NORMA GENTILE sound shaman
Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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1 Using Sacred Space
2 Entering into Sacred Space
3 Your Two Heart Chakras (and what they do)
4   Meditation on Your High Heart
5 Updating Your Spiritual Support Staff
6 Sound Healing: How does Your Body want to be supported by Your Soul now? (Mother of Eternity)
7 Sound Healing: What are you meant to do now?
8 Let your Soul Lead You
9 Re-Claiming Your Right to Say “No”
10 Your Traditional Heart Chakra
11 Experience Your Unique Quality of Unconditional Love
12 Exiting from Sacred Space

Podcast Meditation #33 from Norma Gentile,

1 Using Sacred Space

The invocation and benediction are ways of bookending Sacred Space.  What happens within Sacred Space is very understandable, as long as you are within Sacred Space and the quality of consciousness that your mind has access to during this time. When we share something that has happened to us inside of Sacred Space during a time of being in normal space, outside of the vibration of Sacred Space, it often sounds ludicrous or fantastical and ungrounded to those listening. For this reason it is important to share sacred experiences within sacredness
whether it is a time created by invoking sacred energies, or a time defined by intimate heart connections to others

2 Entering into Sacred Space 
Welcoming Nature Spirits at THEIR level of Unconditional Love and your innate connection to Archangel Michael.

3 The Two Heart Chakras (and what they do)
We try to engage where we do not need to engage.  The High Heart chakra tells us where to engage, who to engage with, even how to engage with those meant to be in our life now.  The Traditional or Lower Heart Chakra supplies the power of unconditional love to do this.

4  Meditation on Your High Heart
Learn to physically locate the High Heart / Thymus Gland Chakra

Release guides and angels that no longer serve your journey

Make space for guides and angels that support you right now

Sometimes when we are uncertain and feel unable to make a decision, it is because those guides and angels that are working with us are no longer in tune with us.  This is particularly true when those guides and angels attached to us through the backside of our High Heart
chakra are older and dont reflect changes that have happened in the world around us or choices we have made ourselves.

5 Updating Your Spiritual Support Staff  
The support staff of Spirit, your guides and angels, usually appear to stand behind you.  From this point they support you and connect into your energy field from the backside of your chakras.  You can usually feel them in the space a few inches or up to a foot behind you.

I am always amazed at how quickly we are all shifting, and how many energies we seem to be either releasing or updating on a daily basis.  The guides and angels you woke up with this morning are probably not the same ones you are going to go to sleep with tonight.

6 Sound Meditation: How does your body want to be supported by your soul now? (Mother of Eternity)

7 Sound Healing: Create Your Life

8 Let your Soul Lead You 

What is it that you want to attain?  Is it possible that just your brain or personality wants to attain it?  Perhaps it is only the experience of walking towards that goal that your soul desires.  And as you walk through the experiences of life that take you towards the goal, the goal itself may change.

9  Re-Claiming Your Right to Say
As that space behind the thymus gland is clarified, it frees up the webbing within the backside of the chakra to be more in tune with how your body and soul want to journey together now.  As the backside of the High Heart chakra (or any chakra) is perfectly tuned to you, it will draw to you those guides and angels that are in tune with you.

Naturally those guides and angels that work with all of us are drawn to us by the principle of resonance. So when something isn
t quite in tune within our chakra system, we draw to ourselves guides and angels that are not quite in tune with us. The most common symptom of this phenomenon is our inability to discern what is ours to do.  We end up saying yes when our soul means no. Here is an easy way to release those guides and angels that no longer serve us, and welcome in those that do. 

10  Your Traditional Heart Chakra

When the High heart chakra is not fully functioning in its capacity as gatekeeper, then the Traditional Heart Chakra must play that role in addition to its normal function.  For this reason the traditional heart chakra turns itself down, or even off at some points, in order to protect us from being engaged with those people or circumstances that our soul knows we are not meant to engage with in this lifetime.

In order to heighten the experience of unconditional love that wants to pour through the Traditional Heart Chakra, we must open the High Heart chakra, and allow it to be the place where our unconditional love can be transmuted into love for our soul
s journey right here and now.

11 What is your unique quality of unconditional love?

Our brains constantly want to make judgments and tell us something is better than something else.  Unconditional love has a multitude of expressions.  None are better than another.  They are just different.  There are many qualities of healing energy in this universe.  Which will remind you of who you truly are, right now?

12 Exiting from Sacred Space

It is important to let our bodies vibrate at our human, physical level for our own wellbeing.  As wonderful as it feels to be consciously connected to our guides and angels, their vibration is too high for our physical bodies to sustain for long periods of time.  It is appropriate to let them go so that we can engage our own consciousness fully into our body.



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