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Norma is a professional singer (music at iTunes, or who is also a natural intuitive healer and channel for Archangel Michael, Mary and Hathors.

This is a series of Meditations and Teachings from Norma and her guides, Mary, Archangel Michael, and the Hathor Atamira. They speak and sing through her on Sound, Healing, Energy Awareness and our ability as humans to be channels for Spirit.

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Dear Friends,

A quick note about current energies that are rocking and buffeting us around. My friend, astrologer Mark Dodich, posted in FaceBook that "a solar flare the size of Jupiter…has already sent energy out hitting Asia and Australia, so tune in energetically the next several days to see if it rattles your personal energy field."

Well, it did! This was the piece of information I was waiting for, so that I could organize recent insights that my guides, Archangel Michael and Mary, have shared with me. Here they are, presented in the original channeled format.

When Your Inner Child Becomes a King

Insights on Empowering Your Sacred Masculine

Archangel Michael
You, representing the consciousness of humanity, are clearing ancient patterns relating to obedience and authority. To clarify: each human, animal and anything within your world of form contains both male and female essences. All of your visible world is created upon the principle of polarity, thus it is so. Your soul is both masculine and feminine. The spiritual interaction now and through the next several years is between yourselves symbolized right now by Jupiter, the obedient son who is readying to become king, and the Sun, symbolizing the observable and external masculine figures you have created in your culture and lives.

The Sun is an embodiment of your Sacred Masculine qualities. However, at the present time the physical solar sun allows itself to be cloaked by your own consciousness. It is functioning as a mirror for what humanity believes the qualities of masculine ought to be.

But that is changing!

As humanity is readying to embrace the Sacred Masculine rather than its profane brother, the day-to-day 'power over others' masculine, the sun itself, as well as all the planets of your solar system (and regions of solar systems throughout your galaxy) are also changing. These celestial orbs are unburdening themselves of the cloak of the profane and arising into a rebirth that reflects elements of your original 'star-seed' creation. That is to say, the vibrations of Sacredness from which all of your visible world was originally brought into physicality are stepping forward more tangibly. And that which does not vibrate or find resonance with this original Sacred tone is jarring to hear and experience.

Note from Norma
I am being asked to share a memory that just popped into my mind: As a child I often spent hours onboard my parent's sailboat. Not often, but sometimes storms came up suddenly in the afternoon, and I would watch as the waves hit not just the boat but also struck and hit each other. The energy of the forward motion of the waves was nullified when they struck up against each other. However, these were the waves that were the highest, and also created the deepest troughs into which the boat would fall. This sort of sailing upon rough seas is happening to us all right now.

Archangel Michael
Consider this: All that humanity has created, from emotions to beliefs to physical forms, exist as waves. All that humanity has created during a very long game of 'free-will' and 'polarity consciousness' are contained within a vast sea as a multitude of different waves. Likewise, the original tone or tones of Creation exist as a series of organized pulsating waves.

As the energetic waves of the original Sacred Tone increase in volume, they are striking up against the waves created by humanity's prolonged exploration of consciousness. Long ago, in order to achieve this new polarized free-will consciousness, humanity, and all that exists within your galaxy, needed to release its ability to hear Spirit.

And consciousness within this galaxy was successful! Something new happened as a part of the Creative Experiment. The energies that humans know as emotions flourished. Humanity's ability to generate waves of emotion that impact the entire galaxy became the focus of the cosmic experiment. The intensity and density of this emotional energy has created a new type of chaos, and possibility, for All of Creation.

For many millennia those souls incarnating as humans agreed to bath themselves within the energies of emotions, thereby creating more and more emotional energies. And this is precisely what is causing your current difficulties. In this state of separation your ability to access 'free-will' and generate energies relating to emotions has been of service to all of Creation. As we all (even those in other dimensions) move now into a time of reconciliation, humanity is slowly awakening to the falsehood that is your emotion known as fear.

The Three Marys
We who speak as Mary define human fear as the reaction when a human is disconnected from Spirit. In the past, fear was needful in order to function apart from Spirit listening only to your free-will. The cultivation of this emotion kept humanity from accessing its innate connections to Spirit. Now, its usefulness has past.

The nature of human consciousness within a reality that includes fear is to cling to the known patterns of behaviors, beliefs and lifestyles. Clinging to the past ways of functioning generates and enlarges the emotional energy waves pertaining to the sea of polarity. However, before fully departing from the sea of polarized consciousness, it appears to be the choice of those incarnating as humans (and we might add all those in any type of form visible to humanity) to explore the various waves created during your time of existing within polarity, and investigate both the gift and lesson each behavior, belief and related emotions have brought.

Hence the issues relating to power, authority and your concept of what 'masculine' is in your world.

Note from Norma, based on insights from Mary Magdalene
Obeying authority keeps us safe as children, perhaps as employees, but does not feed our inner emotional and spiritual self. We become stagnant, bored and disinterested in life. We have ceded our spiritual inner authority to another, whom we view as an external authority. We deny or limit our ability to access our own spiritual tools; including the innate sense of our inner strength, the knowing of our Higher Self and our soul's purpose. This is the primary pattern we are working on now, and will be working on world-wide for the next several years.

When we step into a new habit or behavior and fully embrace it, the energies relating to the previous version of the behavior or pattern simply have no place to be within us. But, as Archangel Michael states, we also have decided that we will seek to understand the reasons we embraced the old patterns and how they served us. Then our release of these energy patterns arises out of gratitude, not fear.

As a result we become aware of the gifts and lessons within each behavior or habit. This type of release brings a completion to our individual process and offers a resonant healing of the pattern to our larger world. In this moment we have the opportunity to allow the energies of our experiences and emotions related to obedience and authority to move onto their own evolutionary path.

Mary Magdalene
Healing is a term I hear those of you incarnating now frequently use. It is a word that has nearly lost its true meaning. What if healing were redefined not as fixing, but as nurturing the smallest and most vulnerable seedling inside yourself? What if the garden containing this most tender of sprouts was always bathed within the loving sunshine of Spirit? Reflecting upon this, perhaps, allows for a deepening into your own healing. May each be blessed and awakened with this reading.

Here is a song (and spoken meditation) from a recent Gathering that focuses on helping you find your own soul's energy deep within the Earth. To say it will help you ground is overly simplistic, but yes, it will help you feel more grounded. In a larger frame of reference the spoken meditation and song assists you in releasing inhibitions and blocks around accessing the power and psychic intelligence that your body is meant to have. When we are connected to our Earth Soul as much as we are connected to our Heavenly Soul something different happens in our lives. Are you ready?

Grounding into your Earth Soul
- a song and meditation channeled from Archangel Michael

Full Meditation (7:30 mins)
Just the song (2:30 mins)


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