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This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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I find that the lessons my guides like to share with me are often brought to my attention in my normal waking life.  Recently, I noticed that not only is the media reporting on the events they usually cover, such as natural disasters and political upheavals, but they are also covering the resulting prayer gatherings and peace rallies. Likewise, with each unfolding situation, my email box fills with announcements of group meditations and prayers.   I’m betting yours does too.

The invitations for most meditation events I receive include notes that the intention is to “heal” or “bring peace” to a person or situation on the planet.  Other emails request me to “send light and love” or good thoughts, prayer and energy towards curing illness for someone or helping with a difficult family matter.

Certainly I feel a sense of compassion for those who are suffering.  Yet the underlying intention of this sort of goal-oriented prayer has never felt accurate to me. This morning as I was wrestling with how to address another round of these emails, I heard a sentence being formed out loud in my head.

“The more unencumbered by personal intentions your prayers are, the more effective they are.” 

While I attributed the sentence to one of my guides, the idea was not new to me. Growing up as the eldest granddaughter of a minister, I heard again every Easter the Bible story of Jesus’ overheard prayer “…Not my will, but Thine, be done.”    As a mystically inclined seeker of the Divine, I know it from passages in the Bhagavad Gita, the Emissaries of Divine Light, and the teachings of Yogananda.  And in the world of energy healing, I immediately recalled the ways in which several teachers have shared this same philosophy with me.

Spiritual healer and teacher Ken Page points out that whenever we send energy, even “love and light”, we are opening ourselves to an energy exchange. Something will come back to us from the person or situation we are targeting with our prayers.  I would add that the more our intention is to change a person or situation, the more the energy that comes back to us will also try to change us!

Drunvalo Melchizedek, author and originator of the MerKaBa Meditation,  points out that we live in a polarized world.  In this world where there is both good and evil, right and wrong, we create both aspects of whatever we wish for, even though our intention is to create only one aspect.  When our prayers are formed “for the good” by our mental capacity, an equal amount of our energy is also creating the opposite effect. 

I find that Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” applies to how we pray.  If we indeed pray for what would appear to be a “good” outcome to any situation, then we are also unconsciously putting an equal amount of energy into praying for a “bad” outcome. 

How can this be?  My metaphysical answer is this: Because we live in a world that is based on Free Will, we as a group of souls decided to create polarity.  On a practical level this means that what appears to me as “bad” might actually be the catalyst for a much larger movement of Spiritual growth. 

A friend recently reminded me of how much we as humans do not know about the larger plans of God and Spirit. “If prayers for peace had been answered in 1861, there would still be slavery in America”.  Likewise, if peace had been the result of prayers offered at the outset of World War II, Hitler may have ruled much of the western world. 

In our human form, we are not able to see the larger picture of events that are working themselves out.  It is only natural for us to pray for that which makes one more comfortable, happier, and healthier.  But our soul’s journey is to explore how we, while in human form, create comfort and ease, generate joy and find balance in our physical bodies. 

While our personality would prefer to jump to the end of our soul’s learning process and enter into a life of perfect comfort, our soul want to learn all that is possible while here in human form. And sometimes that includes the experience of discomfort in order to motivate useful changes in our lives.

In a study done in the 1990s, hospitalized cardiac patients were  prayed for in directed and non-directed prayer, and compared to a group that received no prayers.  (this was a small study, probably funded as part of the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Studies, and most likely related to a university hospital. If you know this exact study please let me know as I have lost the original published article) 

Unlike many similar studies which divided patients into only two groups, this particular study divided patients into three groups. The group that received no prayers did the least well in terms of their physical recovery. The second group received prayers of directed healing: “Please heal the heart of _______,” for example.  The third group of patients received non-directed healing. “May God’s will be done in the life of ________.”

Not surprisingly the third group of patients had the highest recovery rate. 

In similar studies, Spindrift Research ( showed that prayers for the healing of living beings such as mold, yeast, and soybeans helped them recover from injuries and grow significantly more than those same plants that did not receive prayer.

In the study involving soybeans, one group of soybeans was oversaturated with water while another group was not given enough water. Both groups of the soybeans were set out to receive prayers.  Most of those praying did not know whether the soybeans they were praying for were too dry or too wet.  Some soybeans received directed prayers (“God let the soybeans have more moisture in order to sprout well”) while other soybeans received non-directed prayer (“May the soybeans receive whatever they need”).

As their report states: “With non goal-directed prayer, the group of over-soaked beans gave off water and moved down toward normal, and the under-soaked beans took on water and moved up toward normal.  The different needs [of the soybeans] were met.” The group of soybeans receiving directed goal prayers remained either over saturated with water as well as too dry. The potential within the soybeans receiving non-directed, non-goal oriented prayer to bring themselves into balance was activated by the energy of the prayers.  This same inner potential to achieve balance was not successfully accessed by those soybeans receiving directed or goal-oriented prayers.

This is a strong lesson for all of us, whether or not we consider ourselves to be healers. Letting ourselves honor, especially during times of great need, the innate intelligence of God that lies within each person or situation allows the power of Spirit that is already present within each person or situation to shine more brightly.  Telling God how to heal a person, bring peace to a situation or fix a perceived problem actually constricts the movement of Spirit, and thus the potential healing that God would desire to bring through that person or situation. 

I have no doubt that it is easier to pray for a soybean to follow its own inner intelligence than to find within ourselves a space of neutrality and compassion from which we can pray without a fixed goal for those we know or for painful world situations.  This is perhaps one of the most difficult lessons we, as humans, have decided to learn.  Healing and prayer are not about results.  Healing and prayer happen when we allow our own compassionate heart to open and simply be with another’s pain. In this way God is awakened from within, and Love is remembered.


Norma Gentile


Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is an intuitive healer and channeler. She incorporates her training as a professional musician into her meditation albums and recordings of healing music.  Many songs, meditations and group consultations are offered freely through her website’s newsletter. 

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January 2011 email Newsletter
Revealing New Aspects of Yourself
(Insights from Mary, given during the Meditation on 1/1/11)

Dear Friends,

I felt strongly drawn to create a time of meditation on January 1, 2011. Not just because the date looked so nice (1/1/11) in the Gregorian calendar. It also felt like a very potent window, lying between two major eclipses (the Winter Solstice of Dec 21 and this Tuesday's eclipse of the sun). Without planning it, the energy of Mary appeared as I made the final preparations for the meditation. And she wanted to sing through me, as well as offer some words of insight.

Below are some highlights, transcribed from the spoken portions of this meditation. To listen to the songs you can download the meditation as an mp3 (iTunes<podcasts<Norma Gentile) or from the Meditation CDs page of my website. For those still happily using CDs, you can order this and all the other past meditations as CDs from this same page.

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excerpts from the Meditation held on 1/1/11
Revealing New Aspects of Yourself
Songs and Meditations from Mary to help you grow into Yourself.

Listen Now: Mystery - a song from spirit


Where are the qualities of the Divine Feminine that are yours to bring forth? Where are those qualities of creativity, or of exuberant dance? Where in your life is there opportunity now to find the co-creative stance that you, as a human, are meant to bring forth?

The Divine Feminine that is innate within you longs to arise and meet the Divine Feminine within your physical surroundings.

Nature Spirits create and maintain our physical world according to our qualities of consciousness. They want nothing more than for us to resonate back to them what we embody as unconditional love. When we allow our level of unconditional love to meet the level of unconditional love known by the Nature Spirits around us, we engage more fully and deeply into the entire physical world that surrounds us.

How silly we are to assume that if we could only go "up" (into higher dimensions) that we could fix our world. We forget that our 3rd dimensional world exists between the 4th and the 2nd dimensions. Any change in our 3rd dimensional world comes because there is a change in all of the dimensions, from the lower through the upper. What we might conceive of as inappropriate or difficult here in the 3rd dimension may be of our own doing, or it might be a reflection of a shift or change in another dimension.

The lessening of our own judgment towards what we find uncomfortable allows us to perceive more easily if we indeed are creating what we don't like, or if we are simply experiencing what we do not like, and it is emanating from another person, situation or dimension.

We feel what is happening in other dimensions because our souls exist in all dimensions. Our 3rd dimensional soul can indeed commune and communicate with those aspects of our soul in other dimensions, both above and below. We tend to forget that the lower dimensions create our body and influence our lives just as the upper dimensions do.

If you can see the Foundation you can see the rest of Creation
A truth I learned long ago, from many teachers, is that as you connect down into the lower dimensions then the upper dimensions become more available to you. The moment our consciousness becomes aware of the first dimension, and of the Pure Energy of Nature which fills this dimension, then and only then may we be aware of all the dimensions of our reality.

It is as if by looking at the foundation of our reality we can then see the whole of our reality. To the extent that your consciousness feels, senses, sees or comprehends that aspect of your soul incarnating now in your body and how it already exists in the 1st dimension, then you can feel and know your soul in all of the dimensions.

Oftentimes those guides, angels, or beings of consciousness that most support us during a particular portion of our life exist in the lower dimensions. Many of us were taught to go "up" into the higher dimensions when we are looking for information from our guides. But the information is awaiting us in a lower dimension from similar spiritual beings of consciousness. The vibrational quality of the lower dimensions is as nourishing to our soul, heart and body as are the upper dimensions. Within the lower dimensions is a deep stillness that lets us come to rest. I find physical healing occurs during profound communion with the lower dimensions of our soul.

Who are you now and who are you becoming?
That which you are is of course infinite. And yet it is finite within the 3rd dimensional human body. Let yourself touch that infinite aspect of yourself not from the upper dimensions but from the lower dimensions. Allow yourself to find a different habit, a different way of connecting into those guides, angels and energies that support you now. Don't just do what you know how to do…let those who surround and support you show you a different way, a new way now.

Yes, something IS different!
Over many years of healing work I have noticed that people often don't recognize when they have released an old pattern. Most of the time we simply go on with our lives after a healing session, expecting to feel a bit better. It is only when a pattern re-occurs that we suddenly realize that it had left us for awhile. Validating the changes we feel after a meditation or healing gives us greater permission to make those changes permanent.

The physical issues, life issues, emotions and other things we experience and want to change are manifestations of habits, beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve the journey of our soul.

Sometimes after a healing session you might notice new aches or pains, emotions or life issues arise. For me, this is a sign that more is ready to be released. Usually, if you can easily feel a pattern, you have already gleaned from it some or all of what you need to know about it. And all or some of it is ready to grow and change into something else. In order for it to grow it must leave us.

In this way we allow God / All That Is to grow and to learn more about itself. We allow God / All That Is to experience the new patterns that we have created and manifested here upon the Earth. In order to release that which is no longer a part of us, we must learn to step back from judging that which is different from ourselves. As we cease judgment, we allow that greater creative force of Spirit more space and more possibilities of connecting into, around and through us in all dimensions. We allow our guides, angels and those beings of consciousness who work with us in all dimensions to be more audible in our lives.

And yet we must say Good-bye
During times of healing or meditation we consciously invite a magnified connection with our guides and angels. When we have completed this time, it is up to us to say "thank-you" and release our magnified connection to those beings, angels and guides who have communed with us.

When we thank and feel appreciation for these beings, the connection with them changes. In this period of gratitude, we allow those beings of conscious, guides and angels that will continue to work with us to step back into their natural connection and relationship to us. This allows us to move easily out of meditation or healing mode and into our normal waking state, bringing with us the innate connections to Spirit established and strengthened during our meditation.

At the same time it allows us to release those guides or angels whose task has come to completion with us, at least for the moment. While it seems ironic, it is easier to hear spiritual guidance from a few angels rather than from many.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I trust that these ideas are of service to you in your own journey. If you want to listen to the meditation recording from which this comes, (and the musical sound healings from Mary) go to the Meditation CDs page of my website for mp3 / CD versions. It is also available as a podcast on iTunes (under Norma Gentile).

My best to each of you in this New Year!

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Revealing New Aspects of Yourself
Songs and Meditations from Mary to help you grow into Yourself.

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1 Introduction
*2 A Song from Mary (channeled live)
3 Invocation of Sacred Space and Your Creativity
*4 Remembrance - a song from Mary (channeled live)
5 Your Aspect of the Divine Feminine (meditation from Mary)
*6 Mystery - a song from Spirit (from a live concert - I am joined by Gordon Johnston of Ottawa Canada on harp)
7 Validating Your Healing
8 Releasing Sacred Space
9 A little more Information

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from a live concert with Harp, Tibetan Bowls and Voice

Beginning in early November and running until nearly the end of January, our planet will be passing through a very dense area of space. It is a field of energetic debris caused by emotions, but these aren't our emotions. But the energies we will be encountering will open up and resonate our own emotions.

During this time we will have a much greater ability to clarify our own emotions. We will also have much greater access to those portions of ourselves that exist outside of our known third dimensional world. Music is one way to open a conscious portal between ourselves and these other aspects of our soul.
Here is an article that explores more deeply how music healing works, along with a sound healing from a recent meditation concert.

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Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

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Songs and Meditation from Mary to help you grow into Yourself

1 Introduction
*2 A Song from Mary (channeled live)
3 Invocation of Sacred Space and Your Creativity
*4 Remembrance - a song from Mary (channeled live)
5 Your Aspect of the Divine Feminine (meditation from Mary)
*6 Mystery - a song from Spirit (from a live concert - I am joined by Gordon Johnston of Ottawa Canada on harp)
7 Validating Your Healing
8 Releasing Sacred Space
9 A little more Information

*Includes 3 new sound healings.

Where are the qualities of the Divine Feminine that are yours to bring forth? Where are those qualities of creativity, or of exuberant dance? Where in your life is there opportunity now to find the co-creative stance that you, as a human, are meant to bring forth?

Spirit dances with us from all the dimensions. When we feel, see or sense the foundation of our reality, the Pure Energy of Nature in the First Dimension, we then gain access to all the upper dimensions as well.

The Divine Feminine that is innate within you longs to arise and meet the Divine Feminine that surrounds you.

Portions of this meditation were transcribed and appear in the January 2011 Newsletter

Direct download: NEWASPECTSofSELF.mp3
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(Eclipses, Velcro and Spiritual Magnificence)

We are sitting in the midst of two energetic motions.  One is pulling away habitual comfortable surroundings, while the other is inviting us to peer into the unknown darkness.  And this darkness can be unnerving to view, particularly if we also feel unsteady in our body.

It is as if the upcoming eclipse (Jan 4) is the doorway into what we have always wanted in our life, but have not let ourselves give any substantive energy towards manifesting. We have believed what our family, our society and our neighbors have  told us about ourselves.  In the eyes of others, we could not rise to spiritual magnificence.  So how could we possibly be worthy of even imagining our inner dream, let alone manifesting it?

Of course, we can only see within another person what we can see within ourselves.  As we recognize our own spiritual gifts, others are prompted to feel their own gifts awakening within themselves.

The full moon lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) is now ripping away the facades of habit, belief and behavior we have developed in relation to the outer world.  My guides are explaining that it is like the magic trick of pulling the tablecloth off of an exquisitely set table.  The wine glasses, plates, cups and silverware remain. They are now resting on the bare table.  Only the tablecloth is gone.

In our current scenario the tablecloth represents the underpinning beliefs that we have used to create external circumstances of our life. The bare table represents our new foundation.  The wobbling wine glasses represent that off-balance feeling we might experience during these weeks of quick change.  And being that we are still practicing our ability to co-create with Spirit, a wine glass might topple over and need an external hand to steady it.

On January 4 the second in a series of eclipses spanning several years will occur. You probably remember the intensity of the first of these eclipses, which occurred early last week during the Winter Solstice December 21, 2010. This first eclipse is pulling the tablecloth out from underneath us. The upcoming eclipse offers us the opportunity to step into manifestation in a new way.  But only if we let the tablecloth be completely pulled out from underneath us.

Like many of the eclipses coming up in the next few years, the pair of eclipses (December 21, 2010 and January 4, 2011) is bringing up into our awareness those emotional patterns that we have taken upon us which are not our own. During the weeks before and after each eclipse we will be very aware of these patterns so that we might release them back to wherever or whenever they belong.

These emotional patterns are attached to underlying emotions and beliefs that we are ready to change.  In order to get to our issues in this lifetime we must release the emotional patterns we have taken on that do not actually belong to us. My guides suggested thinking of how we take on energies, emotions and patterns from other people a bit like how Velcro works

There are two halves to every Velcro – one half (the side with the hooks) is the side that contains a personal issue that our soul wishes to address and learn about in this lifetime now. This hook side has attracted to itself bits and pieces of the fuzzy side, the other half of Velcro, from other people, other lifetimes, and even other realities.

Each time we feel the emotion or think about the issue related to our hook side of the Velcro we feel overwhelmed.  Because we are! Our own portion of the issue lies underneath this pile of emotional fuzzy Velcros that belong to others. We have no way of addressing, healing or changing all these energies that aren’t ours.

In the moment we realize that we can’t change something, we are free to release it.  In fact, we become of service to all of humanity when we release a pattern or energy onto its next step.  We don’t need to know where an energy is going or how it might move. The energy has its own consciousness and its own evolutionary plan. It knows where to go and how to get there.

We just need to honor that somehow fuzzy Velcro pieces became attached to one of our hook Velcro pieces. We can thank the fuzzy Velcro pieces for being heavy enough or numerous enough or painful enough that we have looked and seen our own hook Velcro side of an issue that we need to address. 

As we thank it for showing us our own Velcro piece, the pieces of fuzzy Velcro depart.  Over time our own Velcro piece releases all the other pieces that had become attached to it. Our personal issue related to that particular Velcro hook becomes manageable.  The emotional pattern no longer overwhelms us.  We can consider the issue that the Velcro represents in our life, and it feels like something we can indeed do something about.

Most of the time just asking “is this emotion, thought, or physical sensation really mine?” will assist the energy of a fuzzy Velcro to move enough so that you notice it has changed.  That is how you know when a pattern is ready to leave. Most of the time we have already received whatever lesson or message the emotion, thought or physical sensation relates to. If there is still a bit of information or an insight that we need to receive, it will either flash into your mind as the energy moves out, or it may come to you during a dream or meditation later on.

A friend called me as I was writing this.  He had just returned from a trip to work in his field of healing within a spiritual community.  He had thoroughly enjoyed being with the community and sharing his healing gifts with them.  He had already been invited back for a return visit.
But he also mentioned not feeling well since his return and attributed it to the change in diet while he was eating with the community.  I concurred that there were several energetic patterns around him that were not in tune with his body.  When he talked about the food he ate while in the community some of the energetic patterns became darker and more prominent. 

When I asked internally if there was a lesson here, the guides mentioned this was in part about his body being nourished accurately.  He was learning about the importance of self-care.  He felt obligated to follow the diet that the community observed.  But it was not a diet that accurately nourished his body.  I passed that thought onto him, and he agreed. It had already occurred to him that he needed to address this, and so it was validating for him to hear from an outside source such as my guides and myself that this was indeed an important point.

 As it became clear to him that he would need to speak with someone in the community about his own nutritional needs, he reported feeling better.  But I could see at least one pattern, which was fairly large, persisted.  I tossed out a few ideas to see if I could help him figure out what else his soul wanted him to know.  “Maybe it is about your previous trip to the ocean?”  “Or something unresolved from last month?”  No reaction.  He said he didn’t think so. 

My thoughts returned to the community he had just returned from. “What is the relationship of the energy above his head and the community?” I asked my guides internally. In a fraction of a second I saw how tightly knit the community was, and how protective its spiritual leader and founder was of all those living within the community. He had died years ago, and yet something of his energy was leaning into my friend’s 7th chakra just above his head. 

I framed what I was sensing into a question, and posed it aloud to my friend. “I wonder if it has to do with the original founder of the spiritual community?”  My own head suddenly ached. The dark energy was now in my crown chakra too. At the same time I saw the energy pattern darken and grow more prominent above my friend’s head.  I asked the guides to share with me what was going on. 

They suggested that my friend “talk” to the discomfort he was experiencing, respecting it as if it were the community’s founder.  My friend went along with the idea.

He let the founder know that his healing work with community members was to assist the members in their spiritual path.  The treatments were only offered to people when it was appropriate for them. He was not inflicting any treatments upon those who would not benefit from the treatment.  As he communed in silence for a moment with the founder’s energies, my headache released.  The dark energy above my friend’s head appeared to dissolve.  “That is much better,” my friend reported.

All it took was noticing the pattern of discomfort, giving it permission to step forward into awareness, and then communicating with it.  Sometimes we can do this ourselves.  Sometimes it is easier to have someone else there to point out the obvious things we miss.  I am fond of saying that this process is like cutting hair.  While we can trim the hair around our face, we can’t see accurately or easily enough to give ourselves a good haircut in the back of our heads.  So too we can’t see all the energies that interact with us from the inside of our aura and the inside of our own lives. 

If you would like to take advantage of an opportunity to work together during these next few weeks, I am offering individual Private Sessions now as well as the Phone Meditations open to all each  month.  Please see my website

My best to each of you,


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