NORMA GENTILE sound shaman
Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Your full potential is a promise made by your soul to All of Creation. According to this promise, your only task is to bring the unique vibration resulting from the union of your body and soul into the Earth now.  As your soul embraces through the body, not just the mind and heart, those qualities of energies that you agreed to create for all of us are more palpable, more available, and more generously offered to All of Creation.

When your soul is fully engaged into your body, there is a palpable frequency of energy that is generated. Your soul emanating through your body and generating this energy is what you agreed to bring to this lifetime. It is your soul’s  promise to Spirit. Each one of us has this responsibility.

Fulfilling this promise usually begins with a longing to simply be still.  Here are a series of mediations and songs to help you do that now.


1. Intro
2. We can only hear Spirit when we are listening.
3 Meditation: Cultivate Stillness Within
4 Invoking Sacred Space
5 Just DON’T do it
6  Meditation: Body and Earth
7 Song: Blessing for the Earth
8 We are each Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine
9 Song: O Creation of God
10 Your promise to All of Creation
11 Song: Joy (a healing song from Nature)
12 Remembrance
13 Releasing Sacred Space, Guides and Angels


Just as our guides and angels inspire us and bring to us moments of clarity, warmth and joy, this only happens when our inner being is available to listen to and see the signs that Spirit sends to us.  It is often we who must remember to make available the resources within us that desire to respond to Spirit.


Beginning any meditation with just a simple tuning into the quality of your breathing is an easy way to begin to cultivate an inner state of quiet.  As you combine the thought of awareness (of any area of your body) and the physicality of breathing, you generate more energy within your body, tuned to your body and soul. You do this effortlessly because it’s simply you opening those spiritual connections that are already available to your body.  Your mind simply needs to move out of the way!


Welcoming Nature to create a sphere around you that reflects what Nature perceives as unconditional love.  Inviting that aspect of Archangel Michael that is uniquely connected to you now.

So often in life we’ve been exhorted to ‘just do it’ and ‘get on with it’ and’ get up and get moving’. More and more, I’m recognizing that our ability to choose what change fits us and implement it in a lasting manner has so much more to do with not getting up and getting out and just doing it. Transformative change starts with sitting very still and very quietly, reaching a point a point in meditation where there is no motion and no breath. Here is where your soul and Spirit commune with your body.  And if you listen, you might also hear their conversation.

As we enter into meditation, we feel the journey that our soul has in mind for us now. The resistance that our personalities and egos bring to the process drops away more and more as we let ourselves be carried into the stillness of Spirit.


When I talk about the Divine Feminine matrix and 1st dimension, the masculine aspect of that is us. It is our consciousness that brings the equivalent of the Sacred Masculine to the Divine Feminine.

9 SONG  O CREATION OF GOD Improvisation

Your full potential is a promise made by your soul to All of Creation. According to this promise, your only task is to bring the unique vibration resulting from the full union of your body and soul into the Earth now.

11 SONG: JOY (a healing song from Nature)

There is a sense of deep joy and satisfaction that comes from the remembrance of the connection that always has existed and always will exist between your physical body and that aspect of your soul within The Pure Energy of Nature. This is a remembrance of who you truly are. Slowly, we are returning to this state of knowing ourselves both as spirit and as beings rooted within the Earth.  

Releasing any connection that is no longer serving the journey of your soul now. Letting whatever connections remain reflect the new you, the new journey and this new day. Releasing both elements of Nature and Archangel Michael, so that you can move easily out of meditation and back into the world of form. 

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How to connect with those guides and Angels within the Earth and lower dimensions that support you.

A flow of spoken insights and healing songs from Spirit. Archangel Michael and the Hathors worked through me to create this experience of healing in words and songs. It includes many healing songs, improvised through me from Spirit.

1 As Above, So Below
   What if all of the Angels existed not just in heaven but also within the Earth below us?

2 Three Healing Songs from Spirit

3 A new consideration of Grounding

  What if we could connect into our Earthly Soul, just like we connect into our Heavenly Soul?  How would this feel in our body?
4 Healing Song with two Tibetan singing bowls
  (thanks to Amy Koch for playing with me)

5 Where is that aspect of Archangel Michael from within the Earth that is already connected to you? 

    An open Q&A brought some new insights on:

6 The Pure Energy of Nature and the First Dimension
An explanation of the terms and a demonstration meditation of their energies and uses in our capacity as Creator Beings

7 Notes on the arrival of the Sacred Masculine

8 Healing with Sound and Spiritual Energies

9 Closing Healing Song
What one thing does your Angel or Higher Self wish to communicate to you now?  Then thanking and releasing the conscious magnified connection to them.

10 Release out of Sacred Space

 - Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences is a term and awareness from the work of Michaelle Wright.
- Recorded on July 21, 2013 at Corinthians Spiritual Center

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Finding the Power of Who You Are

Between the atoms of our bodies and the seconds of each minute lies the stillness of Creation.  What we most desire is to follow our soul’s journey.  Here is a meditation to take you on that journey. 


After linking the physical body to your support staff of spiritual beings we begin by recognizing that the quality of ease your soul plans for you to experience in this lifetime.  The amount of ease is almost always much greater than the quality of ease we are actually experiencing.  Stepping away from the mind and our insistence on using what our ego (or personality) wants to do as the basis for the goals in our life is the first step in relaxing into the quality of ease that our soul truly wants for us to feel in our bodies and in our lives.

As we become aware of a greater depth of stillness, especially in and around our Navel Chakra, we can begin to experience Time, and Creation, combining into a space within our being. Neither is an external linear action.  Inexplicable but tangible, a sensation of fullness arises from within our body that is satisfying and powerfully expansive.  Entering into this stillness we are able to also enter into Time itself.

As we consciously recognize our soul within the lower dimensions we build bridges between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions.  Our body, especially at the Navel Chakra, brings us information from these other dimensions.  What is it that your soul wants to create in your life? 

1. Introduction
2. Invoking Sacred Space
3. Creation happens within the moments of Time
4. How Dimensions Create Together
5. Finding Your Unique Vibration and the Power of Who You Are
6. Creating New Possibilities in life
7. Opening the Psychic Potential of Your Body
8. Healing Song: Quantas Sabedes Amar (Those who know Love)
9. Conclusion
10. Releasing Sacred Space

You may want to read the related essay on Norma's website, Opening the Psychic Potential of Your Body (

More of Norma's music can be found on iTunes



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The Dreamtime Council – see you there?

-Norma Gentile

I can’t help but recognize the glamorization in American (and Western) culture of not sleeping.  As a result our kidneys and adrenal glands are extremely overworked when they respond to the copious amounts of caffeine we ingest. We have built a societal belief pattern that it is a sign of weakness to want to rest, sleep or have nourishment for our bodies. 


And yet the truth is that rejuvenation through nourishment (food for the body; music, playfulness and art for our emotions) and rest (sleep and times of meditation and deep relaxation while awake) are natural portions of our rest-work cycle in daily living. 


During sleep we know that we enter into different types of rest. I believe that Dreamtime, or Rapid Eye Movement (REM) allows us to process the events of our waking day into patterns that our unconscious mind organizes.  My guides suggest that it is here, within this deepest time of dreams, that our soul is able to commune with all the other beings of consciousness with whom we share this reality. 


Science is reaching the conclusion that shamans have always known: much of the healing of our physical body takes place in Dreamtime.  This is also where I believe that we choose to make major changes in our lives. These major changes are possible only when, during Dreamtime, we are connected into the shared field of consciousness amongst all humans and other beings acting within our reality.  It is only with the support of all beings of consciousness that any one of us can fundamentally change.  And it is because of the support of all beings of consciousness that this depth of change is possible.

The shared field of consciousness we enter into during Dreamtime is like a council meeting.  Our unconscious mind energetically attends it each night during this deepest point of sleep we call Dreamtime. During other portions of our sleep cycle the energetic field of our unconscious mind reports back to our body, emotions and personality on the proceedings of this council of all beings. 


When we are not available to attend this great council during Dreamtime our life experience is not actively participating in the decisions reached by all the other beings in attendance.  So not only are we not represented, but we also don’t know what decisions were reached and what changes were agreed upon. Our unconscious mind is not able to hear the proceedings and pass those proceedings onto us in some fashion such as intuition, personal dreams or insights.

On a physical level, our adrenals and kidneys as well as the webbing on many of our chakras, especially the navel chakra, are impacted by a lack of quality sleep and participation in Dreamtime. When we prioritize the time that we spend with all of the consciousness of humanity and other beings in Dreamtime, that message passes onto all other humans.


Now we just have to be present in the Dreamtime council long enough to share it or hear it!


I am reminded by my guides that the great shifts in consciousness may appear to happen suddenly within our culture, but those shifts in consciousness begin at the great council table in Dreamtime.  It is only there that fundamental changes in consciousness can be agreed upon by all beings.


My blessings to all beings, in waking and Dreamtime,


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Breathing Stillness / Generating Peace

A series of Meditations to naturally generate Power and Ease by Connecting your Physical Body to your Soul’s Journey


1 Introduction

2 Creating Sacred Space

3 Balancing Body, Soul and Spiritual Helpers

4 Good Brain!    

5 Releasing Emotional Tumult in the Heart

Completion A Sound Healing to release High Heart tumult
  with Gordon Johnston, harp and Jeremy Sills, singing bowls
6 Rededicating your personal High Heart; Sound Healing Ode to Day 

7 Solar Plexus, Kidneys and Adrenals: Your True Power 

8 Breathing Stillness  / Generating Peace
9 Ovaries, Testicles and 2nd chakra; Deep Patience and Ease: 

  How much ease does your soul want your body to experience now? 

10 Summary
11 Releasing Sacred Space


From our heart down to our pelvis lie energy centers that are seldom spoken about, let alone cleared and consciously utilized by those of us in modern Western society.  Here is a meditation that may assist in addressing issues commonly associated with mistunings of these lower energy centers, such as unfulfilling sleep, workaholic tendencies and the inability to breath deeply.  


Your soul embraces your body in both the upper and lower chakras. The 2nd chakra, just below your physical navel, reflects the natural ease that your soul desires for your body to have in this physical world. When tuned accurately, this allows the depth of stillness that you naturally tap into to be available to you through your first chakra. With each breath you generate prana within your Navel Chakra which nourishes all of your chakras and brings this natural tuning of inner peace from you first or root chakra into all of your physical body.


Two songs, recorded during mediation concerts are included.  For more information on the music or this meditation please see the podcast page of my website,  

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