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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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    from Mary, through Norma Gentile



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In a recent verbal channeling Archangel Michael and Mary spoke about the human virtues we will be evolving into expressing in the coming year.  Each of these virtures is a reflection of our polarized reality and societies, which we are slowly unwinding as we move into the Aquarian Age.

   Prejudice becomes Charity – reflected in acts of learning to care for ourselves first, in order to then care for others.  


   Judgment becomes Self Forgiveness - when we forgive ourselves we have no need to judge.


    Vanity becomes Compassion for ourselves.   Seeing imperfections within ourselves lets us develop compassion for ourselves, and then true compassion for others.

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       from Mary

So much tumult in the human heart!  So much pain exists because much needs to be addressed and seen.  Those circumstances of your life, be they small issues or seemingly overwhelmingly huge, exist because there is something that your soul desires to learn.  And as your soul learns a lesson here upon the Earth, that lesson is shared with your soul in all the dimensions of your reality.


Here is one lesson:  Vanity


Vanity has two poles in your reality. One pole is obvious to you!  Someone who over dresses, is constantly monitoring their looks, and most likely loves to be told how fabulous they are is easily considered to be vain.  Granted this is a bit of a stereotype, but you get the idea. You consider vanity in terms of visual appearance.  But some can be vain about the quality of their voices, their home, their lifestyle and accomplishments or their children.  


The other pole of vanity is far less obvious.  It is a lack of self-love.  It is a lack of self-care.  This is not referring to someone who throws on whatever clothes are at hand and takes little time to address their appearance.  Rather, this pole of vanity lives inside of you.


Each of you, ideally, had parents who instilled into you a love and honoring of yourself.  That is the primary task of parents.  But you do not live in an ideal world, nor did you grow up with parents who themselves lived in an ideal world.  Honoring and giving value to oneself was most likely never an issue they discussed with you.


But in order to truly express compassion for another, you must first know love for yourself.  This love must extend to all of yourself, not just the parts you like, but the parts you also judge as being somehow “wrong”.  


 The physical body is the 3rd dimensional expression of the soul.  Therefore, how can there be anything wrong with your physical body, if it is merely the expression of your soul into the 3rd dimension?  Would you be so silly as to tell your soul in the 4th dimension “There is something wrong with you!  Your color is not pink enough today.”  Of course not!


If you make the assumption that your soul is perfect in the 4th or 5th dimension, why then do you make an assumption that there is anything wrong with your soul in its 3rd dimensional form, as your body?


When you cease self-judgment you also cease to express the other, inner pole of vanity. Your soul is perfect as it is in the 3rd dimension expressing through each one of your bodies.


When neither the external nor the internal poles of vanity are expressed, there is room for one to have compassion for themselves.  This compassion looks upon the body and sees the manifestation of a soul.


Many trying times will be upon your world in the coming years.  This is nothing that you have not heard before.  When your heart stands open to the breeze of Spirit, you will easily feel what is coming, as well as what is leaving. Your hearts open not before judgment, but only in the presence of kindness and compassion.  


The human heart has the ability to create a portal through which your personality may pass into other dimensions.  Allow that to be true.  Consider compassion toward yourself first. Let your own heart open.  The hearts of others will open quite naturally after that.


-Norma Gentile

(with Mary)



NOTE:  The seed for this channeled message from Mary was planted during a longer meditative channeling I did recently.  You can listen to that meditation, Polarity and Neutrality; Standing Strong in Your Own Center Pole of Being, on iTunes (Podcasts > Norma Gentile) or at the Meditation CD page of my website,

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