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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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In our western culture we think of manifestation as being a linear process.  I think of something, I visualize it, I meditate on it and it appears.  We don’t often think of the creative process as being cyclical, in that it re-occurs regularly, and has various stages.  There are quiet portions to the Creative Cycle that occur before anything comes into form. These quiet portions are seldom noticed.  But it is while the energies of Spirit and Nature are gestating that we as humans can often nourish or accidentally trample upon something potentially manifesting in our lives.

Here is a meditation supported by the energetic presence of Archangel Michael, Mary and Thoth to help you notice and attend to projects that Spirit is already working on bringing into in your life.

1 Introduction to the Manifestation portion of the Creative Cycle  
2 Creating Sacred Space: Why include Nature Spirits in Your Sacred Space  
3 The Quiet Motion of Spirit   
4 Meditation – Allowing Spirit to Support You (even more)  
5 Prioritizing What We Nourish in Our Lives  
6 Meditation -  Letting Spirit Bless You  
*7 Blessing Song  
8 Tend your Garden, and Yourself  0
9 Our Shared World of Form and Global Environment
10 Releasing Sacred Space  
11 Closing – the meditation will continue  
  Total Time  62 mins

Blessing Song (#7) is excerpted from a live concert of spontaneous improvised songs given by myself and David Darling.  You can hear him playing cello underneath my singing. His music is available at iTunes, and also check him out on youtube and on his website,

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Healing with Gratitude
Those Ancient Energies now Departing

 -- Insights from Nature, Gaia, Mary and Thoth

     through Norma Gentile 


from Norma:

Yes, a wave of ancient energies has almost completed their journey out of our planet. You might notice that the days seem to be getting calmer, as their vibration is no longer hitting up against the vibration of the physical Earth and our physical bodies. Will this be the last major release of ancient energies? Probably not. My guides say another wave will begin to exit in mid-fall. For this reason I include some ideas and insights for you to ponder.

This particular essay comes primarily from a channeled meditation entitled “Ancient Energies Arise and Depart”. The entire recording of this meditation, including the actual healing meditations, channeling and additional information is now available to listen to as a CD or free mp3. I've included in it a special sound healing, Aguas Sagradas (Sacred Waters) recorded with cellist and Grammy-winner David Darling during a recent concert. Please see my website under “Meditation CDs” for more information.


from Mary

Moving into a new relationship with all of the consciousnesses with whom we share our planet means letting go of our belief that anyone of us knows how another should act, should be, or even should heal.

It very difficult to give away or force upon someone the energy of Gratitude. The true sensation of Gratitude brings you to rest.  It brings you into your body, and so into the center of your world.

Having Gratitude for something or someone requires that you first be in relationship to yourself.  When we are more deeply in relationship to ourselves we are much less apt to try to extinguish what we perceive as external fires with our own personal energies.  Within a state of Gratitude, we are more able to sustain neutrality towards the buffeting winds of change and the incessant demands of external voices for our attention.  And within our personal state of Gratitude, the simple solutions provided by the consciousnesses with whom we share our world become more audible to us.  Problem solving becomes a group process, not an individual undertaking.

We see the larger picture provided by Spirit only when we cease focusing solely on the problem.


Using Unconditional Love in Healing 
from Norma

My own sense, and perhaps this is because I have always been sensitive to subtle energies, is that the easiest way to get me to not do something is for someone to send me a lot of intention that I should do that exact something.  And if that energetic intention arrives with energetic instructions of how I ought to be doing this something, I am even less likely to consider it as an option in my life.  And I suspect that I am not the only one who prefers to make their own decisions!

When I am on the receiving end of well-intentioned prayers or “love and light” I notice a constant motion of energies in my aura. It is like little bits of waves pushing in and out of the space around me. I find it distracting, sometimes to the point of feeling a bit unbalanced or dizzy. Other times it feels like a heaviness or weight within some part of my physical body. As soon as I ask it “Are you in tune with me?” it departs, and my body feels lighter. It is not that people don’t have good intentions when they send me such energies. But their intentions are not in tune with my own physical body and/or my soul’s journey at this moment. 

From my own experience I have found that sending “love and light” usually creates more chaos, not less, in the situation to which it is being sent.  In looking at why this is, I realized a very simple fact. Our concept, as humans, of “love and light” or even of “unconditional love” is always limited by our experience. We may have glorious, ecstatic experiences today of unconditional love.  And by tomorrow we may have the ability to experience a whole new level of ecstatic and glorious unconditional love!

How silly we are, to assume that what we experience today as unconditional love won’t deepen and change by tomorrow.  Or to assume that what we are able to experience as unconditional love now is the same frequency or quality that someone else needs to experience now. 

After you have had an exceptionally good meal, do you assume that you won’t have another good meal for the rest of your life?  Of course not. We are always looking forward to another great meal, just as we are always looking for a deeper experience of unconditional love.  And with each spiritual experience we grow, and are more apt to catch ourselves in the ways that we place limitations upon unconditional love.  If we have a wonderful meal of some particular cuisine, we would never assume that we will only have a similarly delicious meal again of that same cuisine.

In this same fashion we assume that an experience of “love and light” or unconditional love must have certain parameters such as a sacred place, incense, chant, a certain teacher, etc.  Or that the energy of unconditional love must appear to us all psychically to have a certain color or quality.  We forget that it is we who are opening into the already existing pool of unconditional love.  The tools that get us to this point are varied.  The experience of unconditional love is varied because we ourselves are in various states of consciousness. 

I do most of my individual healing sessions over the phone.  Part of what I believe makes the process work well long-distance is that I invoke the energies of Nature and Archangel Michael before beginning the session. When I ask the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences to step forward and create sacred space, I ask those that vibrate at what they themselves consider to be their level of unconditional love to form a sphere around the room the client is in. 


I do this for two reasons:

1.Rooms are used for many purposes. And the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences exist to reflect all of the uses of a room.  Some of them vibrate at the level that supports us when we are watching TV, fixing a meal, reading, sleeping, studying or having a conversation with friends.  They give us all these levels of support. 

2. In meditation and healing rooms the Nature Spirits and Nature have been told by humans what unconditional love should feel and look like. And they have therefore copied our limited beliefs. 


For these reasons I call those Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of a room that vibrate at what they themselves define as their level of unconditional love to support a healing process.  In this way I am asking them to go beyond my limited experience of unconditional love and define it for themselves. I am not limiting their expression of unconditional love by what I believe it should be.  I mean to empower them, much like a good parent, mentor or teacher empowers a student to use their own judgment and see within a situation how they can bring their very best to that situation.

In this same way, meditations and prayers by humans can invoke the consciousnesses at play within the Gulf of Mexico, or any location, and invite them to step forward.  We can empower them each to act at their level of unconditional love and bring what each is able to see and know forward to humanity.  Our prayers can help to build telepathic bridges between the consciousnesses of oil, water, animals, machines, and all those humans involved in any situation that is unfolding.

The larger picture is being revealed to us.  We are moving into knowing that as we engage into the world, our quality of engagement moves out to the other  consciousnesses in the world, and that same quality is reflected by them back to us..


Portals of Consciousness
(from the combined energies of Nature, Gaia and others)

As we move into, through and beyond the year 2012, we will be challenged with various world-wide issues. Each issue helps us (humanity) to adjust our course, so that we can pass successfully into a new level of consciousness. Each of these new levels of consciousness seems to be proceeded by a smaller and smaller portal through which we must pass. In order to fit through each portal, we must let go of another set of physical things, as well as beliefs and habits.  We cannot carry them through the new portal into the next level of spiritual awareness.  And at some point we recognize that they no longer serve us.

In the First Cycle of Creation upon the Earth, the beings who stood as humans do now were unable to pass through the many portals into new levels of consciousness.  At the conclusion of their cycle there was a massive implosion which tore apart the Earth herself. Many of the beings involved in that First Creative Cycle left the planet and stepped out of this reality.  They found that creating within a Free Will Zone, outside of the connection with God, was far more difficult than they had ever imagined.  

The Free Will Zone was an accumulation of a very strong urge on the part of Spirit to create something new.  To create a zone, apart from Spirit (where everything was ordered) to see what could happen if the individual aspects of God could create on their own.  And to explore what was possible when creation could happen in conflict as well as in harmony. 

The resultant of the First Creative Cycle was an implosion and disaster.  From that came a series of consciousnesses who were not able to leave the Earth or move into the Second Cycle of Creation.  These consciousnesses slept.  They became, within our Third Cycle of Creation, many of the elements that we find deep within the Earth.  (for a more see June 2010 Newsletter)

 Hence, oil, and the consciousness within oil, belongs to the First Creative Cycle. It is rather ironic that in the Third Creative Cycle we have tapped into the physical form that a consciousness from the First Creative Cycle created.  It is our use of the form of this ancient consciousness that is now causing us in the Third Creative Cycle deep distress.   The inability of those consciousnesses of the First Cycle of Creation to complete their journey has now come to our awareness, here in the Third Cycle of Creation. 

It is not our task to heal or fix or somehow make oil and the consciousness within it fit into our Third Cycle of Creation. Rather, we can allow the consciousness that is within the physical form of oil to exit the planet.  This consciousness, from the First Creative Cycle, can then continue on its own journey, apart from our journey in the Third Creative Cycle.  This is apt to change the molecular structure of oil, and another consciousness will then step into physical oil.  This new consciousness will be a part of the Third Creative Cycle and will reflect our consciousnesses within this cycle.

When this happens humanity will recognize this new consciousness as being in relationship to humans.  Ideally we move away from treating oil as being an impersonal ‘it’ to a more balanced relationship of responsibility and respect towards what is a parallel consciousness, evolving along with our own consciousness.


Ancient Energies Departing
(from Norma, in a blended channeling with Thoth, Nature and Gaia)

Many years ago I began to see energies related to the fall of Atlantis moving out of the kundalini channels within our human bodies.  Then, about two years ago, the energies seemed to be gone.  But in the past few months a very similar energy has been releasing from within the human body.  My sense is that as with the earlier energy, it is actually a group of conscious beings that were trapped within our reality in the Third Creative Cycle, but who do not belong here.

As the planet and humanity have already stepped through many portals and risen in consciousness, it is now possible and necessary for those beings from the First and Second Creative Cycle to leave our reality.  These are consciousnesses that are not related to our Third Creative Cycle.  As they are leaving, oftentimes they appear dark or black to us when we see them at a psychic level.  This simply reminds us that they are not harmonious to our human bodies. 

Our role is to empower them to find their way onto their next step.  We do this not by trying to change them or make them move in a certain way or to a particular place.  We only need to ask them if they indeed belong to this time period, or to this place.   In asking them a question, we empower them to move onto wherever it is that they need to go to now.  And this movement is far beyond what our limited human mind can comprehend.  Only these consciousnesses know where they need to go, and how to get themselves there. 


The Consciousness of Water

I love to swim, particularly in open natural lakes.  I believe that each lake has a unique consciousness or Deva. But living in Michigan, there are many winter months where the lakes are frozen over. So I also swim in various indoor lap pools. When I am in these pools, I have learned to feel beyond the chemicals and find the consciousness within the water.  The first time I did this the consciousness within water reminded me that it was present both in the swimming pool and in the lake.  It was merely my own perception that made the experience of swimming in the lake more spiritual than swimming in a pool.  The consciousness of water was present and glad to communicate with me in either location.

In this same fashion the consciousness of water exists not just within what is external to us, such as the lakes and swimming pools.  The consciousness of water exists within our own bodies, the leaves of plants and trees, the bodies of animals and even within the clouds and the very air we breath. The consciousness of water exudes itself into the atmosphere that surrounds the planet.  This water consciousness pervades all of our physicality.  

I wonder what the consciousness within Water wants to do now?  What is the next step of its growth?  Is there a way that this consciousness can help to escort other consciousnesses out of our planet? 

What if the First Cycle of Creation were not based as much upon water as our Third Cycle of Creation is?  What if the First Cycle of Creation used elements that might seem foreign to us in this cycle?  Perhaps using consciousnesses within elements that we would see as being “it”, such as magma, oil or rocks.  What if, within the context of the First Creation Cycle, these consciousnesses were as we are today, vibrant and interactive?  

We as humans in the Third Creative Cycle can empower these consciousnesses onto their next step outside of our reality.  And in so doing, we can invite their wisdom to be available to us to solve the current dilemma of fossil fuel use as well as the Gulf Oil situation.  We do this when we allow ourselves to feel the consciousness of oil, vibrating at its own level of unconditional love. 

All consciousness can be honored.  Within each being, seemingly animate or inanimate, there is a vibrant and active consciousness.  Humanity can and will learn to listen to and commune with the consciousnesses with whom we share the planet.  As we listen to each consciousness, we ourselves become more able to know what to do and when to do it.


Healing between the Macrocosm and Microcosms

We each are connected to the outer world through the issues in our physical body and in our lives.  There is a macrocosm external to us that has both balances and imbalances which are reflected within the physical, emotional and mental microcosm which we define as yourself.  As each of us continues to change, we give that gift of change to the macrocosm of our external world.

As the consciousness within oil departs from the planet, whatever is within us related to that consciousness will also depart.  And as the new consciousness enters into oil (and other elements) some new aspect of ourselves will enter into the microcosm of ourselves.

How we relate to the physical form of oil (and other elements) changes as well.  As we become aware of the internal microcosmic changes in our lives, we are more apt to build a connection with the related external macrocosm elements which reflect a co-creative stance.  This moves our relationship with oil from one of using it to one of honoring it.  This is not to say we won’t still be utilizing oil as a fuel source, but there may be a way of working with the new consciousness within oil by 2015 that we cannot conceive of now.

The consciousness now present within oil comes from the First Creative Cycle.  This makes its vibration one that is not at all coherent to our psychic abilities. Because the new consciousness that steps into oil is a legitimate partner of our Third Creative Cycle, it will be much easier for humans to hear and understand the psychic promptings of this new consciousness as a peer who is offering co-creative ideas to us.

Emotions and Consciousness Meet   

from Thoth 
It is at this point in the cycle of Creation of Humanity that your pinion (the portion of a bird’s feathers that directs it, much like the rudder of a ship), your directional guidance is most crucial.  Just as the tiny movement of a feather can bring a bird into a strong motion in either direction, right or left, so too your own emotional upset or upheaval can cause ripples unintentionally to move out into your world.

This is never to be understood as saying not to have an emotion,  for the expression of emotion is truly what makes humanity human!  But rather to become aware that your reactions to things are often merely a reaction to the perception of the thing, rather than to the thing itself. 

Even people and situations are clarifying themselves of past patterns in such a fashion that who you think someone is from a behavior of yesterday may not be who they truly are by tomorrow.  As you allow yourself to see with new eyes each person around you, and each situation each day anew, what is different?  As you allow yourself to feel that difference each day you validate to the other person or into the situation “Good work!  You shifted, you have changed, you learned something and I see that you are different.” 

Likewise you can receive from others that same validation.  Notice when someone else does not bring what happened yesterday or the day before forward to you yet again, but meets you with fresh expectations and new eyes, for that will draw out of you a new behavior.  As you meet each other again anew, it allows all those other elements in the cycle of Creation much more freedom of motion, in all that they do. 

As the land and the Nature Spirits are able to have more freedom, they are able to better assist the consciousness of these energies from the First Creative Cycle to move from the Earth up into Heaven.  As this process speeds up it facilitates the ease of transition of your world into its next step and its next form.

Do not hold onto these energies for they are fleeting.  There are merely that which is not pertaining to you.  They are merely that which was.  Whether it is a “yesterday” as we might call it, or a “million years ago”, as one of you might call it, these are merely energies that were, not energies that are.  This is indeed a moment not to hang onto the past or try to grip onto what is leaving.  It is a moment to see with new eyes what is before you.  See the potential in the environmental situation in your planet.  Do not see the issue, see the potential.  In this way your attention draws other’s attention not to how it happened or why it happened on a physical level, but to the interconnectedness of all involved.  In your current situation is the potential that humanity might see all consciousnesses as an interrelating web of life.  Now is the time that humanity might see all beings, all form, as having equal value in this creative cycle. 

When a human beholds a rock and sees the spirit within the rock, and communes with that rock, the human then enlivens within themselves that same quality of consciousness that the rock holds.  And likewise the rock benefits, feeling within itself that consciousness of humanity.  In this manner environmental issues are resolved, as the human and the supposedly inanimate meet together.

I trust that some portion of the ideas shared in this essay will be of service to you. My blessings to each of you.


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Connecting Consciousness
Insights on the Gulf Oil Leak
(from Shesat and Thoth)

-Norma Gentile



A note from Norma:

I tend to not want to foreknow events, but rather receive from my guides insights about patterns and trends which are at the causal level of events. When I do receive information in the form of a ‘prophesy’, I tend to not share it, but rather ask the guides for information that I might share to help avoid the prophesized event.  Rarely have I decided that the undercurrents behind an event could only be addressed by making public the prophecy.  But during a group phone meditation in October of 2008 Thoth shared with me something that at the time I did not share aloud, but I later decided to pass onto The Sedona Journal of Emergence, and it appeared in their December 2008 issue as the article “Easing, not Heaving into Transition”.  I share an excerpt from that channeling now: 


…a crisis around energy and land is apt to move onto the world’s stage.  The energy of this episode is likely to take the form of a major natural disaster involving oil drilling in the ocean.  It will be in a location and of a size that significantly impacts the food supply for millions of people.


This episode will force you to examine how you extract oil from within the Earth.  It will also force into the general media and into your awareness already known facts about the damage your current style of oil drilling has done to the planet.  It might be so devastating that oil drilling is banned by most countries.


This information is not shared as a way to create fear.  Rather, it is shared to remind you that change is constant, and what doesn’t change easily, bit by bit, will ultimately change dramatically.


Not surprisingly Shesat, with Thoth also present, stood by me during my recent group telephone meditation for the Gulf Oil leak.  She and Thoth both tend to give me ideas and some words, but leave it up to me to create full sentences.  For this reason I refer to it as a blended channeling.  Shesat and Thoth both acknowledge that the actions of humans affect other dimensions, including the upper dimensions where they dwell.  For these reasons I tend to use “we” instead of “you humans” when channeling.  It simply reflects my own presence within the channeling process, and an acknowledgement of the connectedness of all consciousness. Please keep both of these factors in mind as you read.

Below is a summary of the insights Shesat and Thoth shared with me during the group meditation, along with some updated information.  If you like, the original audio of the meditation is freely available (iTunes, under podcasts and then my name) or at my website under Meditation CDs.

The meditation moved quickly to address the larger picture of humanity’s interconnectedness with the environmental and spiritual consciousness present in the Gulf region. I have done my best to frame the energies that I sensed from Shesat and Thoth during the meditation into words on the page. I invite you to let the energetic undercurrents work with you as you read these words.  As they do so, you may begin to “hear” your own connection to Spirit, and receive additional insights from your own spiritual connections as well. 

-       - - - - - - - - --- - - - - - --


Creating in Sacredness

Sometimes we stop ourselves from feeling a true heart connection with what we consider to be a nonliving form. And yet it is through our hearts that Spirit touches a scientist or artist and suggests a song or a poem or a book or an invention or a solution to a problem. And as Spirit touches a person, the form that is manifested out of that magnified connection to Spirit also exists in consciousness within the 1st and 2nd dimensions, as well as the upper dimensions. Anything that exists in 3D must already exist in all the other dimensions. 

When we hold space in a sacred manner, it is our intention to allow the generation of energies and ideas, not just in the 3rd dimension, but in all the dimensions, to occur. This is not about creating a desired outcome.  This is a sacred holding of space to allow Spirit to work within the web of life. 

Feel whatever aspect you are connected to right now related to the Gulf oil leak, whether it is the animals, or the water consciousness, or even the machinery at work or the oil itself. 

And try asking questions.  Here are some to start with;

- What is the next step?

- How does the aspect of consciousness that you feel connected to, want to express itself next? 

- How does the creative process that binds All Life together and weaves all of consciousness together want to express itself now in the Gulf of Mexico?


For myself, I was drawn to connect with the consciousness of oil.  I asked, “How is it that the oil itself wants to feel now?” And I felt a sense of surprise to be so free, to move so quickly. But the consciousness of oil did not want to be within the water, although it enjoyed a giddy sense of freedom as it bubbled up from its home deep within the Earth.  So I asked “Is this where the consciousness of oil truly wants to reside?”

Shesat continued by focusing my attention on the quality of consciousness present within the oil. I felt how each pool of oil has a slightly different quality of consciousness. And I formulated more questions aloud, as part of the group meditation.


Are those large pools of oil beneath the surface where they need to be right now? What would that consciousness like to do next? Where is its next step in evolution?  I offer that consciousness related to each pool of oil permission to change and grow and do whatever it needs to do right now. That may include being returned to its home or utilized in a new fashion that I can’t imagine yet. 

How does the dolphin consciousness feel now, and what is their next step? There is a quality of consciousness that the dolphins have held on behalf of humanity, because humanity was not vibrating at a level sufficient to contain this quality of consciousness for itself. It is time now for that aspect of consciousness which is held for humanity by the dolphins be slowly released back into human consciousness.  This aspect of consciousness effects the Ascended Masters as well, as they based their ascension on coming through the human form. 

Because humanity’s attention is so focused on the water, the oil, the dolphins and other wildlife in the Gulf it opens the doorway of communication between humanity and all these other beings. 

And as we open that door, it may not be that each person hears a dolphin singing to them, but it may be that each person senses a growing awareness of our interrelation and interconnection to all animal and plants as well as to all the elements within earth; the water and the rock, the oil and the air, and those things that inventors, scientists and artistic people can create. All of these are equally intertwined into this wonderful web of life.

This is the moment when the shared consciousness of humanity awakens to the interrelatedness of All Life.  Seeing our interrelatedness outside of ourselves, our shared field of human consciousness is primed to sense the telepathic inner connections next.

Consciousness within the Web of Life

The web of life thankfully is much, much larger than the oil spill itself.  The web of life has the ability to interact with all those elements now at play with the Gulf Oil Spill. The web of life has the ability to find new ways outside the gaze of human eyes. The web of life has its own creative process. New options and new opportunities arise from each crisis. And it is only the human eyes that always see a crisis.

How do the consciousness of the marsh, the consciousness of the water and the consciousness of the oil want to engage together? Rather than force a separation, let them talk to each other. Humanity often assumes that if something looks different than something else that there is no relationship, or that there shouldn’t be any relationship. But there is always a relationship in consciousness between anything in form. Humans just have to give themselves permission to overhear the ongoing dialogues.

In order for anything to exist or be created into the 3rd dimension, it must already exist in the other dimensions. Scientists, inventors, poets and artists simply feel the other dimensions and then bring into form what already exists.  So one form of healing is to allow what man has created (machines or metal alloys, for example) to feel an innate connection to what it is that Gaia has created.  In this case machines made by man can commune with water and oil-eating bacteria and seabed, along with the oil living deep beneath all of them. And how do they all want to relate to each other, to turn to each other, to dance with each other now?


The Doorway opens between Consciousness’

As the doorway has opened between the consciousness of humanity and the consciousness of oil, it also allows for a deep and dramatic change in how humanity and oil relate to each other. As long as humanity has the opinion that we have domination over the consciousness of oil, we simply use it up. But the moment the consciousness of humanity sees that there is indeed a partnership with oil, we will respect it. This spill is allowing humanity to open the door to understand, first at a subconscious level in dream state, that there is a partnership here with oil, water, dolphins, crustaceans, and all those layers of consciousness that are being affected now by the oil spill.

As we bring our attention to anything, we open the doorway between our own and the consciousness of the other.  We no longer choose to abuse it nearly as easily. When we see that there is a consciousness and a power within Nature to rebuild, to reorganize, and to creatively solve problems, humanity will become more aware of the partnership with Nature.


The Consciousness of Water and Oil

Our relationship to water is changing. As humanity has opened the door to truly consider the importance of water, whether it’s fresh drinking water or the seawater within the Gulf, the consciousness of water now becomes more available to interact with our own human consciousness. It is far beyond the scope of telling it what to do, and having it take various shapes as the water crystals respond to your intentions!  Water has a consciousness within it that can be called forth only by the intention of unconditional love.  Touching only an infinitesimal point of the quality of unconditional love held within the consciousness of water creates miracles beyond what humanity can, at this moment, imagine.   Call, from your heart, to this infinitely loving aspect of water, and see what happens. 

Likewise there is a quality of unconditional love within oil that has never been revealed.  We would say that the natural state of all things is one of unconditional love.  It is only because those things within form in the 3rd dimension must reflect the various layers of consciousness within which humanity functions that things appear to not function at unconditional love. 

Can you call from your heart to the unconditional love within the consciousness of oil?  Ask it how it would like to feel now, or where it would like to find itself now. As you ask, rather than tell it how to feel, you open the doorway to be in communion with it.  In this state you can hear its response.  When you tell something how to be, you cannot hear its response. And you assume the position of assuming that you know better than its own consciousness what it needs.

Connecting Consciousness 

Know that humanity’s next step is a combination of the shared consciousnesses of Nature and humanity.  As humans, our evolution in consciousness has been bound to Gaia, the soul who is our earth, and much is being made right in this moment of the changes that we’re undergoing. This particular instance is beyond a wake-up call. It is actually the end, in many ways, of our perception of living outside of Nature or outside of a connection to Gaia. This is that ending point, that final straw that allows the consciousness of humanity to know and understand the consciousness of all that surrounds us.

And it is, for light workers, a time to know that the consciousness within water that we have heard so much about for so many years does not exist merely to mimic whatever it is we would like it to do, but rather that there is an innate consciousness within water herself. And that innate consciousness can be drawn out and empowered by simply asking, “What do you want?” How does the consciousness of water want to be? In this way there is no right or wrong, there is no need for humanity to try to manipulate or create a structure within water. Simply by asking, water will respond. You can ask the consciousness within water, what would you like now? How do you want to be now? 

And simply by asking the question, humanity empowers the consciousness of water to step forward and take charge, and to do what it knows how to do. And water does that in part by then replying to the consciousness of humans.  Water’s own consciousness can tell scientists at a telepathic level to try a certain combination of ingredients or to look anew at a discounted idea.  Again, opening the door to the consciousness of water opens the door in both directions for water to then speak to all of humanity. 

This is a level of consciousness we are stepping into together. Only with a sense of communion can we solve a problem such as the Gulf oil leak.  And it is the situation of the leak that has opened the doorway.  In this manner the consciousness of humanity is opened to All Life.



Final note from Norma:

I noticed that the location of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig appears to be situated on one of the lines of awakening planetary consciousness. I believe that the heightened energies from the Consciousness Grid may have contributed to a situation which was not in balance going even farther out of balance.  It stands to reason then that these lines within the Consciousness Grid may continue to magnify what is in balance and what is not in balance as we move into and through our ascension process.





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The Planetary Grid System shown [here] was inspired by an original article by Christopher Bird, "Planetary Grid," published in New Age Journal #5, May 1975, pp. 36-41. The hexakis icosahedron grid, coordinate calculations, and point classification system are the original research of Bethe Hagens and William S. Becker. Thanks to Conservative Technology Intl. in cooperation with Governors State University, Division of Intercultural Studies, University Park, Illinois 60466.

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