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This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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The Fork in the Path
Re-Making a Life Decision without Fear

Living in Michigan, next to the crater of the Big 3 automobile companies, I’ve watched as the doom and gloom of the past years has slowly given way to the realization that change is the only option.  This past week I heard someone on the local NPR radio station, whom I wish I could credit here, saying that our collective fear of failure is the most important thing that we must change…that failure is inevitable when we try something new…and that in order to move ahead we must, as a society, remove the stigma we have placed on failure.

I love this thought! 


I would add that we must understand that failure isn’t an end.  It is the realization that we are walking down the least favorable of the various forks along a new and unfamiliar road.  Failure simply means “go back and try again”.  It is our fear that urges us to experience failure as a dead end to the path, and keeps us frozen, staring at the path’s end, rather than recognizing we can turn around and retrace our steps.

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One of the greatest aspects of disconnection from Spirit is fear.  When any of us is in fear, we are not as connected to our own inner sense or inner world as we might be.  As a result we turn to the external world both for validation as well as for direction in what we should do. This includes how we should act or react, what we should value, what we should embrace and what we ought to find disdainful.


As a result, the majority of humans incarnating on the planet tend to look to the external world for their motivation, rather than to their soul and their inner world to hear what it is that their soul truly desires for them, and what the journey of their soul might be.


Often we come to a point of needing to make a decision, and simply can’t decide.  It is like coming to a fork in a road with no way to see a street sign.  Even those of us who know how to listen internally come to these points in our lives where we must choose between two perceived paths or options.  As we look down one path it appears that the journey will be difficult.  As we feel into the other path, the journey looks even harder.  And so we pause, not knowing which is the journey that our soul most desires.  


In these cases, you can’t choose which path the soul desires by the simple difficulty of the path.  There isn’t a neon sign that says, “Your expression of Divine Love is upon this path”.  So you begin to walk down one path, making the choices in your life that relate to this path.  And over time, perhaps a few days or weeks or even months or years, you notice an uneasy feeling in your body. Something is not accurate in your life. 

And so you back up and retrace your steps.  And as you return to that fork in the road, you chose differently. Most often we notice this with smaller choices such as a new diet plan or the color we chose to paint our living room.  But we can also choose less accurately with the larger paths in our life. Sometimes we do this with major life choices such as a job or marriage. The forks in the roads of career, marriage or the focus of our school studies – these are perhaps the hardest paths for us to choose wisely.  And if we should find ourselves walking down the fork of the path that seems to diverge from our soul’s journey, it can be the most difficult fork for us to retrace our steps.


That is because of the fear we have around choosing wrongly.  It is fear that blocks our ability to hear, early on in our choice, when we have chosen the wrong fork in the road.  When we are in fear, it becomes very difficult to feel when something simply doesn’t feel accurate.  We tend to impose blame and self-shame to such an extent that we deafen ourselves to the natural messages that our mind, heart and body are sending us about our choices.   And there is no need to do this.


There are times where our own vision is so limited by our existence in the coarse, heavy energies of the 3rd dimension that we simply don’t have access to the larger picture that Spirit provides for us.  In these cases we must choose and we must begin to move in our day-to-day life, according to whatever choice we made.  And it is only the ability to sense our internal world that tells us “not quite” or “yes” as we begin to journey down the chosen path. And remember, sometimes the “yes’ comes while being in great discomfort, while the “not quite” may occur during a time of relative ease.  Our ability to hear our internal world, and so sense whether we are heightening or lessening our innate connection to Spirit as we walk on our chosen path, lets us know which signal is which.

Without this connection to our inner world we have no way of recognizing, early in the journey, whether or not we have chosen the most accurate path for our soul’s expression.  When we lack the internal connection to Spirit, it becomes easy to blame others around us for our choice, or to shame ourselves for having chosen a path that was too difficult. 


Of course neither is an accurate expression of the love your soul has for itself!  And yet most of the time we continue to try to make the path work for us, blaming and self-shaming as we go, rather than simply reversing our direction by making a different choice.

 In the Seth materials there is the statement “you create your own reality”.  And how true that is!  By our choices we create our experiences here on Earth.  And it is also true that by making different choices we can re-create what we are experiencing as well. 


Once we have started to create a certain reality, the force of our own will power cannot shift that reality to a different reality.  It is our inner re-choosing that let’s us change. The inner re-choosing of our path lets us wake up one morning and find that we have come to a point of deeper ease with those around us and with the world around us.

No Perfect Answers

My guides keep reminding me that the experience of living on Earth isn’t meant to have finite answers.  It is meant to have answers that satisfy us for a while, but just like a meal we have to have another one fairly soon.  One of my teachers, Uranda, spoke about people who built huts along their spiritual paths and moved into them, rather than taking a rest in the hut and then getting on with their journey. 

For myself I don’t believe that we are meant to move into our little huts by the side of the path.  Perhaps a day or two of rest is earned, but there is always more to learn on our journey. There is no final enlightenment moment.   Especially now, there is an unfolding and unfurling of understanding around what the physical world is about and how we are meant to be in relationship to it. Greater and greater numbers of people are interested in gleaning information about connecting into Source, and tapping into those dimensions that are less visible to them.

As we open our consciousness to other dimensions, the increased energies of these other dimensions will impact our physical world, including our physical bodies. By working with the lower dimensions now, your body will develop the roots that it needs to not be blown over by the sheer force of the energetic winds that are coming. Additionally, working with the lower dimensions first gives us the opportunity to be aware of what is around us but not reactive to what surrounds us now.

It is with the greatest of love that I offer what I hear from spirit, and trust that you are listening not just to these words, but to your own inner promptings as well.


Blessings to all,


(with the Hathor Atamira)

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