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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Dear Friends,

Yes, we are in an incredibly dense set of energies, between the 'almost' eclipsed full moon, the influx of energies from our alignment with Sirius, and of course the revealing shadow-work of "The Donald". Below are some insights on navigating these muddy waters, as well as a healing song and new video. Plus, I invite you to join me in a new online adventure!  Check out my new online video courses here:

Navigating the Muddy Muck of Chaotic Energies
(insights from Mary on our current events)

What happens when our personality disagrees with our Soul's choice?

There are times when our personality finds the choices made by our individual soul or the group of souls we are connected with very uncomfortable. For example, we might lose a job, or depart from a marriage, which forces us to move to a new town. This is very stressful, and we are apt to avoid this experience. However, it can eventually lead to opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. But initially it feels wrong to our personality.

And, at least initially, when our soul starts to create a chaotic pattern, our personality reacts by attempting to control it. Usually by coming up with what appear to be great ideas to stop the job loss or marriage from dissolving!

In the attempt to control difficult experiences, we often take what should have been a spiritual moment of chaos and turned it into a year or even a decade of chaos.

In our attempt to avoid discomfort, we've accidentally frozen ourselves at that very point of chaos our personality is seeking to avoid, rather than simply experiencing the discomfort and moving through it.

This is true for us as individuals, as well as nations and cultures. I share this because as we move through August and into early September patterns of chaos will most likely heighten.

An astrological alignment, which I call the Sirian Portal, brings a flow of Sacred Masculine energies into us from Sirius at this time each year. With each passing year the intensity and quantity of these Sacred Masculine energies has increased, just as our collective human ability to receive them has increased.

It is the generation and veneration of the Divine Feminine that creates the Grail or energetic container into which these Sacred Masculine energies come to rest. However, when the Sacred Masculine is present without the Divine Feminine, humans can easily misinterpret this cosmic masculine energy as profane, or non-sacred masculine energies. This results in actions that arise out of the bitter aspects of the profane masculine, such as violence and abuse of authority, while seeking power in isolation and control.

You probably recognize that this mis-handling and misinterpretation of what is meant to be Sacred Masculine energies is already underway. What is built using these cosmic energies in a non-sacred manner will not endure. But as we each recognize our own Divine Feminine essence as an integral aspect of our soul, we can harnass this Sacred Masculine energy and use it towards manifesting what our soul desires for us to experience in this life.

I believe that our souls are collectively choosing to use this influx of Sacred Masculine energies to break apart what no longer serves humanity. This includes old structures of government and finance built by utilizing these cosmic masculine energies in a non-sacred manner. As old structures dissolve, there are attempts to hold onto it. Our personalities can feel how uncomfortable we are when faced with unknown chaos. Because we are connected to each other as well as to the Earth, any practice of kindness, generosity and compassion offers a reminder to all of humanity that we need not tarry in this moment of chaos. We need not hang onto that which is ready to deconstruct itself.

So I hold in my meditation a question; "What is the next step of our collective Soul Journey?"

I believe that by staying in that place of posing but not answering a question, I allow Spirit to interact with the energies involved in the deeper levels of an issue of which I am unaware. In the moment my personality inflicts a solution, I have closed the doorway through which Spirit was able to move. For this reason I don't look for an answer, but rather practice remaining at the place from which the question originates.

"What is the next step of our collective Soul Journey?"

-Norma Gentile
(with Mary, Aug 10, 2016)

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