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This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Dear Friends,

Below are insights from Archangel Michael and myself regarding this summer's "homeopathic" eclipses and our planetary shift away from judgment. The first eclipse, meant to help us learn about emotional boundaries and open hearts, occurred the day of Michael Jackson's memorial service.

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On July 7, the day of Michael Jackson's funeral, we experienced a minor lunar eclipse. Think of it as a homeopathic eclipse meant to expose our own inner issues and help us clarify emotional boundaries.

What are we learning? That in Michael Jackson, as in any of us, there is the expression of both sides of polarity. In such a visible public figure all is magnified. And it becomes difficult to categorize him because his life includes both sides of polarity. And yet that is exactly what Unity Consciousness is all about. Unity Consciousness is the unified expression of our polarized reality. And in that unification, we hold someone in a space of consideration rather than judgment. Learning how to do that, and realize when we are not doing that, is what we are learning to do this summer.

It is not a coincidence, says Archangel Michael, that Michael Jackson passed when and as he did. Both the clarity of his artistic vision and the murky waters of his personal life, especially around his ability to care for himself, are reflections of what each of us deals with in our own way. None of us is perfect. And the higher voltage energies brought into one's aura by public scrutiny and attention makes it even more difficult to balance inner self-care and outer world doing.

We are each going to be given the opportunity in the next two months to clarify how we care for ourselves and how we nourish ourselves. Simply put, loving our less perfect aspects allows us to communicate with these aspects within ourselves. As we move into middle August and through September, our emotional boundaries provide the cauldron into which the Sacred Masculine energies of the star Sirius will pour. A strong cauldron will let you manifest into physical reality the changes you wish to make in your life. A leaking cauldron will find you running after possibilities, not seeming to catch them.

Noticing what you are judging is one of the principle factors to building this strong emotional cauldron. When you judge something, be it a person or a person's actions, you are placing yourself into an energetic relationship with the person or their actions. We live in a world that is polarized into "good" and "bad", "right" and "wrong". It is not easy to step beyond this way of thinking.

In a larger cycle there is a service of blessing being offered through as we are given the opportunity to feel, emotionally, the restrictions we place on our hearts when we are judging others. To whatever extent we stand in judgment, our hearts are not open to fully love ourselves.

We lean the most upon the crutches of things we judge as bad. Because by defining what is wrong or bad, we also automatically define their opposites; what is desirable and good. And we each want to believe that deep down inside, we are good. Because in our polarized belief system, we are taught to love what is good and push away what is bad. Hanging onto our ability to define what is bad lets us hang onto our ability to judge what is good. And we find great comfort in this.

But neither promotes love.

I have often heard the expression among New Agers "It is all good". And I find this jarring. I can feel an underlying sensation that something uncomfortable is being covered over by a smile. If nothing else, Archangel Michael says that Michael Jackson's death and the subsequent revealing of his life story will stand as an opportunity to emotionally feel the exaggerated results of such actions.

Michael Jackson and Archangel Michael
There is a level of conscious within Archangel Michael that accesses all other dimensions without judgment. Because there is no judgment energies that we perceive as being of the light or of the dark can move through Archangel Michael to wherever they themselves need to be.

The human brain likes to judge if something is good or bad, dark or light. There is comfort in knowing what something is, so that we can then know how to relate to it. For example, if it is bad and we push it away, then we must therefore be good. Michael Jackson seems to be embodying the complexities of many facets of human nature from the sublime to the unfathomably odd and unhealthy. Reviewing his life offers us the possibility of not putting him into a comfortable "good" or "bad" side of the polarized continuum. The first steps toward Unity consciousness are those of consideration rather than judgment. As we consider Michael Jackson's life, perhaps we can also consider, rather than judge, aspects of our own inner lives.

Seeing Truth
How many millions viewed Michael Jackson's memorial online and on television? At the same time, a homeopathic eclipse was in effect. As people continue to view the memorial now the energies of the eclipse remain available. Grief, not just for the passing of Michael Jackson, but for the passing of a lifestyle is being shed. The memorials for him and so many other celebrities from my childhood who have died in the past weeks provide opportunities to grieve the passing of our presumed lifestyle.

The baby-boom generation, of which I am one, grew up in a world that is going to be gone within the next few years. It is crumbling all around us. We thought that it would last forever. The old goal was a big house, big car and retirement. The new goal is a small energy-efficient home, a hydrogen or environmentally friendly car to get us to mass transit, and sharing our gifts with others as long as possible.

Grief for the passing of a lifestyle that baby boomers grew up in, expected to live in, but are losing before they can fully benefit from it is tangible. Sometimes the grief of loss is anger. As icons of our childhood die their passing reveals an unspoken, ill-defined, nearly invisible grief of letting go of things by which we have unconsciously defined ourselves. And just as with judgment, when we lose the outer trappings that define ourselves, the boundaries of who we are need to be recreated.

Now personally I have been all for the new cycle my entire life. I saw and did not feel comfortable with the past typical American life-style. But I would say that you who are reading this and I myself are in the minority of Americans, Canadians, and most others in industrialized countries. Most people still have a longing for the old days of our childhood. The comfort of Saturday morning cartoons and going for a drive just for entertainment still calls to most people. As celebrities from the past depart, it is as if fence posts from our memories that have kept us safe are being torn away. We must find other ways to create comfort. We must learn to define who we are by our creative expression rather than by what it is that we judge. "Who we are" is more important than what is outside or contrary to ourselves.

It is not a coincidence that Archangel Michael can help other Beings, both of light and dark, move homeward. This is because Archangel Michael's consciousness is one of love for all. Clearly understanding our polarized actions lets us begin to step toward this unifying love in our own hearts. Unity Consciousness is not a consciousness in which only "good" exists. It is a consciousness which embraces both sides of the "good" and "bad" of our world. In Michael Jackson we have the opportunity to step out of the judgment of "good" or "bad". Over and over, each time we see a media segment about his life, we have the opportunity to notice the judgments that arise within us. Consideration includes compassion, judgment doesn't.

As we move into and beyond 2012, we are called to learn and experience Unity Consciousness. This is not a consciousness in which all is perfectly perfect. It is a consciousness that allows us to see what does not fit in our lives, and to make adjustments. The internal emotional changes that were offered by the homeopathic lunar eclipse were received by millions of people whose hearts were more open than usual as they watched Michael Jackson's memorial service on July 7. Imagine the difference this will make over time; that so many millions of people were still, allowing themselves to feel deeply their own emotions, during the time that the energies of this lovely little homeopathic eclipse were active.

Even more Eclipses this Summer!
Another homeopathic eclipse on August 6 reveals, probably by magnifying them, blind spots that you have created in your own spiritual vision of your path. This eclipse will help you gather all that you have done and step into a new cycle.

July 22 brings a total Solar eclipse which "begins in India and crosses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China…a partial eclipse is visible in most of eastern Asia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean." more here This eclipse reveals false masculine structures and helps reveal the Divine Feminine within all those incarnate.

The Sirian Portal July 23-September 17
This year's energies from Sirius bring such a strength of Sacred Masculine that we must clear emotions and energies of the profane or unreal feminine to make room in our hearts, our bodies and our lives. The incoming Sacred Masculine energies of this late summer will work with all of us on the planet, as well as Gaia herself. This will be particularly strong in the middle weeks of August.

No Regrets
Let yourself feel the new way, then you will see and understand why you have headed in a different direction than before. Once you are on this path, only then can you see its conclusion.

My love and great blessings all,
-Norma, with Archangel Michael

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Information and meditations given on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2009
with Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathor Atamira

"Change is allowing what is already present to carry us rather than drag us. " (track #2, Archangel Michael)

The recording contains the teachings (from Archangel Michael and Mary), the two meditations and a sound healing from Atamira (not part of the original phone conference).

I'm including two sound samples of the recording below. Enjoy!

1 Introduction
2 A Teaching on Grounding and Change (Archangel Michael) LISTEN
3  Inviting Sacred Space (with Archangel Michael and Nature)
4  The Fourth Cracker Crumb
5  Meditation: The Stillness within the Heart  LISTEN
6  Fear and the Enteric Nervous System
7  Meditation: Let Spirit work some Change on Your Central Life Issue
8  A Simple Song for a Simple Journey
A sound healing, recorded live in a workshop.  
9  How to Release Sacred Space  9:04

This hour-long series of talks and meditations was exceptionally deep, and I thank each of you who participated.

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Like most people with the ability to see spiritual energies, I tend to open my sight when working and then close my sight when not in use. So when something breaks through and presents itself, I know I must listen.

And now for a note on current events. Take it with whatever size of salt you prefer; a grain, an ounce, or a few pounds…

As I said above, when I close down my psychic eyes it is because I need to focus on this more physical world. Yesterday where I live, just outside of Detroit Michigan (Motown), there was a series of very strong storms. Not unusual for this area and this time of year.

What struck me was that the wind in the storms (unusual, nearly hurricane force) contrasted to an unusually quiet sensation within the land here. There was a deep stillness rising up from within the Earth to meet the ferocity of the storm. Almost like a mother containing a young child in the midst of an emotional episode. The emotions raged, and yet there was a sense of calm.

And in the midst I felt a deep sigh coming from the physical Earth as the hearts of many people who would never think of themselves as having anything to do with the word "spiritual" opened. My guides reminded me that it matters not if our hearts open in joy or grief, simply that they open.

Through the open gateway of our hearts Spirit pours into our shared world. Like a seldom used water faucet, those first Spiritual waters pouring through a newly opened heart may be rusty, bringing up old emotions that simply need to be released. Then the clear water pours out. And these hearts are available to express Spirit into our world.

As humanity clarifies their hearts, the Earth can release emotional energies that she has been holding on our behalf. This release can affect weather patterns. This release must happen in order for Gaia to make her transition into pure emotional energy.

This morning I am aware of a lovely new current of energy running through the Earth here. Just as we can express more fully who we are by releasing what no longer is serving us, Gaia is now free to express more of who she is becoming.

As public figures and events move us emotionally, our hearts open. Michael Jackson's passing has opened the hearts of the masses, world-wide, in a way that the passing of other celebrities has not. People are being changed by not only their grief in his passing, but by how they are choosing to grieve.

The passing of Princess Diana also opened hearts across the world, but humanity was at a different level of consciousness. The quality of grief, and manner of expression of that grief, was very different. As the world processed their grief from her death, space was greeted within our hearts for deeper compassion. And also anger. It became acceptable to say "no" and for the Divine Feminine to create boundaries.

Archangel Michael suggests to watch for the quality of expression that comes about from Michael Jackson's passing. How does grief turn to joy? What is the miracle that lets someone celebrate while feeling loss? These are the questions posed to me by Archangel Michael.

As our hearts are open, we will also feel more keenly our interconnectedness to each other. This heightened connectivity goes both ways. As we open our hearts, we are more able to both feel another's pain and offer another healing.

There are so many steps that we each will walk (and climb) in the years to come. No one event will be the beginning or the conclusion. I simply felt it important to mark this particular step.

(And as I am finishing, the strains of a familiar pop tune are coming down the street playing out of the local garbage collection truck.)

My blessings to each of you, in this summer (or winter) season of change.


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