred energies that formed the energetic container for the meditation, and offering a blessing for the next step each will take upon their journey in peace, and in power.

11 For more information  1:36

Total Time  62 minutes

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Heaven and Earth Meet in You

How Your Soul is Loved
an hour-long meditation by Norma Gentile

and her guides, Archangel Michael, Mary and Thoth

When All-That-Is decided to learn more about itself, it divided itself into millions and billions of fragments.  One of these fragments became you.  And you represent a unique quality of All-That-Is.  No one and nothing else represents this quality.  You alone express this unique quality of All-That-Is into our shared creation.  This is your soul.  And you bring the vibration of your soul into the dimensions above as well as below the 3rd dimensional reality in which your human body resides.

Here are thoughts and meditations to let you  and your body feel the genuine love that all those in form, from the stars in the night sky to the Pure Energy of Nature have for you.  Each loves you unconditionally.  Explore this unconditional love as you enter into these meditations. 

1. Introduction
2  A Chant for Sacred Space
3  Creation of Sacred Space

4 How does Your Body reflect the Earth Today?
5 Remembering our Partnership with Others
6 Meditation  The bond of Unconditional Love between Your Soul, the Stars and Nature
7 What Aspect of Unity Consciousness do you bring to this Reality?
8 Releasing Sacred Space
9 Final Insights
10 For More Information
   Total Time 62 minutes

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Intro to 1st and 2nd Dimensions                                                       

Nature Spirit Sphere Invocation and Explanation                      

Meditation: Your 2nd Dimensional Soul                       

Clarifying Grounding: What it is and a Meditation to do it                       

Healing as Opening a New Series of Choices in Your Life                       

Communicating with Your 2nd Dimensional Soul                       

Connect Anew with Your Upper Dimensional Angels                       

Releasing Nature Spirit Sphere                       

Q&A Some Last Thoughts             

For more information                       

total time: 55:44

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Meditations and Teachings from the Ascended Master Thoth and Mary through Norma Gentile.  Given on Aug. 25, 2009.

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1  Introduction  (1:40)

2  Living Well, an essay from Thoth  (4:30)
Living well is more than just living.  Surviving is more than breathing while in physical form. Just beyond the veil or boundary of your thought are worlds that you are about to explore.  Just as sailing ships brought you in the past from one port to another, your heart and your ability to trust and know truth when it is presented to you are the vehicles for your journeys now.  Your travels will take you into these new realms, through the mists of veils now fading away.  

3. Creating Sacred Space  (5:06)
Staring with an invocation to Nature and  invoking your own personal connection to Archangel Michael

4  Reality is in the Beholder's Eye  from Thoth (5:01)
As you are in the presence of anything and everything, it is a part of your world, and it vibrates in accordance with your world.  As you move into this new cycle (after 2012) you move into a new space of vibration, and so new levels of consciousness.  Not only does the planet, your solar system and your galaxy pass through a new region physical space, but the Universe herself expands its outermost boundaries.

5  Observations on Channeling and Thoth  (5:57)
The information that comes through me comes as Thoth sits next to me or near me.  When I channel Archangel Michael his energy surrounds me and fills the room. Some people allow a being or consciousness to enter into their body.  Here are two reasons why I don't do that with Thoth.

6  Meditation - Finding the Still Point in Change from Nature and the Three Marys    (8:22)
Both of these energies, the Pure Energy of Nature and the energies of the combined Biblical Marys, are archetypal. What is happening in this moment in the planet is stoking the fires of fear, rather than stoking the fires of passion and personal expression.  The Divine Feminine is a lovely way to let yourself feel the container of your own soul and your own body, and to feel the safety in which you are always and already held.

7  Love is the container of Our World – Mary (7:55)
Fear can flavor a world, just as love can contain a world. There is a fear that arises from deep within us when we encounter external chaos and cannot find our inner core stillness.  Your spirit desires to step forward out of love, not fear.

8  Our Over-reliance on the Physical – Thoth (3:40)
Thoth's purpose in sharing his vision is to prepare us for a time down the road, which could be 30-40 years or much later in our linear time line.  It is important for us to recall that our goal of maintaining the health of the physical body is not to maintain it here strictly within the 3rd dimension but to allow it to be in conscious communion with the upper and lower dimensions. This allows the veils between all of the dimensionsto  begin to fade away.  Then the body becomes more permeable.  The skin itself becomes more permeable.  

9  A Meditation for The New You –The Empowerment Breath  (6:22)
This greenest sprout, the new you is being birthed. As you build this newest part of you, whatever it reflects will be reflected  to you from the outer world. Here is a simple mediation, done with clear intention, to empower your birth.

10 Releasing Nature Sphere, Guides, Angels (6:15)
Be sure to listen to this section so your personal energy is not being drained maintaining the sacred grids that were created at the beginning.

In releasing the conscious and magnified connection to our guides and angels we let all of their energies continue onto whatever else they need to do.

11 Q & A  Loosing Consciousness during Healing  or Meditation (2:05)
People sometimes feel as if they have entered into dream state or some altered state during the meditations and healings.  This happens for a reason. And its part of the healing process.

12 For more information:

Total Time: 58 minutes

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Meditations and Teachings from Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathor Atamira, through Norma. Given on the Summer Solstice,  June 21, 2009

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1  Introduction    1:23
Change is allowing what is already present to carry us rather than drag us.   The sensation of being carried uplifts our heart and lets us know that all is well.  The sensation of being dragged gives us the reverse impression.

2  A Teaching on Grounding and Change    7:38
Breaking the cycle of judging something as being wrong, or even of being right, is a large piece of being able to deal with moving through cycles of change very quickly and easily.

In the New Age world of thought, it appears easy to consider our soul, or some part of us, as also existing in the upper dimensions.

But what about the lower dimensions?  What if a reflection of ourselves also existed in the 2nd and 1st dimension.  What if we open our consciousness to re-connect with aspects of the 1st and 2nd dimension that reflect who we are in the 3rd dimension?

3  Inviting Sacred Space (with Archangel Michael and Nature)  5:24
Just as we exist in each dimension, so too does the consciousness of Archangel Michael.  His energetic pattern is imprinted upon every dimension, including those outside of this 12 dimensional reality. 

Whatever portion or part, aspect or face of Archangel Michael that is naturally connected to you and already working with you is magnified when you invite Michael’s energy into your awareness.  You may know Michael by another name.  It does not matter.  As you invite Michael to be present, you may feel that the presence is familiar.  That is all that truly matters.

4  The Fourth Cracker Crumb  4:20
We assume that the brain is always correct.  If we see a trail of three crumbs in a straight line, then our brain assumes that the fourth crumb will follow along the pre-existing straight line.

Change doesn’t happen along straight lines.

When the pattern is not followed, we experience an emotional and physical upset. The result is an engagement of the “flight or fight” response in our lower body.

Neither do we incarnate linearly.  We incarnate from the future and the past. Many souls are incarnating from the future into the earth today, particularly those who will be great teachers in the next decades.

5  Meditation – the Stillness within the Heart  10:00
The more deeply we move into who we are, the easier it is to see who we are not. As each of us releases what no longer serves us it is like a small bell that chimes within the awareness of other people that perhaps that do not need to continue to be who they aren’t either.

6  Fear and the Enteric Nervous System  6:33
When things don’t turn out the way our brain has anticipated, it sends an alarm to our body.  Learning when the alarm is real (you are driving too fast) or the result of unexpected change, lets us turn it off, find relaxation in our lower body again, and listen to Spirit.

7  Meditation - Let Spirit work some Change on Your Central Life Issue  4:35 
Let the aspects of you in the lower dimensions draw down new aspects of you from the upper dimensions. As you listen your perception of the issues changes. Therefore what you draw to yourself from the upper and lower dimensions changes.

8  A Simple Song for a Simple Journey  2:10
A sound healing, recorded live in a workshop.  

9  Release Sacred Space  9:04
Your energy has called forth the connection with the lower and upper dimensions.  You can become drained from using your own energy to hold the connection open. So be sure to release any guides, angels, Nature Spirits.

10  For More Information
Total Time:  54 minutes

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Songs and Meditations

1. Introduction
2 A Meditation Song with Tibtan Bowl from Atamira (a Hathor guide)
There is a desire within each of us to find that inner tone or quality that reflects who we truly are.   We seek to find a place within ourselves that allows us to feel ultimately received. This internal space allows us to feel we are truly loved, just the way we are.

3 Releasing into Spirit
The quality of our expression into the outer world reflects the quality of our inner world.  This inner tone or vibration is the quality that others sense intuitively.

4 Ubi Caritas et Amor, Deus ibi Est (chant and meditation)
Where Tenderness and Love abide, There is God
Revealing those qualities of tenderness and love that are in our lives reveals where God or Spirit resides in our lives.   Who we are  is a reflection of that Spirit of God which vibrates, sings and lives within each of us.  Let yourself relax and receive. Feel your feet and let the sound move through you.  When you are ready, let your Spirit sing.

5 Our Ancestors and Our Spiritual Gifts 
How is it that your soul has received the gifts of your ancestors, and fashioned these gifts into your own life’s tapestry?  How have you integrated what you see as a shadow gift into your life?  Can you imagine that your ancestor’s souls created these gifts, both of the light and of the shadow, just for you?  And that your soul has chosen to receive them? In some fashion you have received all of these gifts, and made them your own.

6 O factura Dei – a meditation song 
The prophet within each of us knows that Spirit is present. This internal sense tells us that because we are present, God is present.  And because God is present, loving tenderness abides for All.  This song is also available on my CDs Songs of Spirit and Healing Chants of Hildegard von Bingen

7. Final Thoughts 

Total Time: 35 mins.    Excerpted from a live presentation given at the Ann Arbor Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth on March 15, 2009

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On a  winter’s eve close to the February full moon, I offered a sound healing and meditation here in my home town in Michigan.  This is an excerpt from that evening.  The second song you hear is O Rubor Sanguinis, which I dearly love and have recorded twice.  It appears on both of CDs Mediation Chants by Hildegard of Bingen (newly re-released) and my album of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit.

1. A Spoke Invocation of Sacred Space
2.  Sancta Maria  an improvisation to invoke the Divine Feminine healing presence into the room.
3. The Spiral Path of Healing (a little talk)
4. O Rubor Sanguinis, a song which invites the listeners into stillness.
5. Chispas del Amore an improvised sound healing in Spanish
 (some of this is without text)
6. Take a step to the side - a little talk
What is coming your way from Spirit that you aren’t expecting?
7. An Unexpected Journey with Spirit (a sound healing experience) 

You may notice a bit of uneasiness at some points in this sound healing.  That is intentional.  The more sure we are of our path, the more difficult it is when Spirit and our Soul decide to create a new road for us.  Here is a little sound healing to help you experience that journey.

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includes a song from Norma's album
MEDITATION CHANTS of Hildegard von Bingen
(order CD and mp3 download)

Meditations for Peace
from Thoth, Shesat, and the Ascended Masters,
through Norma Gentile

1. Introduction
My guides remind me that peace is the result of inner stillness, connection and knowing oneself. When we spend time being who we are, we generate a quality of stillness that makes peaceful actions more appealing than violence.

2. Nature’s Unconditional Love
The Pure Energy of Nature is the most amazing tool for healing.  It is a replenishing and rejuvenating energy for our bodies, and for our entire being and life-force. Our ability to manifest into form and the ability of our soul to create our body is hinging primarily on the Pure Energy of Nature.  

3. Welcoming Archangel Michael
When I invoke AA Michael, I ask that the aspect of his energy which reflects how he is already supporting and connecting to your soul to step forward and be magnified.  Sometimes this is also an opportunity for the person to become more consciously aware of the connection they already have to Archangel Michael or the other Archangels.

4. Conscious Agreements in Your Body and Our World (Shesat)
The physical body registers sensations kinesthetically of what is going on all around us, two, three, four, five or six feet away from us.  Oftentimes when something begins to manifest as illness or noticeable discomfort, we look at the body itself.  We forget to look outside of the body, to where it is probably coming from; the subtle energy field two feet, three feet or more outside of our physical body. It is here also that our energies intersect with those with whom we have conscious and unconscious agreements. Most people have easily a dozen primary agreements between themselves and groups of people in their life.

Simply by being in a human body, you carry an agreement of the quality of energy that you will manifest.  As long as you are in that human body, the quality of energy that you have agreed to manifest here on Earth is present.  That quality of energy resonates out, and is audible to everyone.

While there are moments that it seems rather odd to simply sit still and do nothing, in that doing nothing you have the opportunity to turn within, and find that vibration that your soul has agreed to bring into the Earth plane, on behalf of humanity.  

5. Linear Creation vs. Spiral Path of Spirit (Shesat)
As more and more people within the Earth have embraced a linear way of creating, using their own personal energies to manifest, there has been a rise in ‘troubled waters.’  Rather than telling Spirit what you want, try asking ‘What is it that your soul has ready to serve up to you on a platter right now?’

6. from the CD MEDITATION CHANTS Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans Vita (Holy Spirit bestowing Life unto Life) sung by Norma Gentile

Holy Spirit, bestowing life unto life,
  moving in All.
You are the root of all creatures,
  washing away all impurity,
  scouring guilt, and anointing wounds.
Thus you are luminous
  and praiseworthy, Life,
  awakening, and re-awakening all that is.
For All and forever, Amen.
Music and Latin words by Hildegard von Bingen, (1098-1179)

7. Meditation and Silent Energy Healing
The energy of the King or Queen that you truly are is the gift of your soul to you.  

8. Stillness in Spirit brings Remembrance
Your stillness draws forth the remembrance of stillness from those involved in the conflicts, the wars and the battles.  It draws through them that remembrance of home, of where their body came from, the Pure Energy of Nature, of their soul which is within their body, and of the communion they share with you as humans here upon the Earth.

9. Stillness and Releasing Meditations
Allow your own stillness to move out to all those with whom you have connections and agreements.  Not inflicting this stillness, but offering it as a remembrance. Then a Releasing Meditation, allowing what your body is ready to release to move homeward through Archangel Michael’s energy.

10. Releasing Sacred Space, and seeing what Spirit is Bringing to You
Each time we enter into Sacred Space and a magnified connection to Spirit, we must thank and let our Spiritual helpers return to where our body is most comfortable with them.  Otherwise, our energy becomes depleted. These meditations are built to work over several days.  As you enter into the meditation deeply, you may notice your ability to see what Spirit is presenting along the creative spiral increase.  

11. For more information
Total Time 58:09

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From a spark within our Hearts comes a magnificent knowing of our own soul.  What changes are happening in your inner world to balance the recent changes in the outer world?  Here you will find a meditation to open your heart and rediscover the sacred spark that lies within it. 

Information from Norma’s guides, (Thoth, Shesat and the Ascended Masters) provide a background understanding of recent events.  These include the economic re-structuring, the election of Barack Obama to the US presidency, reincarnation patterns of the Soul Group responsible for founding the US (the Founding Fathers), and Obama’s relationship to them. Two healings with multiple Tibetan Singing Bowls are also included. 

Who does your Soul want you to be?
1. Introduction 2:00
2.  Invoking the Nature Sphere and Your Heart’s Angel  6:02
3.  The New Clear Light Energy  9:11
4 We offer Healing through our interconnectedness 3:21
5. Meditation - A Spark within Your Heart  13:37
6 Weaving a Global Web 8:28
        Information from Thoth, Shesat and the Ascended Masters
7  Meditation - What has your soul decided to do?  2:46
8 Releasing Guide and Nature Sphere 2:50
9  Q & A   4:39
        Clarity is in the cells of my body and all around
        What is the function of the economic collapse?
10  And the work will continue…  1:09
11 For more information   1:47
Total Time 54:50

This and all the podcasts are available on CD
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Meditations and Teachings from Mary, the Ascended Masters, Thoth and Shesat, through Norma Gentile

We are learning how to be steady in the midst of chaos.  As we deepen our ability to find within ourselves a calm center, we offer that same security and connection to those around us. Beyond holding steady in moments of crisis, this let’s us also learn about our own process of ascension.

This is an hour-long mp3 offered here as a podcast.   This is also available in CD format with additional written notes at under Meditations & Teachings.  It is #11 in an ongoing series of AudioClasses.

1 Introduction (3:27)
2 Reflection vs. Reaction in Moments of Crisis  (11:03)
3  Creating A Divine Feminine Sphere (3:45)
4 Using this Nature Sphere to find Balance amid Chaos (6:55)
5 Invoking Your Connection to Michael – Michaella (3:55)
6 Exhaling Chaos into Spirit - Cleansing Mediation from Mary (8:00)
7 Chaos and Stability – A Teaching from Thoth, Shesat and the Ascended Masters  (9:07)
8 A Centering Meditation and Song from Mary (4:58)
9 Releasing Michael and Mary, Nature and the Sphere (4:35)
10 For more information (1:30)
Total Time: 57:15

These meditations help ease the old energies to where ever they can move onto, and make space for the new energies to enter. The more the old consciousness is bashed about and treated as if it is being thrown out with the trash, the more violent the change is for our physical reality. If we can find a space within ourselves to recognize the value of the old consciousness in getting us to see and clarify who we are becoming, we can more easily make the transition ourselves. Hating anyone or anything only reveals the violence within ourselves.

Direct download: easingintotranitison.mp3
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(Recorded during the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of Aug 16, 2008)

All podcasts are available as CDs from In the CD version, each meditation and the accompanying information is broken down into separate tracks, and includes written notes.  This podcast contains:

1 Introduction
2 What is Missing in Your Life?
3 Creating Sacred Space
4 Finding the Void in Your Heart
5 The tapestry of Humanity
6 Sun Moon Earth – A Healing Meditation from Archangel Michael
7 The Tree Meditation to Clear Body and Aura
8 Receive a Heart Message
9 A Song for Your Heart from the Hathor Atamira
10 Releasing Sacred Space
11 You can do this too

What is missing in your life? Whether it is the lack of something physical like a house or car, or a partner in your life, you have been working on this issue using all of the tools that you have.  And yet it is still an issue.

Maybe its time to try using a new tool, and see if you can understand the issue in a new way, or change something that your other tools weren’t able to effectively change for you.

Here are two meditations, which provide you with new tools and the opportunity to use them in filling whatever void you currently are facing in your life.  We start with a sacred invocation to define and charge the space around you.  This magnifies the two meditations that follow, and allow them to be fully potentized into your body and mind.

The first meditation lets your body connect into the power of the sun and moon during the eclipse.  My guides, particularly Archangel Michael and the Hathor Atamira, lay their energy into my voice, so it comes to you no matter where or when you listen to this.  The energies of the Full Moon and eclipse are also laid into the meditation.  You may feel the natural connection your body already has to the solar and lunar energies awakening during this meditation.

The following meditation lets you release all that no longer serves you. As your body has reawakened to its natural connection to solar and lunar energies, it is ready to release old patterns of thinking and being.  This meditation gives you the time and opportunity to do just that.  This is also a good meditation to use when you need to quiet your mind, such as before a big meeting or before going to sleep.

There is closing benediction which provides you with a space to speak directly with your own guide or angel.  Together with your attention, we then release and thank those of Spirit and Earth who participated in creating the potent healing space, letting you come back into a natural waking state.  

Direct download: FillHeartVoid.mp3
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1 Introduction
Chaos can be a step in creating a healing pattern which resolves into order

2 What does Nature feel as unconditional love?
An Invocation and Exploration of Unconditional Love
from the perspective of the Nature Spirits (2nd dimension) and Pure Energy of Nature (1st dimension)  

Unconditional love, as felt by Nature Spirits, may be different than what we humans  think it is.  First, define the space you wish to make sacred. Nature spirits within a room echo our activities – from TV watching to yoga to meditation.  To create a healing space don’t invite them all. Invite only those that vibrate at what they consider to be unconditional love.  Watch – it will be different from what you think it will be, because they, not you, are doing it.

3 Pure Divine Energy of Nature
Perhaps this is the Divine Matrix others speak of.  The pure, Divine energy of Nature as I know it has a gentle, rich, almost thick watery quality.  This is a first dimensional energy, and is the source of all form.  It is the energy from which the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences emanate.  Listen, and most people can feel it for themselves during the meditation.

4 Potentize Healing with the Pure Energy of Nature
There is always a level of consciousness within form.  When I interact with that level of consciousness as a peer, rather than as its master, I find it easier to hear the opinions and ideas that it would like to share with us more easily.

Our human body recognizes what is serving us, whether it is man-made or nature-made.  But our prejudices may unconsciously over-ride what the body needs, and contribute to the rejection of transplantations, medicines, or trouble integrating metal plates, screws, etc that are assisting the healing process of our physical body.

The Pure energy of Nature helps items see their interconnectedness. When the consciousness of seemingly unrelated items, feels Nature, these unrelated items build a bridge between themselves.

5  Inviting Archangel Michael’s Presence
Michael, like all larger beings, can present himself (and even herself) at many levels of consciousness. You can ask for the face or aspect of Michael most useful in each situation or healing session.

6 Releasing Human Fear Energies from Storms
Within each of us, we have a pull between maintaining what is, and flowing into what is coming.  The body likes to stay in form, and always moves to maintain itself in form.  Yet, we know ourselves as Spirit. The human being, with both body and soul expressing into Earth, brings its own unique vibrational quality.  Just as we can speak with Nature and Nature Spirits and Earth, we can turn and address weather patterns.

As humans we know we impact weather through global warming.  What we are less aware of is how our combined emotional fields effect weather patterns.  When I feel a sense of trepidation riding on the edge of a storm, I ask the fear within the storm if it is really in tune with Earth.  Or if the fear or trepidation is in tune with the storm itself.  And usually something changes.

Just by asking the storm what it wants, and what Earth wants, our human bodies become channels for Earth and Heaven to speak with each other.  When we consciously speak to Earth and the weather patterns, they also have the opportunity to develop deeper communion with each other. Because we are birthed out of both Heaven and Earth they listen to us.

7  Rejuvenating the Human Body (2012)
Gaia is feeling the energies that are awakening, and is looking forward to her own next step of growth.  As her physical body reflects what she is growing into, which is best described as an emotional state, our bodies and rules of physical being will bend to move with her.

This bending of physical rules lets our bodies change much more quickly, both taking on and shedding diseases.   

8 Our New Porous, Pliable Bodies
Our physical bodies become more pliable and porous, letting Spirit and Nature support us in new ways.

The body wants to stay in form, and only the soul decrees when the connection of the soul into the body is meant to be broken.  In the future, our bodies will become more porous.  It becomes less tethered to the lower aspects of the 3rd dimension. With this porous quality, the energies that surround us and support us are more able to nourish us.  And what we consider physical, changes.  

As the body becomes more porous, we will have greater access to those energies that Nature uses to create form. You feel it now a bit when you are outside in Nature.  It is as if the wind were blowing through the open heart space, or as if the sun were shining, and its warmth touches all the way through the body and out the other side.  Right now we can begin to feel how Nature and Nature Spirits use their level of unconditional love to convey to us, through our bodies, their support, which will heighten over the next few years.

9 Chaos and Healing
Healing with tiny steps, at a speed in accordance with the body and soul, lets all of the patterns around a disease change together.
When healing comes in small, incremental steps, we don’t tend to move backwards after a certain amount of time. And we take all of the aspects of the issue with us into the new level of consciousness.

10 Releasing Magnified Spiritual Connections
Let Nature cleanse yourself and your space in this meditation.
It is our life-force that asked Nature and guides and Angels to visit us, so be sure to thank them and let them go home. Letting Michael’s energy step back to wherever it naturally connects to you at when you are in a waking state.  Any messages can come to you at this time.

11 What you might notice afterwards
Energies that are truly in tune with us are vibrationally connected. Anything you see or feel is typically not an energy that is yours.  Notice, but don’t grab onto, any sensation or old thought pattern.  They are on their way out.

Each time any of us take a small step forward in healing, it sends out a little ripple  to everyone, everywhere, telling them they can do the same.  This may be the most potent healing modality we have, because it awakens others to their own potential to learn and grow.

More articles, sound healings and healing music CDs and mp3’s at Norma’s site,

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AWAKENING TO YOUR BODY'S NATURAL INTUITION Meditation and Teaching, excerpted from Sound Shamanism Weekend Retreat.

We are telepathic at every chakra, even our Navel and 2nd chakras. But we over-ride the information that they give us constantly with our minds. Over and over again we listen to external voice, rather than our own internal voice. One result is that we do what we don’t need to do, and end up with much more to do than our soul had planned for us each day.

In order to complete what we believe must be done, we often call in ‘caffeine guides’. There are lower level guides that tend to be pushy, but help us do all thatt we think we must do.

My point is that if we stop doing what we don’t need to do, we won’t need to call in these pushy energies, because we will only have to do what our soul planned for us to do each day. While these energies are in our bodies, it is very hard to hear what are legitimately the issues and needs of our soul.

Here is a clearing meditation which allows you to release these ‘caffeine guides’ and attract guides who are more comfortable for your body and more deeply in tune with your soul.

This Podcasts contains----- a 17-minute meditation to release pushy energies behind lower back (caffeine guides) and a 7-minute talk on the new direction of incarnation.
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BUILDING OUR BODIES WITH SPIRITUAL ENERGIES: Hara and Navel Chakra Meditations from Mary We each carry within ourselves the ability to utilize Spiritual energies as Lifeforce for our bodies and lives. Long overlooked in western culture, our lower chakras provide the stability and power that allow our hearts to open and our minds to be clear. Here are four meditations, all from Mary, to open, cleanse, and empower our bodies to carry the current of compassion and love into our world. As Mary says, "Your navel focuses energies into physical reality. From here you find support to create. Your hara allows spiritual pranic energy to turn itself into a nourishing factor for the physical body. Together, your embue your humanaity with the power of love." Includes: -Grace: Mary's words through Norma: -Wisdom as an Expression of Our Bodies -Mary's Meditation for Your Body (Hara) -Cleanse and Rebuild Your Lifeforce (Hara) -Mary's Meditation for Support (Navel) -Manifest What is Yours, Now (Navel) -Bring Compassion to a Life Challenge -Mary's Message to you, through your body. -Why release Angels and Sacred Space Norma's FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER and ARTICLES at: SONGS of SPIRIT, Norma’s new CD, now available at iTUNES (under music) and
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Revised Oct 15, now includes segment 'Healing Yourself" ---------- We all carry pieces of the old paradigm, which now feel like heavy energy, within us. Within the DNA we inherited from our family, and within our beliefs, are pieces of what was. We grew up in the old paradigm (most of us) and little bits are still ingrained within us. In this podcast are meditations to address how we can free up our own energies and help moribund, stagnant energies of the old paradigm transform into new movement. Here are some ideas of what to do when you feel stuck, surrounded by people, things or situations that don’t appear to change, and you can't see a way out. The meditations and questions asked provide ways for you to address the energies of the old paradigm in a healing fashion, honoring and allowing the core of the stagnant energy to be released into its evolutionary cycle. For more information on this subject, you may want to read Norma’s October 2007 e-newsletter, “Healing Yourself when You Don’t Want to?, posted at under Newsletters. There you can subscribe to her free e-newsletters, order copies of her podcasts as CDs, as well as listen to and purchase her musical recordings
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HEALTHY WEALTH - MEDITATIONS TO EMBRACE WHAT WE ARE READY TO CHANGE based on a teleconference held Aug 28, 2007 (total lunar eclipse) addressing energies of change and recreation and the solar eclipse of Sept 11, 2007. Archangel Michael, Thoth, Shesat, and the Ascended Masters with Norma Gentile Archangel Michael says, as do many of these angels and guides, that they are with us always, and it is we who forget that they are there. The (meditation) is just a way to turn our faces toward them, to say, “Yes, we remember you, Yes we need support, Yes please help us to stay facing you in this particular time.? We are called to undo everything that has been built on an hierarchical format, everything that has been built without a sense of true heart. As fearful as it may be for us, it is imperative that each human body lives grounded into the reality that truly reflects where the soul’s journey is trying to move it to. As we resist change, we frequently are resisting that same journey that our soul decided was ‘good’ for us. What is the next step of our soul’s journey? Fear is what happens when our connection to Heaven and Earth gets severed, usually at the Earth end. We are flooded with energies that have no cohesion or exit point, and become overwhelmed. We honor that the money each person generates in their lifetime reflects the flowing of spirit through them. Therefore, each person tunes their capacity to generate money to their own personal wiring. Attempting to mimic another’s ability to create abundance, be it your father, mother, guru, financial advisor or Oprah, distracts your body from tuning in and generating money on your unique frequency of soul. FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER and ARTICLES at: SONGS of SPIRIT, Norma’s new CD, now available at iTUNES (under music).

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HOW EARTH GAIA is HEALING HUMANITY - Two Meditations for Deep Healing - - - - - Did you know that the Hara, just below our navel, is the primarily point of incarnation for the soul into the body? This, according to what Archangel Michael has shared with me, allows our soul to inform our body of the soul's direction and choices. When our minds function in worldly fashion apart from Spirit, we are focused on achieving external balance, and unable to hear the promptings of our soul. Allowing ourselves to come into stillness in this lower body center lets information rise up and be heard more clearly. The first meditation does this, by allowing the body to feel its innate connecting to Earth and Gaia. Releasing the mind from its need to decide is the next step. When we are exposed to unconditional love, our body, heart and mind want to resonate and bring forth our own quality of love. The second meditation, from Archangel Michael and Mary, brings focused quiet attention to the mind, through this principal of Resonant Response. The pure energy of Nature, and the Solar Sacred Masculine provide a rich bed of support for our bodies. Let Michael and Mary show you how. - - - - - - - Special guest Andrea Mathieson provides commentary and stories of healing through our gardens and Gaia. - - - - - Recommendation is for an hour 15 mins of quiet time while listening to this podcast. The meditations may be listened to repeatedly if desired. If you enjoy and feel a benefit, you may consider a private healing session with Norma and her guides, Michael and Mary. - - - - - SONGS of SPIRIT, Norma’s new CD, now available in pre-release discount pricing – listen at You can DOWNLOAD Norma's other music now at iTunes (under music).

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The Meditations described and offered in this podcast give us a way of nurturing our bodies on a regular basis with a deeper level of energy than what we are accustomed to receiving from our food, energy work, or even yoga.  The initial reaction may be one of the bodies saying �Finally!  You plugged me in!  Now, just leave me to charge for a while.�  These meditations are meant to allow your body to go into a mode of recuperation.  Plan on having an hour or more afterwards to continue your own self-care and enjoyment of the process.  These meditations come through Norma from years of working with Thoth (an Ascended Master), Archangel Michael, and her Hathor guide Atamira.

This is a series of monthly (or so) information on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.  It is taken from live teleconferences. Information on how to participate, workshops, articles, sound clips and free e-newsletter at

DOWNLOAD Norma's new CD - HEALING CHANTS now from (mp3 format, no incoding, you can play it anywhere) or from iTunes Store (under music).

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EMOTIONS and WEATHER: How human emotions, conscious intention and other factors contribute to weather patterns

Norma and her guides (Thoth, Shesat, Archangel Michael) speak on how humans consciously and unconsciously affect weather patterns, and what we each can do to unwind conscious weather manipulation, as well as bless Gaia and her body, our Earth.

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