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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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I have been watching the series of earthquakes that have occurred in the past few months, as have all of you. I noticed that they do not look the same, in my psychic vision. However, many of them seem to relate to the shift this past March 2010 in the electro-magnetic field (EMF) that surrounds the planet. Our bodies felt this shift. Our central nervous systems are on high alert as they sense something is changing, but what is it?

Because of this re-tuning of the Earth it is difficult to maintain normal sleeping patterns, and our ability to relax and rest deeply is being challenged. I note that the shifting EMF of the planet seems to be the resultant of the physical Earth moving to reflect Gaia's own change. Gaia is taking another step into her own spiritual evolution, which is one of becoming pure emotion.

The intensity of this spring is bringing us the opportunity to assess and adjust our priorities. We have been partially disconnected from the vibration of the Earth that our body has always known to be supporting it. Suddenly it is nearly gone. We sense a loss, but how can one understand with our rational mind that the body is feeling a loss which the mind doesn't even know about? Very few cultures or people have grown up understanding the vibrational support of the Earth as the mother of our physical bodies.

The shifting electro-magnetic field of the Earth has left our bodies less able to nourish themselves directly from the energies of the Earth. It is as if our mother suddenly weaned our infantile energy system, and our bodies are being forced to seek out nourishment in other ways. This shift in the EMF has left our bodies feeling separated from an aspect of the Earth's energies we have always known. And we are no longer able to suckle this energy from the Earth. It is a loss that we are processing as both abandonment and death.

Let me address the energetic pallor of death which is floating within the field of shared human consciousness. We are completing another smaller cycle within the much larger cycle which is leading us into the new level of consciousness. But right now, we are in a process of closure, and it feels like death.

It is one thing to mentally know that death is always followed by rebirth. But that doesn't make passing through this portion of the cycle any easier. That which cannot move forward with us into the next cycle and into the new aspect of consciousness that we are stepping into must die. Our dependence on certain energies within the Earth is over, while our ability to nourish from new energies within the lower dimensions opens. There are parts of ourselves which are attached to behaviors and beliefs that must be left behind.

The physical Earth is moving in the larger cycle of change with us. Since March 2010 the physical Earth has been vibrating closer to an emotional level than a physical level. Our bodies have felt this. But our minds have had a difficult time understanding that what appears to be solid rock and dirt beneath our feet is actually the Earth vibrating at a frequency that is higher than that of our physical bodies.

And as this happens, we need to explore new ways to define what grounding is. We need to distinguish between the old way of grounding into the Earth versus the new way of grounding into the lower dimensional aspects of our own soul.


Gaia is freeing herself to change. Her body, our Earth, will reflect her changes. There is a much larger cycle here. This change will be one of moving beyond physical form. It will not happen in this century or any time span we can conceive of. But it will occur, and with each shift Gaia makes we too are free to move along new paths. This may be seen as new small choices in daily life, or within a larger cycle of humanity growing into a deeper awareness of Spirit.

As a result of the recent series of earthquakes I was prompted to look at the energies of the physical Earth, Gaia, and the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences.  What I saw is that many of the recent earthquakes are the result of

Gaia needing to reset the pulsation of her own heartbeat.

In order to avoid having to do another, even stronger adjustment to her body, Gaia needed a time of deep quiet in the space above the Earth. The eruption of the Icelandic volcano slowed air traffic across the world.  Attention was paid to the resulting stillness, as all those things that airplanes cause simply ceased to exist for a time over much of Europe, an otherwise very active region of the world. Gaia created the stillness that she needed. And I believe that the ongoing seismic activity in Iceland is occurring in place of a devastating earthquake in Europe.


Our bodies feel how much Gaia's body needs to complete her change. She may need to reset her heartbeat another time or two in the coming months. As her body, our Earth, changes, our consciousness and our bodies change also.


The Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the Earth hold the overflowing emotions of humans. They do so gladly - it is part of their job description. As similar energies are being released by Gaia, the long held and dormant emotional energies held by Nature are being psychically revealed. More about this, and meditations to adjust grounding, sleeping, eating, and other issues this process is causing to occur in the human body will be addressed in the phone meditation.


Just as Gaia, the soul that we know at the center of the Earth laid her consciousness within the Pure Energy of Nature to create the physical form of Earth, so too each one of us laid our consciousness within the Pure Energy of Nature so that we could exist with her, within her body the Earth, and then differentiate out until we reached human form.  For this reason our journeys are intertwined.


As Gaia is changing she needs to access new levels of energy with her physical body, which is also our Earth.  Emotional energies created by humans which have long been held by the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences are being re-arranged.  They are not being released, but they are being re-ordered, so that much older patterns of energies might move from the core of the physical Earth into the Consciousness Grids that surround the Earth.


As these ancient energies move, it is like a reverse snowfall.  Because these ancient energies do not serve to support our human body, they appear dark, black or even fearful to us.  This is merely our own intuition letting us know to leave these energies alone.  They are not ours to heal or attempt to address. 


But this can be difficult to do. Our psychic antennae feel the flow of energies from deep beneath our feet, rising up through the Earth, and moving out into the space surrounding the Earth.  The trick is to realize that what is moving is already taken care of.  We need not do anything but stay out of the way!


Our bodies do feel the shift that the Earth is making, and we also feel these energies moving.  And yet we are merely witnessing this process.  We are not in charge of it.

As we allow these ancient energies to move into the Consciousness Grids around the planet, they can continue their own process of evolution and change. This allows the greater process of Creation to take place.  


For myself, I find that meditating on the support provided by the lower dimensions brings a sense of ease and steadiness, especially during times of Earth Changes. In meditation, I feel that aspect of my soul that exists within the 2nd dimension.  Then I ask how my body wants to receive support from my soul within the 2nd dimension.


This is much easier to talk someone through than to write about!  So I offer you a free audio meditation, in English, for those who wish to explore the ideas shared in this essay further.


Holding the Earth ~ Holding Ourselves
A Compassionate Meditation for the Earth and Humanity

A meditation to hold a sacred space of calm and quiet for the changes that have happened and those that will come. or search for Norma Gentile in iTunes under podcasts

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