NORMA GENTILE sound shaman
Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Re-Initializing Reiki
Update your personal connection to Reiki and your healing guides.
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What are you Here to do Now?
Insights, Free Meditation, Sound Healing

Dear Friends,

A little info on current energies (yes, we are in the midst of a SuperMoon) and events like this weekend's
Candlelight Meditation Concert in Ann Arbor a new workshop in Evanston, IL and a New Year's Day Full Moon Phone / Online Meditation

You are probably noticing an increasingly uncomfortable underlying tension...this coming Sunday's Full Supermoon is drawing past issues out of our psychological closet and into our visible world. Whatever you notice happening this next 7-10 days is part of the shared collective consciousness of humanity looking at itself and asking 'Is this pattern/belief/emotional reaction serving us all now?' Which leads to individuals reflecting and asking 'Is what I am concerned about in my life really where my attention is needful?' 'Is this really MINE to do now?'

Which all leads to the big question: What Am I Here to do Now?



A sound meditation to locate, open and clear your built-in Spiritual compass. 


We are all gradually developing new chakras. The High Heart chakra, related to our thymus gland, (just above the Traditional Heart chakra), helps guide us upon the path that our Soul desires for us to choose in this lifetime. Here, at the High Heart, is where we hear the impulses of "stop" or "proceed" or sometimes even "no". Here is our built-in compass, available to us anytime we choose to use it!

This sound meditation helps you locate, open and clear your newly emerging High Heart chakra. This works with both the easily sensed front of the body as well as the aspect of the chakra where your guides and angels connect behind your back. This assists you to reset the chakra (between your shoulder blades/upper back) and invite in your most potent guides and angels who support you.

Sunday, December 3 at 4pm (on the Full Supermoon)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - See Printable Flyer
Meditation Concert of Sacred Chant in Candlelight
in Ann Arbor


Come celebrate and meditate within the energies of the pre-solstice Supermoon as Norma Gentile leads a unique concert of sacred song and chant by candlelight.

Check out a healing song from the last event (and share it with a friend).


with musical guests

Ann Arbor Interfaith Center, 704 Airport Blvd, Ann Arbor


Atmaram Chaitanya
tambora & harmonium

Suggested Donation: $20 at the door (cash/check best)

Nathan Correll
singing bowls & gong


See More at Norma's FaceBook Event Page


Private Healing Sessions
now available by phone or in person in SE Michigan


Dec 3​

Candlelight Meditation Concert Ann Arbor, MI at 4pm


Jan 1​

Free Phone / Online Meditation


Jan 27​

An Interactive Sound Healing Meditation Gathering in Evanston/Chicago


Jan 28-29​

Private Healing Sessions in Evanston/Chicago


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Private Healing Sessions
(offered in person or by phone)

Sessions include both information from your guides and angels, as well as healing energies to facilitate changes your Soul desires in your body and your life. This multi-faceted approach is notably deep and most people find that one or two sessions provides them with substantial, lasting and profound change. The kind of change that is so complete that there is little or no going back to the other ways of being.

In these healing sessions the spiritual foundation of who you are (the portion of your soul incarnating right now) engages with your body in a new way. This allows what does not reflect your Soul and body to be revealed, understood, and released. Simply put, the real world version of you catches up with the spiritual foundation of who you truly are. After the healing session your Soul, body and life will reflect each other more accurately.

How Your Healing is Supported
I do not intend or focus healing so that your body looks perfect, or that your aura looks like it does in a book. My guides consult and follow your guides, asking at each organ, each chakra, each issue in your life; what is it that your body and Soul choose? What is your next step? And in this process, allowing whatever no longer serves your Soul's journey to be released.

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $215 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. or 734-330-3997.
Read more about private healing sessions here

pecial gathering via live strea 


sample video
The Spiral and Linear Paths of Healing
from the online course: Re-Initializing Reiki

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to share with you a video from my new online course,
Re-Initializing Reiki. Please have a look, and feel free to share with others.

The world has changed
You have changed
Reiki has changed

Why wait?
Step into your new connection with Reiki and your healing guides and angels

New Online Video Courses!

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Spiritual courses in Healing, Sound and Energy Awareness


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Re-Initializing Reiki
Update your personal connection to Reiki and your healing guides.
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How Healing Happens
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Let yourself hear and follow the money guides working with you right now
$49 (pre-release price)



Here are some additional free offerings.
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video this song only
audio this song only

what has not (yet) come to pass
a healing song from Norma's Hathor guide, Atamira
(read full text here)

Norma's Audio Meditations are available as free podcasts at iTunes
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(this particular meditation is available as video above or streaming audio below)


More of Norma's healing songs, along with videos, can be found underSound Healings and Recordings. Her albums are available on iTunesand at Amazon



Meditation #54 from August 4, 2017


- Sacred Space Invocation
of Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
- The Earth has only loaned you its atoms
in order for you to create your body
- Clearing Our Newly Emerging Chakras in Heart and Solar Plexius from past beliefs, guides and intensities.
- Why and How to Release Beliefs and Behaviors (and old guides and angels)
- Brain Chatter Release
(clearing 6th and 7th chakras)
- Connecting the two Heart Chakras(knowing what is yours to do


& more information



These meditations are very similar to what I offer in my Private Healing Sessions. If you are drawn to this idea, read more about my healing sessions here.

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