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This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Heaven and Earth Meet in You

How Your Soul is Loved
an hour-long meditation by Norma Gentile

and her guides, Archangel Michael, Mary and Thoth

When All-That-Is decided to learn more about itself, it divided itself into millions and billions of fragments.  One of these fragments became you.  And you represent a unique quality of All-That-Is.  No one and nothing else represents this quality.  You alone express this unique quality of All-That-Is into our shared creation.  This is your soul.  And you bring the vibration of your soul into the dimensions above as well as below the 3rd dimensional reality in which your human body resides.

Here are thoughts and meditations to let you  and your body feel the genuine love that all those in form, from the stars in the night sky to the Pure Energy of Nature have for you.  Each loves you unconditionally.  Explore this unconditional love as you enter into these meditations. 

1. Introduction
2  A Chant for Sacred Space
3  Creation of Sacred Space

4 How does Your Body reflect the Earth Today?
5 Remembering our Partnership with Others
6 Meditation  The bond of Unconditional Love between Your Soul, the Stars and Nature
7 What Aspect of Unity Consciousness do you bring to this Reality?
8 Releasing Sacred Space
9 Final Insights
10 For More Information
   Total Time 62 minutes

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De-Emphasizing Fear

Notes on darkness and illumination
-Norma Gentile

In the midst of the accumulating "dark" or introspective energies of the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months, I can't help but notice the parallels to our outer world, where fear is being created in greater and greater abundance.

But is the creation of fear really happening successfully? Or are enough people seeing this constant Chicken Little "the sky is falling" attitude around events as something else? I am in the midst of wondering about darkness and the role lightworkers and those who are stepping away from polarity are being called to play in the world today.

De-Emphasizing Fear
Releasing the importance that we unwittingly give to both our small daily personal fears and our globally manifesting fears will change the choices humanity has available to it in the very near future.

It is time for those who can do so, to address their own personal fears, so that our shared unconsciousness has within it a pattern of standing up honestly to fear and knowing it for what it is: a disconnection from Spirit. And when we are responding to fear we are not responding to Spirit.  If we can disconnect from Spirit than we can re-connect with Spirit as well.

 This is particularly true around fear and finances, fear of the future, fear of government, fear of swine flu and illness, and the intentional creation of fear around 2012. Ultimately we are each responsible for addressing our own fears.  And remembering our roles as co-creators.  If we can create fear, we can un-create fear. 

Here are some ideas about uncreating, or de-emphasizing fear that Archangel Michael and others have shared me over the past few months.


Just mentioning that there are “dark” forces implies that there are “light” forces as well.  When we identify something as dark we are placing what we perceive as well as ourselves in polarity. But we do live in a polarized world, where some things are healthful to our bodies and some things are not healthful.


From Archangel Michael-

The role of lightworkers is not to judge the darkness nor fear it, but to offer illumination to those people and situations that request it. 


That which you perceive as dark or fearful may only be your own perceptions informing you that it is not something for you to engage with.  Going into battle with anything means going into battle with yourself.  Do you want to be embraced and loved or pushed and shoved around?


As we enter into the next 5 years each solstice will bring us deeper into the well where darkness dwells.  Here fear is our true foe, for fear is a signal and symptom of our separation from Spirit.  The ability to love what is different from ourselves, especially that which we perceive as dark, is a sign of our unity with the conscious of God or All That Is. 


As we embrace rather than reject the darkness, we dissolve that which is feeding the fear in our society.  As the saying goes, “make love…not war”. 


The motion into Unity Consciousness, for me, seems to be one of slow and gentle change.  Change that sometimes is imperceptible, until we all turn a corner and look back for a moment at where we have been.  In that moment it is as if humanity takes a collective breath; amazed at how far we have come.  And at that same moment, there are elements within our shared subconsciousness (or perhaps our shared unconsciousness) which quake with fear.  These aspects of us know that change is coming, and know that this means change for them as well.


Sometimes I feel that these elements then empower odd behaviors in people. Particularly behaviors that create emotions we associate with trauma.  These big emotions, such as fear, keep many people’s attention and energies focused on the external world fending off what they fear.  This slows down the collective progression of humanity’s movement into a deeper communion with Spirit. 



Fear and 2012

My own sense, and that of my guides, including Thoth and Archangel Michael, is that the date of December 21, 2012 marks the astrological end of a calendar cycle.  Each year our Gregorian calendar ends on December 31, marking a single evolution of the Earth around our sun.  With the exception of the millennium change and Y2K fear, the ending of the printed calendar year does not bring up within us the fear that the planet might for some reason cease to turn and therefore the sun cease to rise on January 1st.

The Mayan calendar is also based on the cycles of the sun, moon and planets.  It is much more in depth than our Gregorian solar calendar.  And it stops at the point where, if it were written as a musical score, there would be a repeat sign.  Meaning, “and do it again from the beginning.”


Of course, I’m saying this because I see that as we create fear around anything we are distracting ourselves from seeing the advantages and possibilities that Spirit is laying at our feet.  As we move through and beyond 2012 we are merely moving into the next calendar cycle.  December 21, 2012, marks the end of a long cycle of 13,000 years of our galaxy orbiting outside of a defining connection to Spirit, and having ourselves, free will, and what one of my guides referred to as ‘this new Y chromosome experiment” to play with.


And from what my guides say, we came up with some pretty nifty ideas.  The isolation that we experienced over the past 13,000 years forced humanity and the other consciousnesses abiding with us in the galaxy to function in ways that have given ideas to consciousness in other dimensions and realities. 


As we move past 2012 we will be “reunited” consciously with many levels of reality that we are just now beginning to suspect might exist.  Those of us who can see, sense or feel other beings are being called upon to help point out to others how they themselves might see, feel or sense their own reconnection to Spirit.


But fear is also at play.  Those elements within our shared unconscious and /or subconscious are used to the old ways of polarity and separation from Spirit.  For me the emotion of fear means that the human has lost their connection with Spirit. To the extent anyone of us experiences fear we are being reminded that we are disconnected from Spirit.


Trying to resolve fear by running around in the external world and creating vast systems of protection feeds the very forces that are creating the fear.  And it pulls us back into polarity.  When we act out of fear, we create more fear.  And we unconsciously strengthen those elements within our unconscious and subconscious that are themselves wanting us to remain where we are in polarity.

 Norma's new Meditation CD / mp3 Healing from the Bottom Up focuses on the role that the lower dimensions play in balancing, rejuvenating, and healing our bodies. This series of healing meditations can be downloaded for free from iTunes (under Norma's name in the podcast section) or from her website,


This month’s sound healing creates within you a space of deep stillness.  Here you can feel not just the presence of Spirit, but the presence of your own divine being reminding you of who you are.


My gentle blessings to each of you,



Norma Gentile, sound shaman, incorporates both sound and energy healing into her private sessions, workshops and concerts. Holding a masters in Voice Performance and years of study with esoteric teachers, Norma is a natural intuitive and channel who receives information from Spirit both in written words and through music. She has recorded four albums of healing music and offers free podcasts (both on iTunes) Her website is









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Intro to 1st and 2nd Dimensions                                                       

Nature Spirit Sphere Invocation and Explanation                      

Meditation: Your 2nd Dimensional Soul                       

Clarifying Grounding: What it is and a Meditation to do it                       

Healing as Opening a New Series of Choices in Your Life                       

Communicating with Your 2nd Dimensional Soul                       

Connect Anew with Your Upper Dimensional Angels                       

Releasing Nature Spirit Sphere                       

Q&A Some Last Thoughts             

For more information                       

total time: 55:44

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Notes on my own Healer's Journey
by Norma Gentile

Dear Friends,

When I first began to study energy healing, it was through a group known as The Emissaries of Divine Light. Some of you know this group through the writings of James Twyman. Their founder, who went by the spiritual name of Uranda, referred to their practice of energy healing as Attunement. This is not to be confused with Reiki Attunement. These are two separate energy practices. In his writings, Uranda explained that the term Attunement was chosen because it reflected the potential of each human to be in alignment or attuned more fully to Spirit

As I trained in this style of energy healing, I took for granted many of its most basic principles. The writings and teachings Uranda left behind simply made sense to me. But looking back after twenty years as a practitioner, I am just now seeing how fundamentally different the practice of Attunement is from many of the healing modalities I see in the world today.

One unique aspect of Uranda's teaching was his language. In his writings, he deliberately chose certain words and phrases that were not common or didn't exactly "roll off the tongue." For example, he insisted that those who studied Attunement were practitioners or servers. Attunements were not given to someone but shared by a practitioner. Nowadays, many healers consider themselves practitioners. But to consider oneself a server puts a different spin on the healing process.

Though physical healing may be one result of receiving an Attunement, this is not the principal goal in this modality of energy work. Serving a larger spiritual picture is the goal. In one story, Uranda describes being offered a large sum of money if he would heal a man's daughter of her illness. He refused to do so, or to even try.

When I first heard this story I felt badly. "Why didn't he at least try?" I wondered. Now I understand better. It is possible to "fix" someone temporarily in a way they want to be fixed -- there are energies that will do that. But it is never possible to guarantee that their soul would have chosen that path, even if it is what the client's conscious personality wants. To assume that you or I know best what someone's soul has planned for them is ludicrous, even dangerous. I believe that the deepest form of healing is that which helps the client's personality, or "little self" learn to follow their soul's journey. Never the reverse!

The author and physician Rachel Naomi Remen articulates some subtleties in this orientation to healing in a marvelous essay titled, "In the Service of Life." She does this by outlining the differences between fixing and helping, versus serving:

"When I fix a person, I perceive them as broken, and their brokenness requires me to act. When I fix, I do not see the wholeness in the other person or trust the integrity of the life in them."

Throughout my years as a healer, I have always been keenly aware that the quality of energy available during a healing session depends a great deal on the quality of intention that both I and my client bring into focus. When someone's intention is to fix or change a particular issue, the energy available for healing is greatly limited. It often causes my spiritual vision to close down. This is an indication, to me, that the change that needs to be facilitated lies in a seemingly unrelated area of the person's life. And in order to do that, I must readjust my own inner focus to the needs of the soul, rather than focusing on what the personality is requesting.

In such situations, my job is to help the fear, anxiety and distrust of the personality, or "little self," find the support, love and connection with Spirit offered by the Higher Self. Then the underlying issues can be addressed. Sometimes this will include what was originally the target concern or issue. Other times the original issue is not directly addressed, but begins to shift a few days, weeks, or months after the energy healing.

Remen clarifies the nature of service, in comparison to the nature of "fixing" or "helping," in this way:

"Service rests on the basic premise that the nature of life is sacred, that life is a holy mystery which has an unknown purpose. When we serve, we know that we belong to life and to that purpose."

She also points out:

"Our service serves us as well as others. That which uses us strengthens us. Over time, fixing and helping are draining, depleting. Over time we burn out. Service is renewing. When we serve, our work itself will sustain us."

As I heard these words of Rachel's read aloud one day, I couldn't help feeling that service, as Remen describes it, is really another word for healing. It is how I now perceive my own role as a healer. This has brought me full circle in my path, through channeling and many other disciplines and spiritual practices, back to my roots as an Attunement Server.

I hope this helps my clients understand why, in healings, my service is to the soul's journey. And why I use a person's soul, and the guides and angels connected to their soul, as my reference points. Hopefully, the client will feel better after an energy healing session. But perhaps not! I do not know what circumstances best help a client to follow the subtle prompting of their soul. In some instances, pain or illness may serve a higher purpose. Perhaps deep discomfort will prompt the client into taking a much needed action that they are resisting. Though a part of me naturally wishes to satisfy the client's conscious desires, I know that I can be of greatest assistance when I keep my focus on healing as a service I render, not a "fix" that I perform.


A few years back I was at a new age expo. There was a world-famous healer in the booth next to me. Every day a crowd would gather for a public demonstration of his healing ability. It was impressive! I found the situation rather curious as a healer myself, to have to heal someone on demand.

Each day the healer chose someone from the assembled crowd, and in less than three minutes (because this was often being done as part of a live TV broadcast), they were able to cure some physical ailment.

I use "cure" here because as I watched, I could see no guides or angels present. Each day I looked close in as well as far away, ten feet, twenty feet, and even forty feet away from the healer and his subject. My energetic sight saw nothing. Seated where I was, I could overhear the conversation between the healer and each client. There was no discussion of what the ailment might be related to in the person's life, or how the body might be manifesting something that originated deeper within the soul.

After a few days of this, I decided to watch the smaller energy shifts within the healer's body during a healing. I returned to my spiritual sight, and looking closely, saw that the healer's third chakra was very active. I looked between the atoms, a sort of inner sight, and saw some grey energy moving through the healer out into the client. In my experience, this particular type of energy likes everything to be all tidied up, just so, in accordance with its own rules.

I did see the physical bodies of the subjects change; they were cured of their physical aliments! But internally I did not feel it. And to this day I am convinced that the particular type of energy work I witnessed was not a true service of healing. I do not mean to disrespect the healer or disregard the potential benefit to his subjects. Instantly curing people certainly does bring attention and awarenss to the role of subtle energy in maintaining health in our physical bodies. For this reason, perhaps it is useful for many to see that working with and understanding subtle energy can be an important tool in their life. But unless it honors the free will of the soul, I believe this type of energy work can also be a distraction from the growth that our soul wants to accomplish in this lifetime.

When spiritual, or soul-level healing happens, there is a wave of energy, often experienced as a deep sigh, a release, a sense of uplift or a sudden enlightenment around a personal issue. This wave passes out to all those physically present, as well as all who are psychically connected to the disease or imbalance, and outward on to all who are connected to the person who chose to follow their soul's healing path.

When a client wants me (or their guides or angels that may be present during a healing session) to heal a particular illness rather than address the casual issues of the illness, they are seeking to be fixed, in the sense that Remen describes above. Sometimes when this happens, I feel as if I can indeed fix them! But I know when that attitude comes up within me it is my own little self wanting to step into the shoes that my Higher Self alone can wear. In my heart I know that those shoes are just too big and they fall off of my little self quickly!

In her essay Remen makes a distinction between helping and service. As you read the next paragraph, try replacing the word "service" with "healing".

"Serving is different from helping. Helping is based on inequality; it is not a relationship between equals. When you help, you use your own strength to help those of lesser strength… When I help, I am very aware of my own strength…. Service is a relationship between equals."

Many healing modalities can be used to "help" and "fix." And these same modalities can be used to share sacredness, and to honor Spirit. Knowing when we are stepping into a sacred space of service or into a non-sacred space of wanting to help, fix and take away pain is the healer's own journey.

My blessings to all who join me upon this journey.


Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen's website is

The complete text of Dr. Remen's essay can be read online at:


Private Healing Sessions
(offered in person or by phone)

I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $185 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997. Read more about private healing sessions here

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An essay from Thoth, through Norma Gentile

Thoth is one of those beings who appears on his own timeline and with his own agenda.  I’m passing on what he shared with me which is the basis for the meditation and additional information in the podcast LIVING WELL on Aug 25. (available under Meditation CDs at As we move into the fall, I suspect the reason why he choose to share these thoughts now will become apparent.

From Thoth

Living well is more than just living.  Surviving is more than breathing while in physical form.  Life is another word for what is happening every moment, every day, in every cell and minuscule complex within your body and outside of your physical body. 

Your form is but the frame for your consciousness. Your consciousness is to be contained within your form during a single lifetime.  Open to the outer world and you find countless numbers, beyond human measure, of consciousnesses surrounding you.  The sensation may be one of overwhelm as you realize the number and size of consciousnesses that surround you and overlap into your physical body space from other realities and dimensions. 

These other consciousnesses are for the most part harmless to your own consciousness.  We are all co-existing here.

Just beyond the veil or boundary of your thought are worlds that you are about to explore.  Just as sailing ships brought you in the past from one port to another, your heart and your ability to trust and know truth when it is presented to you are the vehicles for your journeys now.  Your travels will take you into these new realms, through the mists of veils now fading away. 

Your journeys will take you far, and for some your bodies may not make the journey.  But your souls will indeed traverse the spaces, both within and without, of your expansion in consciousness.

Thoth, through Norma Gentile
Aug 16, 2009

Note from Norma Gentile

I haven’t felt or seen Thoth appear alone, and this strongly, in a couple of years. As I was finishing up another article at my computer I felt a presence behind me, almost as if someone were pacing back and forth in the room.  When I felt into it, I realized it was Thoth.  The words began to flow, and I sensed an urgency to get them quickly and accurately. 

Thoth, at least with me, tends to be precise and not waste words or time.  So I offer here what came through.  As I finished the final words, I felt a deep sense of thanks, both from myself to him, and from him to me, for listening and transcribing his insights so others might also contemplate the message he offered.

Do not look for exact meaning in his words.  Rather, feel and notice the quality of energies that come into play in your thoughts, emotions and physical body as you read the message.  Thoth, at least the version that appears and works with me, tends to share larger energy ideas through the words.  Quite literally, “read between the lines” is a good phrase to use regarding his teachings as he shares them through me.

My best to each of you,
-Norma Gentile



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Meditations and Teachings from the Ascended Master Thoth and Mary through Norma Gentile.  Given on Aug. 25, 2009.

Purchase or download Norma's recordings of Live Sound Healings

1  Introduction  (1:40)

2  Living Well, an essay from Thoth  (4:30)
Living well is more than just living.  Surviving is more than breathing while in physical form. Just beyond the veil or boundary of your thought are worlds that you are about to explore.  Just as sailing ships brought you in the past from one port to another, your heart and your ability to trust and know truth when it is presented to you are the vehicles for your journeys now.  Your travels will take you into these new realms, through the mists of veils now fading away.  

3. Creating Sacred Space  (5:06)
Staring with an invocation to Nature and  invoking your own personal connection to Archangel Michael

4  Reality is in the Beholder's Eye  from Thoth (5:01)
As you are in the presence of anything and everything, it is a part of your world, and it vibrates in accordance with your world.  As you move into this new cycle (after 2012) you move into a new space of vibration, and so new levels of consciousness.  Not only does the planet, your solar system and your galaxy pass through a new region physical space, but the Universe herself expands its outermost boundaries.

5  Observations on Channeling and Thoth  (5:57)
The information that comes through me comes as Thoth sits next to me or near me.  When I channel Archangel Michael his energy surrounds me and fills the room. Some people allow a being or consciousness to enter into their body.  Here are two reasons why I don't do that with Thoth.

6  Meditation - Finding the Still Point in Change from Nature and the Three Marys    (8:22)
Both of these energies, the Pure Energy of Nature and the energies of the combined Biblical Marys, are archetypal. What is happening in this moment in the planet is stoking the fires of fear, rather than stoking the fires of passion and personal expression.  The Divine Feminine is a lovely way to let yourself feel the container of your own soul and your own body, and to feel the safety in which you are always and already held.

7  Love is the container of Our World – Mary (7:55)
Fear can flavor a world, just as love can contain a world. There is a fear that arises from deep within us when we encounter external chaos and cannot find our inner core stillness.  Your spirit desires to step forward out of love, not fear.

8  Our Over-reliance on the Physical – Thoth (3:40)
Thoth's purpose in sharing his vision is to prepare us for a time down the road, which could be 30-40 years or much later in our linear time line.  It is important for us to recall that our goal of maintaining the health of the physical body is not to maintain it here strictly within the 3rd dimension but to allow it to be in conscious communion with the upper and lower dimensions. This allows the veils between all of the dimensionsto  begin to fade away.  Then the body becomes more permeable.  The skin itself becomes more permeable.  

9  A Meditation for The New You –The Empowerment Breath  (6:22)
This greenest sprout, the new you is being birthed. As you build this newest part of you, whatever it reflects will be reflected  to you from the outer world. Here is a simple mediation, done with clear intention, to empower your birth.

10 Releasing Nature Sphere, Guides, Angels (6:15)
Be sure to listen to this section so your personal energy is not being drained maintaining the sacred grids that were created at the beginning.

In releasing the conscious and magnified connection to our guides and angels we let all of their energies continue onto whatever else they need to do.

11 Q & A  Loosing Consciousness during Healing  or Meditation (2:05)
People sometimes feel as if they have entered into dream state or some altered state during the meditations and healings.  This happens for a reason. And its part of the healing process.

12 For more information:

Total Time: 58 minutes

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In our zeal to clarify and heal ourselves, we sometimes forget that what we feel no longer suits us may indeed at one time have been a blessing to us.  Releasing any energies or issues is dependent on our ability to truly come into a state of compassion toward whatever we are releasing.  Coming into a state of compassion requires a lack of judgment towards ourselves as well as what we are releasing, and any other people or circumstances related to the energies or issues we are releasing.


When there is true compassion towards ourselves and what we are ready to release, then, and only then, are we completing our soul’s agreement with that energy. This compassion allows us to fully release the energy. Without reaching a state of compassion towards what we are releasing, we end up pushing and shoving the energy out of our space and our life over and over again.  It never truly departs.

In almost all cases where we perceive something as being in our space, we have an agreement to learn from the other energy, and to allow the other energy to learn from us. At the conclusion of this process, it is our responsibility to release the other energy onto its next step.


In this fashion we honor that all energies are themselves growing and evolving in consciousness, and that all energies are active parts of All That Is. 


These energies can range from Nature Spirits that we picked up in our feet while attempting to ground ourselves to someone else’s guide.  Sometimes there are DNA guides from ancestors who are long deceased, or simply an out-of-time angel who helped you when you are facing your first day of kindergarten. 


Even what we might perceive as dark or malevolent energies are energies that are seeking their home.  What is not in tune with our reality will feel foreign and perhaps uncomfortable to us.  Any energies that are not supportive of health in our physical human body often feel extremely cold and appear as psychic dark or even black in color. This is our own brain’s interpretation of their vibrational frequency.


Because they are not supportive of our physical health and well-being, our brain interprets their vibrational frequency into cold sensations or into a dark grey or black color.  This is the same as our body looking at motor oil and knowing not to drink it.  Or smelling food that has gone bad, and knowing not to eat it.  Our body knows instinctively what will nourish us and what energies will harm us.  It is only our dependence on fear that makes us not trust our own body’s information.


I find that as I am working in healing sessions with people, there are two principle reasons for energies that are not serving them to still be with them.  I believe that these are common issues that most of us are identifying now and changing.


1. Judgment

We are trying to push the energy, which may be an out-of-time guide or issue away from ourselves. We all want to believe that we are loving people with the ability to love others.  Our polarized way of looking at things as either good or bad doesn’t let us move easily into compassion.  If something is bad, we must shun it, because a good person would not have bad energies around her or him. 


But a compassionate person understands that what no longer serves our soul will appear as ‘bad’ in order to draw our attention to the issue.  In the moment we notice what we judge as ‘bad’, we have the ability to address the issue and begin to make different choices.  In psychological terms one might talk about engaging with the shadow.  In energy healing terms, it is moving away from polarity and into compassion. I personally experience this as an Active Compassion, to distinguish it from complacency.



2.  A lack of Trust in Our own Body and Heart

We want to know everything possible about the issue, energy or guide and why it is there. Usually from past trauma, sometimes simply from our upbringing in western society, our brain doesn’t trust that our body or heart knows what it is doing.


Without meaning to, our brain has grabbed the energetic tail of issues, guides or energies that our body and soul are done with.  It is sort of like grabbing onto a mouse’s tail when it is running out of the front door.  Why stop it from leaving?   In this case our brains don’t trust the larger process of Spirit.  Therefore, our brain does not trust that the energy can leave, and we will be safe without it.


Here we are learning to trust.  We are learning to trust that whatever we might need to know will come to us. It will come in dream state, from books, from other people, and not just from our own heads. 


We are also learning to trust our lower chakras. Information comes to us from our lower body (navel chakra and the Enteric Nervous System, also known as the body’s mind) as well as through our heart.  We are telepathic in each and every chakra.  That means not just the 6th chakra that has been developed (overly so in my opinion) here in the western cultures, but also in the heart chakra as taught by Drunvalo, and in the lower chakras. 


It is the lower chakras that connect us into the consciousness of the Earth, and let us hear the wisdom shared by the lower dimensions.  Our navel chakra, connected well into the lower dimensions, offers us the information we need to know about our physical environment.


This is a learning edge for westerners.  We must clear out energies that no longer serve our body’s completion of our soul’s journey, particularly from our hearts and lower chakras.  As we move down into the strength and power of the energies of the lower chakras, we open the upper chakras to new levels of consciousness.  We cannot open into these higher levels of consciousness without first going down and clearing the foundation of our lower bodies.  We must go down in order to rise up.

There is no right way or wrong way to experience healing.  There is ultimately only a deepening into your own soul’s journey and your ability to live compassionately with all that surrounds you.


My blessings to each of you,


(with a little help from Mary)


Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops.   Her CDs of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available at and iTunes. To see and hear her sound healings, articles and podcasts go to her website


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Dear Friends,

Below are insights from Archangel Michael and myself regarding this summer's "homeopathic" eclipses and our planetary shift away from judgment. The first eclipse, meant to help us learn about emotional boundaries and open hearts, occurred the day of Michael Jackson's memorial service.

First, a few short Announcements:

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New York City I have private sessions available on the evening of Wed, July 22, Thurs, July 23 day and eve. Sessions are in English or Spanish. If you are interested, please read more at the Private Sessions page (or send it to your friends)

St. Louis, Missouri Tickets are now online for my concert and workshops. Private sessions are available in person Sun-Tues, Aug 2-4.

On July 7, the day of Michael Jackson's funeral, we experienced a minor lunar eclipse. Think of it as a homeopathic eclipse meant to expose our own inner issues and help us clarify emotional boundaries.

What are we learning? That in Michael Jackson, as in any of us, there is the expression of both sides of polarity. In such a visible public figure all is magnified. And it becomes difficult to categorize him because his life includes both sides of polarity. And yet that is exactly what Unity Consciousness is all about. Unity Consciousness is the unified expression of our polarized reality. And in that unification, we hold someone in a space of consideration rather than judgment. Learning how to do that, and realize when we are not doing that, is what we are learning to do this summer.

It is not a coincidence, says Archangel Michael, that Michael Jackson passed when and as he did. Both the clarity of his artistic vision and the murky waters of his personal life, especially around his ability to care for himself, are reflections of what each of us deals with in our own way. None of us is perfect. And the higher voltage energies brought into one's aura by public scrutiny and attention makes it even more difficult to balance inner self-care and outer world doing.

We are each going to be given the opportunity in the next two months to clarify how we care for ourselves and how we nourish ourselves. Simply put, loving our less perfect aspects allows us to communicate with these aspects within ourselves. As we move into middle August and through September, our emotional boundaries provide the cauldron into which the Sacred Masculine energies of the star Sirius will pour. A strong cauldron will let you manifest into physical reality the changes you wish to make in your life. A leaking cauldron will find you running after possibilities, not seeming to catch them.

Noticing what you are judging is one of the principle factors to building this strong emotional cauldron. When you judge something, be it a person or a person's actions, you are placing yourself into an energetic relationship with the person or their actions. We live in a world that is polarized into "good" and "bad", "right" and "wrong". It is not easy to step beyond this way of thinking.

In a larger cycle there is a service of blessing being offered through as we are given the opportunity to feel, emotionally, the restrictions we place on our hearts when we are judging others. To whatever extent we stand in judgment, our hearts are not open to fully love ourselves.

We lean the most upon the crutches of things we judge as bad. Because by defining what is wrong or bad, we also automatically define their opposites; what is desirable and good. And we each want to believe that deep down inside, we are good. Because in our polarized belief system, we are taught to love what is good and push away what is bad. Hanging onto our ability to define what is bad lets us hang onto our ability to judge what is good. And we find great comfort in this.

But neither promotes love.

I have often heard the expression among New Agers "It is all good". And I find this jarring. I can feel an underlying sensation that something uncomfortable is being covered over by a smile. If nothing else, Archangel Michael says that Michael Jackson's death and the subsequent revealing of his life story will stand as an opportunity to emotionally feel the exaggerated results of such actions.

Michael Jackson and Archangel Michael
There is a level of conscious within Archangel Michael that accesses all other dimensions without judgment. Because there is no judgment energies that we perceive as being of the light or of the dark can move through Archangel Michael to wherever they themselves need to be.

The human brain likes to judge if something is good or bad, dark or light. There is comfort in knowing what something is, so that we can then know how to relate to it. For example, if it is bad and we push it away, then we must therefore be good. Michael Jackson seems to be embodying the complexities of many facets of human nature from the sublime to the unfathomably odd and unhealthy. Reviewing his life offers us the possibility of not putting him into a comfortable "good" or "bad" side of the polarized continuum. The first steps toward Unity consciousness are those of consideration rather than judgment. As we consider Michael Jackson's life, perhaps we can also consider, rather than judge, aspects of our own inner lives.

Seeing Truth
How many millions viewed Michael Jackson's memorial online and on television? At the same time, a homeopathic eclipse was in effect. As people continue to view the memorial now the energies of the eclipse remain available. Grief, not just for the passing of Michael Jackson, but for the passing of a lifestyle is being shed. The memorials for him and so many other celebrities from my childhood who have died in the past weeks provide opportunities to grieve the passing of our presumed lifestyle.

The baby-boom generation, of which I am one, grew up in a world that is going to be gone within the next few years. It is crumbling all around us. We thought that it would last forever. The old goal was a big house, big car and retirement. The new goal is a small energy-efficient home, a hydrogen or environmentally friendly car to get us to mass transit, and sharing our gifts with others as long as possible.

Grief for the passing of a lifestyle that baby boomers grew up in, expected to live in, but are losing before they can fully benefit from it is tangible. Sometimes the grief of loss is anger. As icons of our childhood die their passing reveals an unspoken, ill-defined, nearly invisible grief of letting go of things by which we have unconsciously defined ourselves. And just as with judgment, when we lose the outer trappings that define ourselves, the boundaries of who we are need to be recreated.

Now personally I have been all for the new cycle my entire life. I saw and did not feel comfortable with the past typical American life-style. But I would say that you who are reading this and I myself are in the minority of Americans, Canadians, and most others in industrialized countries. Most people still have a longing for the old days of our childhood. The comfort of Saturday morning cartoons and going for a drive just for entertainment still calls to most people. As celebrities from the past depart, it is as if fence posts from our memories that have kept us safe are being torn away. We must find other ways to create comfort. We must learn to define who we are by our creative expression rather than by what it is that we judge. "Who we are" is more important than what is outside or contrary to ourselves.

It is not a coincidence that Archangel Michael can help other Beings, both of light and dark, move homeward. This is because Archangel Michael's consciousness is one of love for all. Clearly understanding our polarized actions lets us begin to step toward this unifying love in our own hearts. Unity Consciousness is not a consciousness in which only "good" exists. It is a consciousness which embraces both sides of the "good" and "bad" of our world. In Michael Jackson we have the opportunity to step out of the judgment of "good" or "bad". Over and over, each time we see a media segment about his life, we have the opportunity to notice the judgments that arise within us. Consideration includes compassion, judgment doesn't.

As we move into and beyond 2012, we are called to learn and experience Unity Consciousness. This is not a consciousness in which all is perfectly perfect. It is a consciousness that allows us to see what does not fit in our lives, and to make adjustments. The internal emotional changes that were offered by the homeopathic lunar eclipse were received by millions of people whose hearts were more open than usual as they watched Michael Jackson's memorial service on July 7. Imagine the difference this will make over time; that so many millions of people were still, allowing themselves to feel deeply their own emotions, during the time that the energies of this lovely little homeopathic eclipse were active.

Even more Eclipses this Summer!
Another homeopathic eclipse on August 6 reveals, probably by magnifying them, blind spots that you have created in your own spiritual vision of your path. This eclipse will help you gather all that you have done and step into a new cycle.

July 22 brings a total Solar eclipse which "begins in India and crosses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China…a partial eclipse is visible in most of eastern Asia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean." more here This eclipse reveals false masculine structures and helps reveal the Divine Feminine within all those incarnate.

The Sirian Portal July 23-September 17
This year's energies from Sirius bring such a strength of Sacred Masculine that we must clear emotions and energies of the profane or unreal feminine to make room in our hearts, our bodies and our lives. The incoming Sacred Masculine energies of this late summer will work with all of us on the planet, as well as Gaia herself. This will be particularly strong in the middle weeks of August.

No Regrets
Let yourself feel the new way, then you will see and understand why you have headed in a different direction than before. Once you are on this path, only then can you see its conclusion.

My love and great blessings all,
-Norma, with Archangel Michael

I'll be in St. Louis, Missouri, New York City, Cleveland OH, Atlanta (where I will teach how to do this) and Portland again soon.

See my Calendar Page at for event tickets and information


Norma's CD, Healing Chants of Hildegard, draws Sacred Masculine energies of Archangel Michael from the Earth. This is particularly focused at supporting the emergence of the Divine Feminine in expression through those women now living in the Middle East. You can preview the chants at her website: You can download it as an mp3 or purchase the CD.

My essay on Women and Change in the Middle East will appear in the July issue of the online e-zine Spirit of Maat, along with a new sound healing. Both are offered free of charge.


Information and meditations given on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2009
with Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathor Atamira

"Change is allowing what is already present to carry us rather than drag us. " (track #2, Archangel Michael)

The recording contains the teachings (from Archangel Michael and Mary), the two meditations and a sound healing from Atamira (not part of the original phone conference).

I'm including two sound samples of the recording below. Enjoy!

1 Introduction
2 A Teaching on Grounding and Change (Archangel Michael) LISTEN
3  Inviting Sacred Space (with Archangel Michael and Nature)
4  The Fourth Cracker Crumb
5  Meditation: The Stillness within the Heart  LISTEN
6  Fear and the Enteric Nervous System
7  Meditation: Let Spirit work some Change on Your Central Life Issue
8  A Simple Song for a Simple Journey
A sound healing, recorded live in a workshop.  
9  How to Release Sacred Space  9:04

This hour-long series of talks and meditations was exceptionally deep, and I thank each of you who participated.

(offered in person or by phone)

I am very good at helping to lift off heavy energies and get chronic issues to begin to move. Any energy released goes home, to follow its own growth and evolution. This means that what is released does not return. And it means that those energies with awareness know that I mean to help them. In this way your agreement to "keep them safe" is brought to completion, because they are released with honor and respect onto their next step. This is true of all energies, big or small, that your soul and body are ready to release.

Remember that any energy in your body or aura that is not in time or in tune with you will cause a slow, steady draining of your vitality. This leads to larger issues arising in the physical body, emotional overwhelm, and psychic cloudiness. A complete "deep cleaning" regularly can help you find, address, and release what is no longer yours to carry. This frees you up to engage fully with your own life's issues. (and yes, we can address life issues as well in the session).

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $185 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997. Read more about private healing sessions at

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Like most people with the ability to see spiritual energies, I tend to open my sight when working and then close my sight when not in use. So when something breaks through and presents itself, I know I must listen.

And now for a note on current events. Take it with whatever size of salt you prefer; a grain, an ounce, or a few pounds…

As I said above, when I close down my psychic eyes it is because I need to focus on this more physical world. Yesterday where I live, just outside of Detroit Michigan (Motown), there was a series of very strong storms. Not unusual for this area and this time of year.

What struck me was that the wind in the storms (unusual, nearly hurricane force) contrasted to an unusually quiet sensation within the land here. There was a deep stillness rising up from within the Earth to meet the ferocity of the storm. Almost like a mother containing a young child in the midst of an emotional episode. The emotions raged, and yet there was a sense of calm.

And in the midst I felt a deep sigh coming from the physical Earth as the hearts of many people who would never think of themselves as having anything to do with the word "spiritual" opened. My guides reminded me that it matters not if our hearts open in joy or grief, simply that they open.

Through the open gateway of our hearts Spirit pours into our shared world. Like a seldom used water faucet, those first Spiritual waters pouring through a newly opened heart may be rusty, bringing up old emotions that simply need to be released. Then the clear water pours out. And these hearts are available to express Spirit into our world.

As humanity clarifies their hearts, the Earth can release emotional energies that she has been holding on our behalf. This release can affect weather patterns. This release must happen in order for Gaia to make her transition into pure emotional energy.

This morning I am aware of a lovely new current of energy running through the Earth here. Just as we can express more fully who we are by releasing what no longer is serving us, Gaia is now free to express more of who she is becoming.

As public figures and events move us emotionally, our hearts open. Michael Jackson's passing has opened the hearts of the masses, world-wide, in a way that the passing of other celebrities has not. People are being changed by not only their grief in his passing, but by how they are choosing to grieve.

The passing of Princess Diana also opened hearts across the world, but humanity was at a different level of consciousness. The quality of grief, and manner of expression of that grief, was very different. As the world processed their grief from her death, space was greeted within our hearts for deeper compassion. And also anger. It became acceptable to say "no" and for the Divine Feminine to create boundaries.

Archangel Michael suggests to watch for the quality of expression that comes about from Michael Jackson's passing. How does grief turn to joy? What is the miracle that lets someone celebrate while feeling loss? These are the questions posed to me by Archangel Michael.

As our hearts are open, we will also feel more keenly our interconnectedness to each other. This heightened connectivity goes both ways. As we open our hearts, we are more able to both feel another's pain and offer another healing.

There are so many steps that we each will walk (and climb) in the years to come. No one event will be the beginning or the conclusion. I simply felt it important to mark this particular step.

(And as I am finishing, the strains of a familiar pop tune are coming down the street playing out of the local garbage collection truck.)

My blessings to each of you, in this summer (or winter) season of change.


Musical CDs, Meditation CDs, Concerts, Workshops and more at
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Meditations for Change ~~~~ new Meditation CD with music
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Meditations and Teachings from Archangel Michael, Mary, and the Hathor Atamira, through Norma. Given on the Summer Solstice,  June 21, 2009

Donations welcome
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1  Introduction    1:23
Change is allowing what is already present to carry us rather than drag us.   The sensation of being carried uplifts our heart and lets us know that all is well.  The sensation of being dragged gives us the reverse impression.

2  A Teaching on Grounding and Change    7:38
Breaking the cycle of judging something as being wrong, or even of being right, is a large piece of being able to deal with moving through cycles of change very quickly and easily.

In the New Age world of thought, it appears easy to consider our soul, or some part of us, as also existing in the upper dimensions.

But what about the lower dimensions?  What if a reflection of ourselves also existed in the 2nd and 1st dimension.  What if we open our consciousness to re-connect with aspects of the 1st and 2nd dimension that reflect who we are in the 3rd dimension?

3  Inviting Sacred Space (with Archangel Michael and Nature)  5:24
Just as we exist in each dimension, so too does the consciousness of Archangel Michael.  His energetic pattern is imprinted upon every dimension, including those outside of this 12 dimensional reality. 

Whatever portion or part, aspect or face of Archangel Michael that is naturally connected to you and already working with you is magnified when you invite Michael’s energy into your awareness.  You may know Michael by another name.  It does not matter.  As you invite Michael to be present, you may feel that the presence is familiar.  That is all that truly matters.

4  The Fourth Cracker Crumb  4:20
We assume that the brain is always correct.  If we see a trail of three crumbs in a straight line, then our brain assumes that the fourth crumb will follow along the pre-existing straight line.

Change doesn’t happen along straight lines.

When the pattern is not followed, we experience an emotional and physical upset. The result is an engagement of the “flight or fight” response in our lower body.

Neither do we incarnate linearly.  We incarnate from the future and the past. Many souls are incarnating from the future into the earth today, particularly those who will be great teachers in the next decades.

5  Meditation – the Stillness within the Heart  10:00
The more deeply we move into who we are, the easier it is to see who we are not. As each of us releases what no longer serves us it is like a small bell that chimes within the awareness of other people that perhaps that do not need to continue to be who they aren’t either.

6  Fear and the Enteric Nervous System  6:33
When things don’t turn out the way our brain has anticipated, it sends an alarm to our body.  Learning when the alarm is real (you are driving too fast) or the result of unexpected change, lets us turn it off, find relaxation in our lower body again, and listen to Spirit.

7  Meditation - Let Spirit work some Change on Your Central Life Issue  4:35 
Let the aspects of you in the lower dimensions draw down new aspects of you from the upper dimensions. As you listen your perception of the issues changes. Therefore what you draw to yourself from the upper and lower dimensions changes.

8  A Simple Song for a Simple Journey  2:10
A sound healing, recorded live in a workshop.  

9  Release Sacred Space  9:04
Your energy has called forth the connection with the lower and upper dimensions.  You can become drained from using your own energy to hold the connection open. So be sure to release any guides, angels, Nature Spirits.

10  For More Information
Total Time:  54 minutes

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There is no time like the present to be fully present.
There is no time, at this point in time, to not be fully here.
-Archangel Michael, through Norma, March 2009


Resting Back into Ease
  -by Norma Gentile, sound shaman

In some ways it is thrilling, and there have been moments of expansion and ecstasy.  But it has also been terrifying, especially for those who have no experience of spiritual energies or who have difficulty moving through and expressing their emotions. Even for those of us with an understanding of the larger picture, it can be frightening or startling to feel what we have held as theory come into actual form.

Gaia has recently shifted back to the lower physical energy and so too the Earth has settled back into the lower dimension of energy to which we are accustomed.  Because of the expansion that we experienced at the higher dimensional energy, we are having a difficult time with the lower contraction phase now.  It is like being on vacation for a month in Hawaii, and having to return to a cold and grey northern city.  All that we find uncomfortable is in our awareness.  And we don’t like it!   

When Gaia is in her higher emotional energy state, our lives change rapidly.  After several weeks or more of seeing change come quickly, we slow down into the denser reality where change can take awhile.  Seeds that were planted will grow, but at a pace that is partially determined by the density of the larger world and our connection into the mass unconsciousness of all life relating to the Earth.  This can be frustrating as what works in one reality does not work in the other.  

Those who adopt and learn to work with the emotional intensity and speed of the higher dimensional energies find the return to the lower, slower dimension of energy very difficult.  Frustration, depression and impatience are typical emotions for them to experience as Gaia shifts back down into the lower dimension. At this same time, others who are more accustomed to the solid 3rd dimension experience relief and a sense of repurpose in their lives.  They are able to pick up on the old ways again.   

At some point, about 2024, Gaia will not be shifting vibrationally back down all the way into the 3rd dimension as she is doing now. And so that sense of returning to a stable, comfortable known place will not occur.  And by then, those souls not moving into the next dimension of emotion with Gaia will have found new avenues for their evolutionary path.

The discomfort that you may be experiencing as Gaia shifts back down in the denser 3rd dimension now comes in part because your soul utilized the time spent in the higher emotional energy field to fill your body with higher spiritual energy.  As we all re-ground and bring the new spiritual energies through our physical bodies, those aspects of ourselves that are ready to be shed come into our awareness. We notice them as habits that we can no longer tolerate (in ourselves and others), physical illness, as well as thoughts and emotions that are not comfortable.

If you find yourself thinking “I just can’t take it any more!” pat yourself on the back.  You are exactly where your soul wants you to be in your cycle of growth and change.  You are noticing what doesn’t fit, and you are not going to keep it going.

This is a natural cycle, and a natural way of learning and growing.  By feeling what doesn’t fit, you can let it go.  If nothing ever felt uneasy or uncomfortable, why would you ever change?  So take this opportunity to know that whatever is a bit out of sorts in your life has been squeezed out of you by your soul.  Let it continue to move out, so that what your soul has spent time growing within you during Gaia’s time in a higher emotional state may now grow into your spiritual maturity.

My best to each of you,
-Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops.   Her CD of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available at, itunes and her website

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Songs and Meditations

1. Introduction
2 A Meditation Song with Tibtan Bowl from Atamira (a Hathor guide)
There is a desire within each of us to find that inner tone or quality that reflects who we truly are.   We seek to find a place within ourselves that allows us to feel ultimately received. This internal space allows us to feel we are truly loved, just the way we are.

3 Releasing into Spirit
The quality of our expression into the outer world reflects the quality of our inner world.  This inner tone or vibration is the quality that others sense intuitively.

4 Ubi Caritas et Amor, Deus ibi Est (chant and meditation)
Where Tenderness and Love abide, There is God
Revealing those qualities of tenderness and love that are in our lives reveals where God or Spirit resides in our lives.   Who we are  is a reflection of that Spirit of God which vibrates, sings and lives within each of us.  Let yourself relax and receive. Feel your feet and let the sound move through you.  When you are ready, let your Spirit sing.

5 Our Ancestors and Our Spiritual Gifts 
How is it that your soul has received the gifts of your ancestors, and fashioned these gifts into your own life’s tapestry?  How have you integrated what you see as a shadow gift into your life?  Can you imagine that your ancestor’s souls created these gifts, both of the light and of the shadow, just for you?  And that your soul has chosen to receive them? In some fashion you have received all of these gifts, and made them your own.

6 O factura Dei – a meditation song 
The prophet within each of us knows that Spirit is present. This internal sense tells us that because we are present, God is present.  And because God is present, loving tenderness abides for All.  This song is also available on my CDs Songs of Spirit and Healing Chants of Hildegard von Bingen

7. Final Thoughts 

Total Time: 35 mins.    Excerpted from a live presentation given at the Ann Arbor Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth on March 15, 2009

 Donations Welcome- I offer these meditations by phone and their recordings as podcasts freely.  If you are able and feel drawn to support my work, a donation of $10 or more helps to offset the costs.  Thank you!

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On a  winter’s eve close to the February full moon, I offered a sound healing and meditation here in my home town in Michigan.  This is an excerpt from that evening.  The second song you hear is O Rubor Sanguinis, which I dearly love and have recorded twice.  It appears on both of CDs Mediation Chants by Hildegard of Bingen (newly re-released) and my album of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit.

1. A Spoke Invocation of Sacred Space
2.  Sancta Maria  an improvisation to invoke the Divine Feminine healing presence into the room.
3. The Spiral Path of Healing (a little talk)
4. O Rubor Sanguinis, a song which invites the listeners into stillness.
5. Chispas del Amore an improvised sound healing in Spanish
 (some of this is without text)
6. Take a step to the side - a little talk
What is coming your way from Spirit that you aren’t expecting?
7. An Unexpected Journey with Spirit (a sound healing experience) 

You may notice a bit of uneasiness at some points in this sound healing.  That is intentional.  The more sure we are of our path, the more difficult it is when Spirit and our Soul decide to create a new road for us.  Here is a little sound healing to help you experience that journey.

If you would like to receive notices of my concerts and workshops, or read a bit about my individual healing practice, see my website,  Naturally there is a newsletter you can sign up for, and you can see me sing on YouTube as well.

Direct download: LittleSoundHealing.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:32pm EST

includes a song from Norma's album
MEDITATION CHANTS of Hildegard von Bingen
(order CD and mp3 download)

Meditations for Peace
from Thoth, Shesat, and the Ascended Masters,
through Norma Gentile

1. Introduction
My guides remind me that peace is the result of inner stillness, connection and knowing oneself. When we spend time being who we are, we generate a quality of stillness that makes peaceful actions more appealing than violence.

2. Nature’s Unconditional Love
The Pure Energy of Nature is the most amazing tool for healing.  It is a replenishing and rejuvenating energy for our bodies, and for our entire being and life-force. Our ability to manifest into form and the ability of our soul to create our body is hinging primarily on the Pure Energy of Nature.  

3. Welcoming Archangel Michael
When I invoke AA Michael, I ask that the aspect of his energy which reflects how he is already supporting and connecting to your soul to step forward and be magnified.  Sometimes this is also an opportunity for the person to become more consciously aware of the connection they already have to Archangel Michael or the other Archangels.

4. Conscious Agreements in Your Body and Our World (Shesat)
The physical body registers sensations kinesthetically of what is going on all around us, two, three, four, five or six feet away from us.  Oftentimes when something begins to manifest as illness or noticeable discomfort, we look at the body itself.  We forget to look outside of the body, to where it is probably coming from; the subtle energy field two feet, three feet or more outside of our physical body. It is here also that our energies intersect with those with whom we have conscious and unconscious agreements. Most people have easily a dozen primary agreements between themselves and groups of people in their life.

Simply by being in a human body, you carry an agreement of the quality of energy that you will manifest.  As long as you are in that human body, the quality of energy that you have agreed to manifest here on Earth is present.  That quality of energy resonates out, and is audible to everyone.

While there are moments that it seems rather odd to simply sit still and do nothing, in that doing nothing you have the opportunity to turn within, and find that vibration that your soul has agreed to bring into the Earth plane, on behalf of humanity.  

5. Linear Creation vs. Spiral Path of Spirit (Shesat)
As more and more people within the Earth have embraced a linear way of creating, using their own personal energies to manifest, there has been a rise in ‘troubled waters.’  Rather than telling Spirit what you want, try asking ‘What is it that your soul has ready to serve up to you on a platter right now?’

6. from the CD MEDITATION CHANTS Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans Vita (Holy Spirit bestowing Life unto Life) sung by Norma Gentile

Holy Spirit, bestowing life unto life,
  moving in All.
You are the root of all creatures,
  washing away all impurity,
  scouring guilt, and anointing wounds.
Thus you are luminous
  and praiseworthy, Life,
  awakening, and re-awakening all that is.
For All and forever, Amen.
Music and Latin words by Hildegard von Bingen, (1098-1179)

7. Meditation and Silent Energy Healing
The energy of the King or Queen that you truly are is the gift of your soul to you.  

8. Stillness in Spirit brings Remembrance
Your stillness draws forth the remembrance of stillness from those involved in the conflicts, the wars and the battles.  It draws through them that remembrance of home, of where their body came from, the Pure Energy of Nature, of their soul which is within their body, and of the communion they share with you as humans here upon the Earth.

9. Stillness and Releasing Meditations
Allow your own stillness to move out to all those with whom you have connections and agreements.  Not inflicting this stillness, but offering it as a remembrance. Then a Releasing Meditation, allowing what your body is ready to release to move homeward through Archangel Michael’s energy.

10. Releasing Sacred Space, and seeing what Spirit is Bringing to You
Each time we enter into Sacred Space and a magnified connection to Spirit, we must thank and let our Spiritual helpers return to where our body is most comfortable with them.  Otherwise, our energy becomes depleted. These meditations are built to work over several days.  As you enter into the meditation deeply, you may notice your ability to see what Spirit is presenting along the creative spiral increase.  

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