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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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BUILDING OUR BODIES WITH SPIRITUAL ENERGIES: Hara and Navel Chakra Meditations from Mary We each carry within ourselves the ability to utilize Spiritual energies as Lifeforce for our bodies and lives. Long overlooked in western culture, our lower chakras provide the stability and power that allow our hearts to open and our minds to be clear. Here are four meditations, all from Mary, to open, cleanse, and empower our bodies to carry the current of compassion and love into our world. As Mary says, "Your navel focuses energies into physical reality. From here you find support to create. Your hara allows spiritual pranic energy to turn itself into a nourishing factor for the physical body. Together, your embue your humanaity with the power of love." Includes: -Grace: Mary's words through Norma: -Wisdom as an Expression of Our Bodies -Mary's Meditation for Your Body (Hara) -Cleanse and Rebuild Your Lifeforce (Hara) -Mary's Meditation for Support (Navel) -Manifest What is Yours, Now (Navel) -Bring Compassion to a Life Challenge -Mary's Message to you, through your body. -Why release Angels and Sacred Space Norma's FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER and ARTICLES at: SONGS of SPIRIT, Norma’s new CD, now available at iTUNES (under music) and
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Revised Oct 15, now includes segment 'Healing Yourself" ---------- We all carry pieces of the old paradigm, which now feel like heavy energy, within us. Within the DNA we inherited from our family, and within our beliefs, are pieces of what was. We grew up in the old paradigm (most of us) and little bits are still ingrained within us. In this podcast are meditations to address how we can free up our own energies and help moribund, stagnant energies of the old paradigm transform into new movement. Here are some ideas of what to do when you feel stuck, surrounded by people, things or situations that don’t appear to change, and you can't see a way out. The meditations and questions asked provide ways for you to address the energies of the old paradigm in a healing fashion, honoring and allowing the core of the stagnant energy to be released into its evolutionary cycle. For more information on this subject, you may want to read Norma’s October 2007 e-newsletter, “Healing Yourself when You Don’t Want to?, posted at under Newsletters. There you can subscribe to her free e-newsletters, order copies of her podcasts as CDs, as well as listen to and purchase her musical recordings
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HEALTHY WEALTH - MEDITATIONS TO EMBRACE WHAT WE ARE READY TO CHANGE based on a teleconference held Aug 28, 2007 (total lunar eclipse) addressing energies of change and recreation and the solar eclipse of Sept 11, 2007. Archangel Michael, Thoth, Shesat, and the Ascended Masters with Norma Gentile Archangel Michael says, as do many of these angels and guides, that they are with us always, and it is we who forget that they are there. The (meditation) is just a way to turn our faces toward them, to say, “Yes, we remember you, Yes we need support, Yes please help us to stay facing you in this particular time.? We are called to undo everything that has been built on an hierarchical format, everything that has been built without a sense of true heart. As fearful as it may be for us, it is imperative that each human body lives grounded into the reality that truly reflects where the soul’s journey is trying to move it to. As we resist change, we frequently are resisting that same journey that our soul decided was ‘good’ for us. What is the next step of our soul’s journey? Fear is what happens when our connection to Heaven and Earth gets severed, usually at the Earth end. We are flooded with energies that have no cohesion or exit point, and become overwhelmed. We honor that the money each person generates in their lifetime reflects the flowing of spirit through them. Therefore, each person tunes their capacity to generate money to their own personal wiring. Attempting to mimic another’s ability to create abundance, be it your father, mother, guru, financial advisor or Oprah, distracts your body from tuning in and generating money on your unique frequency of soul. FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER and ARTICLES at: SONGS of SPIRIT, Norma’s new CD, now available at iTUNES (under music).

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HOW EARTH GAIA is HEALING HUMANITY - Two Meditations for Deep Healing - - - - - Did you know that the Hara, just below our navel, is the primarily point of incarnation for the soul into the body? This, according to what Archangel Michael has shared with me, allows our soul to inform our body of the soul's direction and choices. When our minds function in worldly fashion apart from Spirit, we are focused on achieving external balance, and unable to hear the promptings of our soul. Allowing ourselves to come into stillness in this lower body center lets information rise up and be heard more clearly. The first meditation does this, by allowing the body to feel its innate connecting to Earth and Gaia. Releasing the mind from its need to decide is the next step. When we are exposed to unconditional love, our body, heart and mind want to resonate and bring forth our own quality of love. The second meditation, from Archangel Michael and Mary, brings focused quiet attention to the mind, through this principal of Resonant Response. The pure energy of Nature, and the Solar Sacred Masculine provide a rich bed of support for our bodies. Let Michael and Mary show you how. - - - - - - - Special guest Andrea Mathieson provides commentary and stories of healing through our gardens and Gaia. - - - - - Recommendation is for an hour 15 mins of quiet time while listening to this podcast. The meditations may be listened to repeatedly if desired. If you enjoy and feel a benefit, you may consider a private healing session with Norma and her guides, Michael and Mary. - - - - - SONGS of SPIRIT, Norma’s new CD, now available in pre-release discount pricing – listen at You can DOWNLOAD Norma's other music now at iTunes (under music).

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The Meditations described and offered in this podcast give us a way of nurturing our bodies on a regular basis with a deeper level of energy than what we are accustomed to receiving from our food, energy work, or even yoga.  The initial reaction may be one of the bodies saying �Finally!  You plugged me in!  Now, just leave me to charge for a while.�  These meditations are meant to allow your body to go into a mode of recuperation.  Plan on having an hour or more afterwards to continue your own self-care and enjoyment of the process.  These meditations come through Norma from years of working with Thoth (an Ascended Master), Archangel Michael, and her Hathor guide Atamira.

This is a series of monthly (or so) information on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.  It is taken from live teleconferences. Information on how to participate, workshops, articles, sound clips and free e-newsletter at

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EMOTIONS and WEATHER: How human emotions, conscious intention and other factors contribute to weather patterns

Norma and her guides (Thoth, Shesat, Archangel Michael) speak on how humans consciously and unconsciously affect weather patterns, and what we each can do to unwind conscious weather manipulation, as well as bless Gaia and her body, our Earth.

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