NORMA GENTILE sound shaman
Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Heaven and Earth Meet in You

How Your Soul is Loved
an hour-long meditation by Norma Gentile

and her guides, Archangel Michael, Mary and Thoth

When All-That-Is decided to learn more about itself, it divided itself into millions and billions of fragments.  One of these fragments became you.  And you represent a unique quality of All-That-Is.  No one and nothing else represents this quality.  You alone express this unique quality of All-That-Is into our shared creation.  This is your soul.  And you bring the vibration of your soul into the dimensions above as well as below the 3rd dimensional reality in which your human body resides.

Here are thoughts and meditations to let you  and your body feel the genuine love that all those in form, from the stars in the night sky to the Pure Energy of Nature have for you.  Each loves you unconditionally.  Explore this unconditional love as you enter into these meditations. 

1. Introduction
2  A Chant for Sacred Space
3  Creation of Sacred Space

4 How does Your Body reflect the Earth Today?
5 Remembering our Partnership with Others
6 Meditation  The bond of Unconditional Love between Your Soul, the Stars and Nature
7 What Aspect of Unity Consciousness do you bring to this Reality?
8 Releasing Sacred Space
9 Final Insights
10 For More Information
   Total Time 62 minutes

Also available on CD under “Meditation CDs” at Norma’s website.

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