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The New Road Taken
Turning down an unexpected Street and Coping with a New Unexpected Reality

Dear Friends,

This essay grew out of the phone meditation held on the September Equinox. You can listen to that meditation
now and also explore the new sound healings page. I will be in Niles, MI Oct 14 and then Ottawa, Canada Oct 20-23. In Ottawa I am joined by wonderful musician friends Jeremy Sills(Tibetan Bowls) and Gordon Johnston(harp) for a Candlelight Concert, followed by a workshop on Sacred Song and Healing, then a day of Private Sessions. Plans are still percolating for an early December workshop and sessions near Richmond, VA. Stay tuned for more on that, and some west coast winter events.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost from his poem "The Road Not Taken"

Since June, it is as if our planet has entered a cosmic roundabout. You know what that is - a traffic circle with all those different streets that you can turn onto. Sometimes they come with lanes that are marked, but more often than not it's up to you to navigate your way around it until you reach the street you want to turn onto.

We had meant, I think, to exit out a particular street. Instead we kept going around and around for most of the summer months. In early September we suddenly turned onto a street. But it is not the one we all had agreed upon exploring. We are not where we expected ourselves, as a planet, to be.

This is not what the GPS told us to do. But it is what the GPS of the shared subconscious of humanity decided upon. As we are traveling this new area we ourselves are becoming different from whom we thought ourselves to be. All the choices that we have made need to be remade. What tools do we need now for this new journey our souls have chosen?

If you are going camping in the mountains you take very different clothing than if you are going for a vacation in a luxurious hotel. A walk in a cold northern rain forest requires different planning from a walk in the warm desert. What tools do we need to pick up now, for this part of our journey? What choices do we need to let go of, or remake, simply because we aren't where we thought we were going to be. There is nothing wrong with where we are. The planet as a whole, changed. The group consciousness reset the GPS. We are in a different place than where we thought we would be.

Allowing ourselves to realize this helps us to also validate that we did nothing wrong. Choices that we thought would be available to us now are not showing up in our lives. This is because the planet chose to exit the roundabout on a different street. And it is taking our personalities some times to recognize that we are now traveling in a direction that is not the one we anticipated traveling in.

As a result the tools we use may change. Our decisions may change. Things that we thought we were going to do we might not choose to do now. There are other options in our lives on this new street that were not present before. And some of our previous choices are too far away energetically to easily access and bring into form now, on this new street.

As we release what we thought would happen, we can begin to ask; "What is it that we can do now, on this street, that we could not do as easily before?" One of the things that happens on this particular street is a deeper integration of the polarities expressed as male and female on our planet than what we might have achieved had we exited on the anticipated street.

This integration comes not as a blending of male and female into some homogenous whole, but rather an honest assessment of the strengths (and weaknesses) of the qualities our various societies have assigned to each role. My guides suggest that over the next two decades our perception of the sacred version of both male and female will slowly emerge and be valued by the many societies that make up our human world.

Now What?

Since we exited the cosmic roundabout onto a street in early September, you may have noticed a shift within yourself. Perhaps a bit like that sensation of landing, not too gracefully, in the water at the end of a long waterslide. For me it has been a sense of feeling my feet beneath me in a new way.

Letting your body feel the shift and experience the question mark that all of humanity is going through allows you to reassess what you need now, and what you need to let go of now. The soul changes its journey very quickly. It reassesses and releases those explorations of life that are no longer possible, while embracing the new options before it. It is our personality that has the more difficult task of adjusting to changes in the journey of our soul within a lifetime.

The soul accommodates shifts and changes easily. Our personalities…not so much!

You may have noticed that I frequently use the phrase 'legally incarnating portion of your soul' when defining the soul that is related to a physical body. It is because during times of great changes in personal and planetary consciousness, different portions of your soul may want to take advantage of exploring a situation that is suddenly become available within your lifetime.

As a result of our planet exiting onto an unexpected street from the cosmic roundabout, there is a portion of your soul that is sizing up its potential to experience what it had planned to experience. This portion of your soul is deciding whether or not to stay. Likewise, other portions of your soul are recognizing the potential for new experiences, and are considering coming into a closer relationship to your body. The possibilities that this new street offers may encourage new portions of your soul to enter your body, and other portions to exit.

As new portions of your soul come into relationship with your body there can be certain symptoms that arise. One is an increasing intensity in the dream state. Portions of your soul that are exiting often need to finish up their business, and so the energetic patterns they are engaged with will rise to the surface of your awareness in both dreams and in waking, everyday life circumstances.

As the new portions of your soul enter, you may experience the sensation of doing something that is very routine as if you were doing it for the very first time. Something as simple as turning on a faucet, putting your card into an ATM or logging into Facebook might suddenly seem like new experiences but at the same time familiar experiences. I once stared for the longest time at the standard stick figure symbol for the women's restroom as if I had never seen it before. Fortunately the rest of my soul, and more importantly my body, had a muscle memory of where my feet had walked to multiple times each day in that building!

Most portions of our soul shift in and out during sleep or deep meditations. My sense is that small portions are constantly shifting in and out, and we do not notice these little adjustments. It is only when a large portion of our soul leaves and an equally large portion replaces it that we recognize something has happened and we feel somehow different. There are always aspects of our soul that remain constantly connected to our body and to this lifetime. These aspects help ease in the new portion of our much larger soul. In most cases all of us is integrated once again within a few hours or days, and we have readjusted our focus to accommodate the life journey that the new portion of our soul has brought into our life.

And for those of you who might be wondering, yes, the guides and angels also shift. Those spiritual helpers associated with portions of the soul that have left also leave, and make room for new guides and angels. When this shift in the soul does not happen easily into a new reality it is most often because we ourselves are holding onto the old guides and angels.

This is one of the principle issues that I find myself helping people with in private sessions. At this point I don't know a way of doing it completely by oneself, but I have provided meditations (click here) that address this issue. I equate this type of energy work to getting a haircut: you can cut your own hair, but someone else can do it much quicker and easier because they can see the bigger picture.

No one of us is healing and changing outside of the context of our shared connections to the subconscious of all humanity. Whatever small step each one of us takes makes it that much easier for another to make a similar step.

My blessings to all who read this,
(with Archangel Michael)

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Oct 20 -23


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Our soul's essence resides within our root or first chakra. Just as foundational energies of our reality present themselves as polarized (good/bad or dark/light), our own souls divided themselves into male and female in order to incarnate. Here is a meditation to help you access both aspects of your own soul: Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Regardless of the gender of your physical body both essences are 2123qnow available and both actively support your body. In this meditation the focus is upon your root or first chakra. This is the foundation of your body, and how you engage with this physical world.

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost*
*from his poem “The Road Not Taken”

Uniting the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine essences of your soul within your Body: 
Ovaries, Testicles and Root Chakra.

Our soul’s essence resides within our root or first chakra. Just as foundational energies of our reality present themselves as polarized (good/bad or dark/light), our own souls divided themselves into male and female in order to incarnate.  Here is a meditation to help you access both aspects of your own soul: Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Regardless of the gender of your physical body both essences are 2123qnow available and both actively support your body.  In this meditation the focus is upon your root or first chakra. This is the foundation of your body, and how you engage with this physical world.

1. Introduction
2. Invocation of Nature’s Unconditional Love
3. Archangel Michael: Invoking the Sacred Masculine
4. The Heart of the Sacred Masculine
5. Meditation:  How do You relate to the Heart of the Sacred Masculine?
6. Souls, Gender, Polarity and your Sacred Masculine
7. Turning down an unexpected Street! Coping with a New Unexpected Reality
8a Meditation on the Divine Feminine for Men
8b Meditation on the Divine Feminine for Women
9 Uniting Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine in Your Body
10  Understanding Your Soul’s Choices Now
11 Releasing Spiritual Helpers, the Nature Sphere, and Archangel Michael
12 Final Thoughts and Spiritual Homework   

A Note on Language:
The First Dimension is where The Pure Energy of Nature resides. The Pure Energy of Nature is also known as the Divine Feminine matrix, and it forms the chalice into which the Sacred Masculine is received and safeguarded.  In this manner both the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies of our world reside within the First Dimension and the foundation of our reality. 


1. Introduction
We do happen to live in a dualistic world, a world that has its foundation in polarity. We still speak in terms of male and female, inside or outside, good or bad.  During this meditation we are looking at how we nourish ourselves in order to creatively engage with our external world.  That which we naturally receive allows us an equivalent quality of creating out into our world.

2. Invocation of Nature’s Unconditional Love
This invocation is a way of honoring that the physical forms around us are just as spiritual as we are.  We don’t think of a table, a bookcase, the floor or the walls around us as being particularly spiritual.  But they have the capacity to vibrate at their own levels of unconditional love.  And this serves to remind our own bodies of the potential we have to receive and offer love unconditionally.

I honor that everything in our third dimension, whether we think of it as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, emanates from the world of Spirit.  This world of Spirit exists both above us in the heavenly or upper dimensions, as well as below us, in the lower or supportive dimensions.

For healing purposes, I always ask the room and its contents to show me what their level of unconditional love is.  In the moment that I feel myself able to perceive this energy as they show it to me, my body feels uplifted and supported. In my psychic sight, the energetic chaos that permeates space, even healing spaces, becomes organized. 

Another advantage of taking time to setup Sacred Space is that it is much easier to move into a gentle trance state.  A state where your personality can step back, allowing your body, heart and soul to decide what will happen.  Your brain becomes the great observer, rather than the great decider of it all.

3. Archangel Michael: Invoking the Sacred Masculine
The Pure Energy of Nature contains a drop of the essence of each and everything in form.  Those spiritual beings that support us and work with us have the ability to touch form because they work with and through us.  They exist in all the dimensions.  Including the lower dimensions.  There is, within the first dimensional vibration, which I call The Pure Energy of Nature, a drop of Archangel Michael’s essence that relates to you.  As you acknowledge these lower aspects of our reality, the first and second dimensions, you can engage more fully into the higher dimensions.

Central Sun (aligning with our solar sun) is that point at which that which created our reality becomes accessible to us.

Each and every one of us has a unique way of experiencing energies.  Our brains are wired differently. Don’t force yourself to feel, see or sense what another is experiencing.  Notice what your body is feeling, or what memories or thoughts are coming up for you.

 4. The Heart of the Sacred Masculine
Most of us grew up in a world where the masculine qualities that we experienced were not Sacred. Our planet’s spiritual development has now reached the point where there is enough of the Divine Feminine to create and maintain a chalice to receive Sacred Masculine energies into our world.  Each year starting at the end of July and proceeding until the middle of September our world aligns itself with Sirius in a way that allows us to receive strong Sacred Masculine energies.

As we receive these energies our Divine Feminine chalice becomes so full that it begins to overflow.  When the chalice, built by the consciousness of humanity, is no longer able to contain the incoming Sacred Masculine energies from Sirius, they spill over, exposing violence and anger within humanity.  They expose all those things that non-sacred masculine energies have built in our world.

Ideally each of us is building our own Divine Feminine chalice so that in upcoming years there will be a safe space into which all of the Sacred Masculine energies entering our solar system may come to rest. This allows humanity to quietly hold the Sacred Masculine energies within a safe space, and utilize them when appropriate.

5. Meditation:  How do you relate to the Heart of the Sacred Masculine?
The lower area of our torso is the most common region in which we experience a battle between the Sacred and the habitual.  Our endocrine system expresses itself here as ovaries or testicles. These are always the foundation of our physical body.  Even if we no longer have them within our physical form, their expression still lies in the etheric and other subtle energy bodies that surround and interpenetrate our physical body.

6. Souls, Gender, Polarity and your Sacred Masculine
Each of our souls is created outside of polarity. But we are beings incarnating into a dualistic reality. Therefore our soul has divided itself into Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine qualities of energy.  We can access both the feminine and masculine aspects of our sacredness no matter what gender body was chosen for this lifetime.  Over the years to come we will slowly weave these polarities of gender together.  For now, we each have a unique expression of gender that moves from our soul, through our body and out into the world. How does the Sacred Masculine move through your body, male or female, out into the world?

7. Turning down an unexpected Street! Coping with a New Unexpected Reality
Our planet has entered a cosmic round-about. Suddenly we turned onto a street.  But it is not the one we all had agreed upon exploring. As we are traveling this new area we ourselves are becoming different from whom we thought ourselves to be.  All the choices that we have made need to be remade.  What tools do we need now for this new journey our souls have chosen?

8a Meditation for Men: Divine Feminine
8b Meditation for Women: Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine provides a surround for the Sacred Masculine energetically in the testicles, while embracing the ovaries of women.  This is an opportunity to release your old stories into the past, and let the male and female qualities of energies express through the male and female bodies in a new, sacred manner.

After a lifetime of non-sacred feminine energies imposing themselves upon men and women, there are many patterns that our bodies are ready to release.  This is the starting point for the Divine Feminine to support both men and women’s bodies in a fitting manner.

9 Uniting Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine in Your Body
Your unique drop of Divine Feminine essence exists within The Pure Energy of Nature.  So too your unique Sacred Masculine essence exists within The Pure Energy of Nature.  And your physical body wants to be nourished by both essences. When the ovaries and testicles reflect both your Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine they inform your root chakra of your new tuning.  And this new tuning moves through every cell of your physical body.

10  Understanding Your Soul’s Choices Now
New aspects of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies are available to us. What does that mean?  How do we each want to bring our masculine and feminine aspects out into the world in a sacred manner?  What is it that your soul can do now, in this new reality, that it could not do before?  What possibility does your soul see now for the expression of your body into your life here on Earth?
Allow yourself to lay the image, symbol or word you sense into the rich warm energies of the Divine Feminine presence of The Pure Energy of Nature.  You have just consciously used your ability to create in a sacred manner. 

11 Releasing Spiritual Helpers, the Nature Sphere, and Archangel Michael
With gratitude we release the conscious magnified awareness to our Spiritual helpers.  In this way we also release the energetic cords, built by our own subtle energies, to them.  Leaving these cords in place brings fatigue to our physical body.  We have a natural connection to all of our Spiritual helpers and to Nature.  We are only releasing that consciousness connection that our energy has been magnifying for us during meditation.

Unconditional love can be expressed by all things in form. After this meditation you will never again look at a chair and think ‘it is only a chair’. 

12 Final Thoughts and Spiritual Homework  
Changes have been seeded within you. Now, take your body for a walk out into the world! Trust your perception and intuition.  None of us see the same thing in the same way.  Bring your unique view of the situation to others.

You may also want to read Norma's essay "The New Road Taken" from her October Newsletter based on this podcast meditation.
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