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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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FEELING SAFE in a Turbulent World

Our lower chakras are underdeveloped and so not able to convey to us the psychic information that our body naturally receives. We have lost our ability to correctly interpret what our body is actually experiencing. In order to feel safe, we fall into habits that limit our expression out into our world. Fear, distrust, and not being able to make decisions are some ways that this manifests. This meditation offers you an opportunity to clear and reset your lower chakras, allowing your body to more easily connect into the nourishing energies and loving experiences that are possible in your life.

This meditation is about letting go of our brain’s need to control, and learning to trust that what is around us supports us. Even when it feels uncomfortable to us, whatever engages with us in some way serves the journey of our body and soul. Our personality’s insistence that something is wrong (or right) and must (or must not) happen is what moves us into polarity.


When we are functioning in this polarized state, it is very difficult to see options besides doing something, or doing its opposite.


There is an intelligence deep within our lower body’s chakras that does not function in a polarized manner. I see it as a unique quality of psychic perception lying primarily in the navel, 2nd chakra, and enteric nervous system.


When we are able to engage with it, information received by this psychic (or Spiritual) intelligence is able to move out of our lower body and reach our heart and mind. We oftentimes have clarity about deep seated issues when the information that has been received by our lower chakras is able to be transmitted to our heart and mind. For example, we can see options that were hidden from us when our only view was through the polarized lens of our overly busy brain. And because we perceive more options in a situation, we are able to address life issues in a very different manner.

The song included here is AVE GENEROSA, composed in the 12th century by St. Hildegard of Bingen. It is from Norma's album of sacred chants UNFURLING LOVE"S CREATION  

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THE GIFT OF HEALING; How and Why we use Polarity in our Lives. As long as we have physical bodies here on Earth, we are creating within polarity. Our bodies are perfect examples of this polarity; organs that exist on both left and right sides, a brain with two hemispheres, and of course our upper and lower 8th chakras. We are designed to grow in our understanding of polarity while incarnate. Only by entering fully into polarity can we encounter our next step. When we resist this process, we may become disenchanted with our life, feeling sluggish and uninvolved; or we may spiral out of our bodies, feeling euphoric but disconnected from what surrounds us.

This meditation will assist you in becoming aware of the issues that you may be avoiding, and provide you with a nurturing safe environment in which to consider them. Here your guides and angels are present. Notice insights and ideas that may occur to you. These will be how you address your life issues. This is a time for you to choose how you desire to move forward.

This meditation includes two songs, improvised during healing events. For more of Norma's music see or her website Recordings page.

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1 Invoking Sacred Space
Co-creating a Nature Sphere around the room with the Nature Spirits, the Intelligence of Nature and the Pure Energy of Nature. All vibrating at their level of unconditional love. Then welcoming a magnified conscious connection to Archangel Michael.

2 Clearing and Releasing energies from your body, chakras and larger aura.

3 SONG: Recharing your body and energy field

4 Releasing Sacred Space

Excerpted from the Practitioner Training Workshop 2016.

This meditation includes a channeled healing song. More of Norma's healing songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings and Recordings. Her albums are available on iTunes and at Amazon or Norma's website,

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1 Intro
2 How to know when to leave a relationship
be it a marriage, job or yoga class
3 Straddling the Past and Future while in Present Time
4 Meditation Quieting the Mind by connecting the brain to the body
5 Sacred Space Invocation
6 Our roles as co creators…Listen, then Speak
7 Our soul’s desire resides in our High Heart Chakra
8 Archangel Michael / Michaela – Angels are neutral in gender.
9 Meditation to clear the 2 heart chakras and invite those guides and angels working with you now to be present.
10 SONG: O eterne Deus (O eternal God)
11 Completing the Healing
12 Releasing Sacred Space

Music at iTunes and Amazon and CDBaby

A meditation to connect you to all the aspects of who you are and bring you to that point of stillness where you can truly comprehend what your next step might be in a decision making process.  The song you hear in the midst of the meditation, O eterne Deus (O eternal God) was composed by St. Hildegard of Bingen, and I sang it on my album Unfurling Love’s Creation, available on amazon, iTunes and my website.

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Deepening Your Trust in Spirit and Revealing Your Natural Intuition. 

Relaxing and truly opening to spirit, whether it be Heavenly spirit or Earthly spirit, requires trust. This is not a quality that we have learned much about in our daily lives. Trust requires knowing ourselves first. Trust requires knowing who we are first. Trust requires knowing our bodies, the vibration of our bodies, and our emotions. When we trust in our own competence to know ourselves, it becomes easy to feel and to know that what surrounds us can either be in tune with us or not in tune with us. 

1 Introduction
2. Invoking the Nature Sphere to feel how Nature supports you.
  An explanation of The Pure Energy of Nature.
  Connecting to the Energies within the Earth from which Your Body Came.

3  Invoking the Angels: Welcoming Archangel Michael
  Updating your connection to your guides and angels
  Angels reflect Polarity and Unity simultaneously by containing both Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine vibrations.

  How do you allow yourself to be nourished by Spirit?
  Cultivate Trust in yourself and in Spirit
  Let Your Soul Lead You to the Next Step
  Finding Your YES!
  How does your soul direct your body and say yes, that’s it?
5 Releasing what is no longer ours to do
  Releasing old to-do lists is vital to being able to follow our soul’s journey.
6 Healing Tones
7 MEDITATION: Releasing Old Guides Related to Old Life Tasks
8 Balance, Stillness and Healing
  Balance and stillness go together. These qualities are what allow us to access our own innate knowing of Spirit.

9 Releasing Sacred Space
  Releasing our conscious magnified connections to the Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael.

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Inviting the energies of our shared human consciousness, along with the presence of Archangel Michael and Nature, we open a portal in this meditation for transmuting painful issues into learning experiences.  The moment we recognize the gift of wisdom that an issue has brought us, we stand in a place of compassionate honoring of the people, beings and energies that helped us create the issue. This honoring, along with gratitude, allows us to truly release ourselves from continuing to recreate the same painful lessons over and over again in our life.

I included an improvised song of mine, Transition, from my Hathor guide Atamira, who also provides a portion of spoken meditation after the song.  For more information on my music, as well as what else I offer, please see the Sound Healings or Recordings pages of my website   


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Nourishing Yourself for what is Coming Next. 






In responsibly releasing patterns out of our space, letting them move to wherever they need to go to now, we are also stating to all the energies interacting with us that we are ready for an update and upgrade. We are ready for something that nourishes us now—not something from ten or more years ago, but that which reflects our soul’s journey now.


- Your Role in Stewarding Energetic Patterns Homeward
- Your Awareness can affect Weather Patterns
- Your Ability (and Responsibility) to Release what no longer Serves
- Invocation of Sacred Space
- Your Questions Heal Yourself and Your World
- Your Brain and Healing (don’t always mix well)
- Nourishing Yourself for what is Coming
- The Essence of Your Soul within the Earth is Your Greatest Healer


- Unlimiting How much Energy We Receive
- What is Your Next Step?  How will You Know It?
- Some Results of this Meditation
- Releasing from Sacred Space

- Why Release Angels and Guides?

From a telephone meditation offered on Oct 19, 2014 by Norma Gentile. For more information, including the written transcript, see

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Find your new relationship with your body, your soul and the Earth

1 Introduction
2 Essay: Earthquakes, Emotional Intensity, EM Fields & Gaia
3 Invoking the Nature Spirit Sphere
4 Exploring the 2nd dimensional self
5 Gaia is releasing ancient energies from deep within the core of the Earth to the Consciousness Grids surrounding the planet
6 Step out of the way and allow the Creative process to take over
7 Tuning into the lower dimensions of your soul
8 Innocence - a Sound Healing from Spirit
9 Releasing the magnified connection to your soul in the lower dimensions, as well as to the Nature Spirit Sphere
10 Q & A: Stability and Shifting within the Earth
11 For more Information

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(audio meditation) Using your body’s innate spiritual wiring to naturally release and redirect potentially destructive energies

Life issues, physical pain or discomfort are simply reflections of the fact that who you are and who you aren’t cannot take up the same energetic space inside of you. 

How do we maintain our own inner peace when the world around us is spinning more and more into a state of ongoing, seemingly non-stop chaos?. Each of us has our own tools and we are developing new ways to reach and maintain that quiet space within ourselves. This is essential, especially when surrounded by turbulent events.  Here is one of those new ways; utilize the stability of your soul’s unique and ongoing communion with Earth and the Pure Energy of Nature to awaken from deep within your body it’s own remembrance of stability and your innate inner peace.  



 - Maintaining inner Peace amidst Chaos

 - Nature and Archangel Michael

 - Our ability to sense the unconditional quality of love that we associate with divine beings has to do largely with the state of our own energy field or aura.

 - Our bodies have come from Earth and been potentized by Spirit.

 - All Energies evolve, change and move according to their own innate consciousness

 - Revealing the preexisting condition of grounding within each of our bodies. Clearing deep trauma from your root chakra and pelvis

 - Navel Chakra; Your Pranic Sphere of Brilliant Clear light

 - Reconnecting Your Heart into Your Own Energies within the Earth

 - A newly emerging chakra – the lower 5th chakra

For more info see the Podcast Page at
For more of the music you here in this meditation, see Recordings and Sound Healings


1. Introduction: Maintaining inner Peace amidst Chaos

How do we maintain our own inner peace when the world around us is spinning more and more into a state of ongoing, seemingly non-stop chaos?. Each of us has our own tools and we are developing new ways to reach and maintain that quiet space within ourselves. This is essential, especially when surrounded by turbulent events.  Here is one of those new ways; utilize the stability of your soul’s unique and ongoing communion with Earth and the Pure Energy of Nature to awaken from deep within your body it’s own remembrance of stability and your innate inner peace.  


2 Sacred Space Invocation: Nature and Archangel Michael

The energies of Nature have been part of the planet for a very long time, much longer than humanity. Responding to the desire of the soul we know as Gaia, the Pure Energy of Nature and the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences assisted in forming the planet Earth herself. They can reflect to us their level of unconditional love. Our physical form, of course, resonates to them, as each cell of our human body is created out of the Earth’s physical elements. And in this resonance, we remember the stability that we know is also within our own physical bodies. Here is one way to find stability in chaos.


When this truth is understood many people recognize their body’s resonance to Nature and Earth deep within their naval. Other people experience an expansion within their heart. Some people feel an awakening throughout their whole body.


The second part of this invocation asks those in Spirit to help us magnify our awareness of Archangel Michael’s presence in all dimensions.

Because Archangel Michael and all the Archangels exist not just within our 3rd dimension but in all dimensions, they exist both inside our polarized reality as well as outside of it.  For this reason Michael’s elevator shaft anchors in the dimension just beyond our dualistic reality.  Central Sun is often the point that I refer to.  This is thought to be a point of Sacred Masculine energy, existing on the other side of the black hole which lies in the center of our galaxy. The alignment of this Central Sun, through the center of our galaxy with our sun on December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of the new Aquarian Age.  I use Central Sun as a symbol both for the point into which the upper aspect of Archangel Michael’s elevator shaft anchors as well as the place from which our newly emerging energies related to the Sacred Masculine emerge.  


3 Song: Tranquility (after the Storm)
4 Our ability to sense the unconditional quality of love that we associate with divine beings has to do largely with the state of our own energy field or aura.


Each person, no matter what gender body, has a unique aspect of the Divine Feminine expressing through them. The Divine Feminine has an unique ability to cope with chaos. The Divine, not the day-to-day feminine, but the Divine Feminine has an ability to create space, and that space, often spoken of as a grail or chalice, can both receive chaos, as well as form a serene sense of safety in the midst of chaos.


Our ability to sense the unconditional quality of love that we associate with divine beings has to do largely with our own ability to expand or contract our energy field, or aura. It is this expansion that allows us to feel, more fully, the divine. It is this expansion that allows us to feel safe to enter into meditation, and thus more fully, more deeply into every cell of our bodies.


Our bodies have come from Earth and been potentized by Spirit.


There are many chakras along the bottom of our feet. The nourishment that our physical form desires from the Earth aspect of ourselves passes through these many chakras of our feet into our body. How can we, after all, be the hands, the heart, and the reflection of Spirit on Earth without this wonderful physical form? Does it not make sense that this form, in its initial creation, contained connections into both Earth and Heaven? Ideally our body continues to utilize these connections throughout our lifetime.


We were designed by that magnificence of Spirit to be the intermediaries between Earth and Heaven, to commune and communicate with both.


By posing the questions, ‘Is it really in tune with me now?’, ‘Is it really in tune with my body now?’, you actually give an energetic pattern permission to look and see if it is indeed in tune with your body. And, you give that energy permission to move onto wherever else it might need to go. Seldom do we consider that energies we experience as physical pain or blockages, reoccurring thoughts, or overwhelming emotions…that all these might actually be the result in current time of an energy that at some point in the past was actually working with us and in tune with us. In fact, we might have called this energy in to help us with something. In this new Aquarian age of co-creation with Spirit, we have the responsibility to release all that we have invited in,  whether we did it in a conscious invocation or whether it was a thought or emotional urge we had for a brief moment.


All Energies evolve, change and move according to their own innate consciousness

All energies are constantly learning and growing, even energies that we deem as bad or difficult or painful. These energies are merely in transition, just as we are in transition. If they are not a good dance partner for us, then it is okay for them to continue on their own soul’s journey or their own evolution of consciousness, just as we continue on our own soul’s journey, our own journey of consciousness.


Through the Divine Feminine comes our ability to heal by assisting each being or energetic pattern that has come into contact with us to continue on their own journey. We desire for them to move from our bodies and auras, so that they are not stuck within a place where they cannot continue to grow and change. Simply by asking our emotions, repetitive thoughts and physical sensations, ‘Is this really in tune with my body?’, ‘Are you in tune now with my soul?’, you give energies permission to go to wherever they need to go to now.

6 Clearing deep trauma from your root chakra and pelvis;
Revealing the preexisting condition of grounding within each of our bodies.


If you are alive in a physical body, you are already somewhat grounded. In this particular meditation, we are pointing out and allowing your physical body and soul to re-access and reestablish the connection into the Earth energies that you already have. At birth our body has its full grounding into our soul’s energies within the Earth. We see that as the brightness in a child’s eye. It’s not just Heavenly spirit; it’s Earthly spirit that nourishes that brilliance and unconditional love within our eyes. While within the womb, each of us creates some amount of energetic tether into Earth, and that is what draws our heavenly spirit into our gestating body.


I’ve spoken before about the Earthly soul. That is simply a way of saying, if we exist in the upper dimensions and in third dimension, we are not just a drop dripping downward from Heaven. We are also a geyser, a fountain, moving up from the Earth. And, in that moment of conception, our Heavenly soul and Earthly soul have met. Does it not make sense then that throughout life, our journey is to continue to access our Heavenly soul, as well as Earthly soul? Both of these flows of energies meet, equally, within our physical form, and both of these flows of energies nourish who we are now.


The more at ease we are, the less likely we are to have, literally, a knee-jerk reaction to something. Within the energetic matrix of both knee joints are qualities of ease and gentleness. I feel it as a slippery, easy flow of energy around the knee itself. This quality of ease is what your soul wants your body to experience in this lifetime. We are not usually, according to our soul, supposed to have an experience of life as being like pushing through a too narrow hallway that’s wallpapered with sandpaper. We’re not meant to have to scrape and squeeze through life.


And my having said that probably just tagged and brought up all those patterns within your knees and body that believe life is difficult, that you have to work very hard, and that every day has to be like rolling that proverbial boulder up the mountain. So now, just ask all the tension you’re feeling if it’s really in tune with you. Is it really in tune with your soul? Is it really in tune with your body? Is it really in tune with your body, right now?  Notice the response.  You might sigh as patterns of tension release. You may feel more spaciousness around your body. The space around you could feel larger, more expansive, and yet quieter all around you.


How, right in this moment, can your body receive the quantities of ease and gentleness, compassion and support that your soul wants to offer your body? How can your body receive all that compassion and ease and support from that Earth aspect of who you are? The connection that you have always had in your feet (and your entire body) to your Earth Soul can be re-awakened and alivened by your consideration of this connection. 


Honoring how your soul wants your body’s innate connection to Earth to be available to your body creates a sense of stability. And when you are aware of this sense of stability, you can find that quality of patience that lets you take that extra breath when you need to, before you respond to something. Here is that sense of stability and inner support that allows you to know your own spiritual being is never in danger from the chaos of the outside world. Here is that sense within your body that your soul’s journey is doing just fine. Here is that sense within your body that all truly is well within your soul’s journey. With each choice you can now feel what expands your heart and body. You know that with each choice, if there isn’t a sense of expansion, ease and comfort, then it is time to choose again.


Often, particularly in the low body, we have stored experiences of trauma. Trauma, particularly as a young child, can be as simple as our parents or care-givers having an argument. The energy of that to us as infants can create a traumatic experience, and that traumatic experience is then stored in the muscles of our bodies. Throughout life, we learn that if we can’t control the chaos external to ourselves, then we must internalize it. We must put it away some place. And only as mature adults do we recognize that the chaos external to ourselves is actually external to ourselves, and it impacts us only to the degree that we have a similar trauma stashed inside our bodies already. This is the law of resonance.

Watching the newscasts and seeing the chaos of the outer world will tend to tag or stimulate the equivalent trauma that we have within our bodies. When we see or hear about external chaos, we are more apt to be upset by it because there is a resonant remembrance to a chaotic moment we experienced when we were much younger that we put inside of our body. That memory has been saved in the tissues of our body. Within the womb, as infants and then as young children, we don’t have the ability to speak clearly about what our emotional experience might be. We see things that don’t make sense to us. For example, we might observe our parents saying one thing and doing another. As children, particularly before we begin to have language, when we experience our parents lying or fighting, or when we experience loud, sudden sounds, our body’s way of processing all of this is extremely limited.


In order to continue to have space within our aura to receive new information, we’ll take the energetic patterns of drama and chaos we experience and move them from the mental or the emotional levels of our aura and bring them into the etheric level and then into the physical body itself. In this way, we create what later can be released as somatic memories, especially from the pelvis and solar plexus.

Too often we have believed that feeling uncomfortable feelings always indicated that something was wrong. This is, of course, not always true.  Similarly, we assume that if we don’t feel something that is uncomfortable, then the situation we are in is just fine, perhaps even a sacred one.  Especially in New Age settings there is a very clear rule that ‘everything is good’.  Discord that arises must therefore be bad.  Living, or attempting to live in a world where there is no chaos external to oneself, merely allows our internal chaos to slumber.  Left too long, it can fester into physical disease.


 External chaos gives our internal patterns an opportunity to awaken, as they resonate and begin to move within us. As they resonate, we become aware of images, emotions and memories from previous occasions in our lives when we felt overwhelmed and overcome by similar situations. This is usually quite uncomfortable!  And in this moment we most often choose to suppress the unpleasant sensations, by turning our attention away from what we are experiencing, or stopping ourselves from being exposed to the external chaos.

Sadly, and again particularly in New Age and religious settings, we have been trained that chaos is bad and ‘getting along’ is good. When emotional discomfort arises, especially in groups of people, during times of external chaos, the external chaos is usually shut down in order to avoid feeling inner tumult. Conformity reigns.  ‘It’s all good’ is the rule to be obeyed. This is part of what I call the ‘pink fairy syndrome’. Drawing to ourselves a certain amount of external chaos helps us awaken similar patterns that are asleep deep within our bodies.  In this way chaos can serve to clarify and process our soul’s journey of exploring this human experience.


By asking whatever body sensations you’re noticing as not quite as engaged or moving or warm or comfortable in your body, ‘is it really in tune with my body now?’ you give it permission to go to wherever it needs to go to. It can move through Archangel Michael to continue to grow, learn, and unfold. In many cases by addressing what you are noticing, you tag a small piece of a fundamental belief or behavioral pattern your soul is ready to change. All the other times that pattern has occurred in your life now are free to also change and evolve. As this happens, you are apt to have memories, emotional surges, perhaps even a reoccurrence of whatever this was in your life arise. This occurs briefly, as it is moving out of your body and aura. Let this memory just remind you that this is no longer you. The pattern of behavior around this issue is no longer in tune with your soul’s journey. Your body does not need to tense or contract in any way. You and the energies that are truly in tune with you can remain in that expanded space that is truly natural for you to be contained within.


7    Navel Chakra Pranic Sphere of Brilliant Clear light


Who you are is the result of many energies that meet each other in the naval chakra. It is convenient, looking at the adult human adult body, to say that Heavenly soul and Earthly soul must meet in the naval, and they do. But the flow of your soul’s energetic presence within the lower dimensions and Earth continues to flow all the way up and meets your Heavenly soul in heaven, or the upper dimensions. Likewise, your Heavenly soul comes all the way down, past your navel, and meets your Earthly soul within Earth and the lower dimensions.


Within the naval chakra and the pranic sphere that sits just underneath it, there is a point of deep engagement between both Earthly and Heavenly aspects of your soul and your physical body. When this engagement is clear and clean, our experience of living in a physical body shifts from squeezing through a narrow hallway lined with sandpaper to slipping out into an expansive ballroom. Our soul’s journey opens up into an easier flow of energies, which feels like an expansion of how much our soul enters into and expresses through our body.


This expanded state of the soul and body embracing each other allows the aura to maintain itself in an expansive manner. This allows the decisions that are made to lead to those things that the soul truly wants to investigate in this lifetime, rather than an imposed decision made by our personality.



Reconnecting Your Heart into Your Own Energies within the Earth

We have spent so much time in the last few decades looking at the heart as a spiritual vessel. Especially within the New Age, it seems that this spirit is a Heavenly spirit. For just a moment, what would it feel like to let your heart receive the love and compassion of your own Earthly soul? This aspect your soul is spiritually present within Earth. How is this aspect of who you are within the Earth present itself around your heart?  How does your traditional heart chakra want to be supported and nourished by all those energies within the Earth that are truly supporting and nourishing your body?


As your heart chakra allows and welcomes those energies that are truly your own Earthly soul to step forward and support it, you may notice a deep sense of relaxation. Your heart no longer has to function solely through the support of the upper dimensions. It can function now through an equal amount of support from the lower dimensions within the Earth.


The heart chakras (traditional and thymus gland chakras) and physical heart reflect both our Heavenly soul and our Earthly soul. Doesn’t it make sense in meditation to allow that Earthly soul some time to connect into the heart, and for the heart to receive the connection that it most desires from that Earthly soul and all of its potential energies?

Any time we bring a new quality of who we are into our body, we are very apt to awaken energies that have been long asleep. They can manifest as blocks, heaviness, heat, cold, or something just feeling off or odd. By asking anything that you’re noticing if it is truly in tune right now with your body you give it permission to release and continue on its own evolutionary path.


Allowing your Earth soul to continue to reconnect through the thymus gland, seat of the upper heart chakra, brings the tasks your soul has planned for you now at this time into focus.


 A newly emerging chakra – the lower 5th chakra

In the front side of our upper chest, where the neck meets our shoulders, there’s a little soft space. It feels like a notch in the top of our breastbone. This is the sternal notch, and it is the front side of a chakra that is just now developing. This chakra allows you to connect into the Pure Energy of Nature. As you are able to discern the overall quality of the Pure Energy of Nature, this chakra will bring your body into balance with that essence, that drop of who you are that exists within the Pure Energy of Nature. 


From the very beginning of Creation, your essence has existed within this very foundation, the first dimension of our reality. This chakra lying between (approximately T3) the third rib down from your neck in back and the sternal notch in front, at the base of the neck, is merely the smallest version of itself in this moment. It is just beginning to bloom.


I touch on that to let you know something’s starting to move in this part of your body, and something is starting to move because more and more people are recognizing there is an inherent connection between our physical bodies and the physical body of Earth. Even in the upper body, we each have an inherent grounding into that foundation of who we are  within the Pure Energy of Nature.


if there are issues, pain or discomfort, it is simply a reflection of the fact that who you are and who you aren’t cannot take up the same energetic space. Allowing thyroid (throat chakra), pituitary(third eye or sixth chakra) and pineal(crown chakra) to reflect you now, releasing what no longer serves you. Then allowing those energies from the Earthly soul to support pineal gland within the center of the head however the pineal gland wants to be supported now. 


Let’s not leave the meditation without returning into the physical form that allows us to express who we are and who Spirit is here upon the Earth.


   Releasing Sacred Space

Each time these energies are invoked, it’s up to us to release them, so please give the same attention to the release that you gave to the invocation. When we ask or pray for guidance we have the responsibility to release that guidance through the same manner of prayer or feeling gratitude in our heart. The guides and angels need to feel something from us so they know that we are bringing the process to completion.  Only then will they depart. 



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Consider how you are asking for guides, angels and energies to assist you. The back side of each chakra draws to you guides and angels that support you, according the quality of the chakra itself. Ideally the back side of each chakra perfectly reflects your soul’s journey now. But like all of our energies, the webbing of the chakra’s vortices can be out of tune or not fully and accurately reflect our soul’s journey. Here is a meditation to help you re-weave the chakras, and call to yourself guides and angels that more fully support you in your life, here and now.


1. Opening Thoughts on Healing
2. Create Sacred Space
3 Multitasking leads to doing what is not yours to do
4 Thymus (High Heart Chakra) keeps us on our soul’s journey. 
5 Releasing Past Heart-based Guides/Angels
6. Discerning what are truly Healing Energies for you
7. Resetting Pituitary Pineal Glands
8. Reignite Soul-Earth Connection (healing songs)
9. Releasing Sacred Space
10. For more information

2. Creating Sacred Space
There are many emotions and energies within the land that Nature holds on behalf of humanity. For right now, we’re going to leave those asleep. Welcome those Nature Spirits and Intelligences to step forward at what they would consider to be their level of unconditional love. Let them show you something new.

Welcome The Pure Energy of Nature, an aspect of creation that we all belong to. The Pure Energy of Nature is made up of a drop of each of our essences. All that is in physical form has a drop of its essence within this pure energy of nature. It feels like a warm, usually somewhat thick, watery quality. Sensation. 

All of these together create a sphere around the space that you are in. We ask that the sphere reflect what Nature considers to be unconditional love. In this way, they demonstrate to us as humans something new. The sphere may tune beyond our limited human understanding and experience of unconditional love. This supports us even further in our own exploration of what unconditional love might be while we are here in human form.

We also welcome that aspect of Archangel Michael that sits with each to be present. Michael is known to many people in many cultures by other names. It is an energy that helps other energies go home. For this reason, I invoke Archangel Michael. You probably already know this energy.

You can even ask the Nature Spirits and Intelligences of the room and land beneath that are holding the sphere to cleanse and clear the room and land beneath. Let all those energetic patterns and beings not related to your meditation step outside the sphere for a moment. Anybody that needs to return to continue to work with you will do so. For now, thank everyone who is helping you make your grocery list or your to-do list, and just let them sit outside the sphere for a moment so you have quiet space to welcome in that guide or angel that is truly in tune with you for this moment of time, for what you’re about to do now.

3 Multitasking leads to doing what is not yours to do 
Throughout our daily lives we are multi-tasking. There almost seems to be something wrong with us if we can’t focus on three things simultaneously. And yet, the more things that demand our attention, the less of our attention any single one of them will receive.

Isn’t it interesting that our culture has come to value doing things at a very superficial level? I should say, doing multiple things at superficial levels. When our mental attention is so divided, so is our psychic and spiritual attention divided. The ability to create and hold focus on a single task means that we are also becoming resonant to that task. As our body, our psyche, even our psychic powers come into resonance with a task, we can feel whether or not it’s appropriate for us. We can feel whether or not we truly want to do it. If we are only superficially engaged with a task, then we will not feel as strongly whether or not it is truly ours to do.  I wonder how many things we end up doing because of this?

Too often in our culture I hear praises about someone who ‘pushed through’ pushing or exhortations to ‘just do it’.  From the Spiritual energetic perspective ‘pushing through’ something merely means that you are injecting your energy where it probably doesn’t need to be or want to be. Being in resonance to a task, to an idea, to any sort of project you might be considering, means feeling into the quality of energies that pertain to that particular task.   How does this feel to my body? How does this feel to my heart?

Sometimes things can be challenging or difficult to complete and still be in resonance to you. Often you get a sense that this task is actually a long-term project and is going to take a while to complete.  You may even ‘hear’ or have an inner understanding that this task is going to include times of intensity.

So what is a tangible difference between a challenging task that is yours to do and something you are doing but is not yours to do? A task that is yours to do is resonant with your soul. When you clear away the other tasks you are multi-tasking and let yourself consider just one task, an engagement and desire to dive into the task arises from within you. 

We have all had the experience of sitting down to do something and then suddenly looking up at the clock 2 hours later and realizing it felt like 10 minutes. That is engagement. That is when we are resonating to a task. It may be a phenomenally spiritual task like meditating or chanting or it could simply be doing some sort of programming at the computer. It could be considering something and beginning to write it out. Anything at all can draw passion through us. At this point in our reality it is incredibly important to begin to distinguish what we are doing, simply because it’s in front of us and we can do it in a superficial manner, and what we are doing because our soul’s journey is to do it.

4 Thymus (High Heart Chakra) keeps us on our soul’s journey. 
Consider how you are asking for guides, angels and energies to assist you. The back side of each chakra draws to you guides and angels that support you, according the quality of the chakra itself. The back side of the Thymus Gland Chakra draws to you guides and angels that are perfectly in tune with your soul’s journey now. Just like all chakras, the webbing of the chakra’s vortices can be out of tune or not fully and accurately reflect your soul’s journey.

5 Releasing Past Heart-based Guides/Angels
A meditation to clear the vortex and webbing of both Heart Chakras of any energies or patterns that simply don’t reflect you now.  Then welcome spiritual helpers that are naturally drawn by your Heart Chakras to support you in your soul’s journey now.

By starting any healing with releasing guides and angels, you give permission for all the guides and angels that have helped you thus far to determine for themselves where they need to be in relation to you now.  And you allow those who have completed their task with you to be about their other tasks. There is never anything wrong. It is simply that when their task has come to completion with you it is appropriate to thank and release them.

As always, it is the emotion of gratitude that sends the message to the guides and angels that you are releasing them. Thankfulness for their service to you allows them to feel whether or not their task is completed. As you experience stillness, they are able to leave gracefully, or update to your current soul’s journey.

We have moved from kindergarten to first grade in our Earth-based spiritual elementary school. Now we have more responsibility for how we communicate with the guides and angels that support us. Our role, as increasingly more adept students, is to recognize that when we consciously call upon any Beings or energies, we must also consciously thank and release them. Even if we unconsciously (ie habitually) call guides or angels in, we are still responsible to consciously release them. In doing so, we also allow the spaces they inhabit around us, especially behind us, to reflect the journey of our soul right now.

Guides and angels that have been with us for a very, very long time, for example since childhood, may not even feel like what we would think of as a guide or angel. It’s simply because they are so out of tune with who we are now. We have changed so much that they are no longer easily vibrating along with our soul’s journey.  We experience them as not being at east with our body. For this reason I suggest releasing that which might feel heavy or stuck or awkward or odd to you. With the recognition that it is not evil or bad.  Rather, it must have been in tune with some part of you and it’s simply no longer in tune with you.

Just like you have to continually tune a lute or a violin or a guitar in order to keep the strings vibrating accurately with each other, it’s important to take time now to consciously tune ourselves. We do that by letting ourselves feel physical sensations, experience emotions, and notice thoughts that no longer fit. By releasing, we create space for the guides and angels that work now with each one of us to be present.

When you identify and release energies that are no longer in tune with your body or soul, you complete a promise that you made to the energies when they came into your life. That promise was to help them get home. It was to help them move onto their own evolutionary path.

We think so often that guides and angels are here to support us and the reality is that it goes both ways. As the guide, the angel, the energetic being completes its task with us, we release it on to its next evolutionary step. Even guides and angels are learning and growing. Even guides and angels have places to be and things to do.

Isn’t it odd that the more in tune with us an energy is, the less we notice it? Clear water, when you add more clear water simply looks like clear water. As we become more accurate in welcoming a guide, angel or energy to sit with us, it simply feels like a little bit more of ourselves is present. With practice, the distinction between that which is and is not in tune with us becomes easy to feel.

6. Discerning what are truly Healing Energies for You
How can we develop our ability to distinguish an energy that is in tune with us from an energy that we simply can feel? In a very common metaphor we talk about using a sledge hammer instead of a feather to accomplish something. In energy work and in healing, I have often heard people way ‘I can really feel that energy. It must be strong. It must be good for me because I can feel it.’   After decades of offering energy healings, my response is this; maybe you can feel it because it’s not appropriate and  not really in tune with you or your body.

Perhaps those energies that you do not feel as strongly are so in tune with you that your psychic ability doesn’t pick them up nearly as quickly as what is not in tune with you.  One sign of being in the presence of energies that are healing for you is that your body relaxes deeply, and you find yourself more aware of your body (i.e. you know where your toes are).

If an energy is truly in tune with us, it helps our aura expand. It helps our sense of self become stronger. It helps us feel our entire body as a unit. We feel our feet as well as the top of our heads. Energies that are truly in tune with us support our soul’s journey to integrate into our physical form more deeply. You can discern what supports the journey of your soul by noticing what helps your body relax, your mind become quiet, and your heart gently open.

In an ideal world, every healing modality holds space so that your soul and your body can connect and integrate with each other. That integration leads to a sense of wholeness, as well as, sometimes, a recognition that there are deeper issues within your life that need to be addressed.

Too often, we turn to healing modalities that reflect our desire to continue to function as we have been functioning, but without reaping the detrimental results of how we are functioning.  I call these functional modalities of healing. The symptom is relieved but the underlying cause is not addressed. This mode of healing, and I say this in a joking manner, is like using healing sessions as if they were coffee: after each healing session we are full of temporary energy that allows us to push through our life. As long as we continue to receive functional modality healings, we can continue to behave in whatever manner got us into needing the healing.

These sorts of functional healing modalities don’t help us feel the true need of the body or soul. They simply help us continue to do whatever got us into the situation in the first place.  Oftentimes we choose to remain doing what we are doing in order to make our own personality as well as the personalities of people around us happy. But this keeps us doing what we really don’t need to be doing, and it pulls us off the trajectory of our true soul’s journey.

I emphasize the back side of chakras because so many of us don’t have an awareness behind us, and the space behind each chakra is where we draw to ourselves guides and angels that support us. For example, the guides and angels in the space behind the naval chakra influence how much of our life-force energy we give to each choice in life

Think of it as the dealer in a poker game. The dealer is the naval chakra and how the cards go is determined by the space behind the naval chakra, each card being, say, a unit of our life force. So owning our naval, having it in tune with us, means that all of our energy goes towards things that our soul wants to explore in this lifetime.

7 Resetting your Pituitary and Pineal Glands
In our Western culture we’ve been taught to sit in the middle of our head and think.  However, our head is often the last part of us that comprehends an idea from Spirit! Spirit usually speaks to us first in our lower body as our gut instinct. That impulse moves from the naval to the heart to the head, and only at that point does that little light bulb go off.


We thank, with great gratitude, all of those guides and angels that have supported us. We recognize that as we change and evolve guides and angels become less in tune with us. We may feel an increasing heaviness when we call upon them directly. This heaviness is a way to remind us to thank and release them. And as we do so, they may continue their journey to wherever they need to be now.

8 Reingnite Body’s Connection to Soul Essence within Earth
Each physical form has the ability to reignite the connection that it had in the womb and at birth with its own soul’s essence within 1st dimension. Therefore, we thank and release the guides and angels that have tethered us into the Earth, in favor of our natural connection to the very essence of who we are, our soul, and how our soul’s energies naturally nourish our body through our feet, our legs, our lower chakra.
A Healing Song: Blessing

9 Releasing Guides, Angels and Sacred Space
We thank each guide and angel that has been present, working and supporting you through this meditation. We release the conscious magnified connection to this guide or angel that was invited in, in the beginning of the meditation. Letting your guide or angel step back and relate to you in whatever way is appropriate in your waking or dream state.

I honor that as humans we live in an imperfect world.  We came here as Spiritual Beings to engage with this imperfection. We came here in order to have issues to work on so that we could each have ingredients with which our soul could create something unique and special. Without ingredients, you can’t bake a cake. Our souls have each decided to create something here within our shared Earth and each of us is baking our own cake. Whatever our ingredients need to be, they are. I honor that the soul’s journey of creation continues with each one of us to reflect who we are now. And proceeds in the manner that our soul incarnating into our body best desires.

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